C79 – Pathological Secret Admirer

Chu Chen’an staggered back, and he was only seen slowly pushing the door open, his deep eagle eyes fixed on Chu Chen’an.


He stepped into the room and closed the door behind him.


“What’s the matter, scared?” Pei Yan stepped towards Chu Chen’an and said, “Baby left me behind and wasn’t afraid when he sneaked here.”


Pei Yan’s light and calm tone made Chu Chen’an shiver helplessly. He was so scared that he was teary-eyed and he didn’t dare to look into Pei Yan’s eyes.



“I… I…” Chu Chen’an looked around; he was unable to retreat.



Pei Yan was half a meter away from him, still staring at him with a calm expression.






He stepped forward and wrapped his arms around Chu Chen’an, pressing him against the wardrobe door beside him.



Chu Chen’an was instantly abashed; his moist lips trembled as he was firmly confined by Pei Yan.


He looked into Pei Yan’s calm and terrifying eyes, scared to death.


His eyes reddened, and he took the lead in admitting his mistake: “Husband I was wrong; I should have told you; I shouldn’t have sneaked here; I won’t next time. I really don’t dare anymore.”


Whenever Pei Yan was angry, Chu Chen’an would immediately call him husband and beg for forgiveness, and Pei Yan would finally soften and let him go.


He had used this trick many times.



Other than at night, it usually worked.


But today seemed different.


“Baby saw Hubby come to school a few days ago, right? Why didn’t he come to me the other day?” Pei Yan used his fingertips to gently rub Chu Chen’an’s moist lips, his eyes dark. “Didn’t recognize me? Or is it that you didn’t want to recognize me at all, that you wanted to hide from me so that I continue to think you’re dead? ”



Chu Chen’an was stunned, his eyes shakily avoided his gaze.



Pei Yan was really angry this time.



He hastily shook his head and his lips rubbed against Pei Yan’s fingertips as he tried to find a reason. “No, I’m just… I was just afraid that you’d be angry, so I didn’t dare come to you. I really don’t think that way.”


He tried hard to hold back tears with an indescribable expression on his face, which made him look very pitiful.



If it were before, Pei Yan would definitely take him into his arms and coax him warmly, but this time Pei Yan didn’t.



His eyes swept over Chu Chen’an’s pretty face, eyes, red lips, and neck.



He leaned over and lightly bit Chu Chen’an’s lip, his gaze sweeping over him slyly. “Baby, this is what you originally looked like, isn’t it? You’re so pretty.”


That wasn’t a guess.



Rather, it was a calm determination.



Pei Yan’s intuition was telling him that this was An’an’s original appearance.



When he was Chen An, Pei Yan would always feel an inexplicable sense of emptiness in him, as if in the next second, he would dissolve into a bubble like a beautiful dream.


But now he, Pei Yan, really felt his existence.


Pei Yan raised his hand and caressed his smooth face, a hint of excitement rising in his eyes.


This was real.


Chu Chen’an didn’t dare to make a sound.



He raised his eyes, saw Pei Yan’s infatuated-to-gradually-crazy look, and shivered again.



Pei Yan leaned down and kissed his red lips, prying open his teeth and claiming the sweet juices.




Chu Chen’an was kissed by Pei Yan to the point of dizziness, and he could only hold onto Pei Yan’s shoulders to steady himself.


Suddenly, Pei Yan paused the kiss; the look in his eyes was meaningful.



“Baby, do you still remember? Our first time was in the dormitory.” Pei Yan kissed his cheek, his warm breath spilling onto his face. “Let’s try again, shall we?”


Chu Chen’an looked at Pei Yan’s dark eyes and shivered gently.




From noon until the afternoon.


Chu Chen’an fell asleep at four in the afternoon.


Pei Yan fed him water and warm porridge and stayed with him.


Chu Chen’an woke up at seven in the evening, and as soon as he opened his eyes, he saw Pei Yan lying beside him. Pei Yan propped up his head with his palm and seemed to have been paying attention to him the whole time.


His face was against the pillow, and his whole body was aching and weak. He stole a glance at Pei Yan.


He still felt that Pei Yan’s anger hadn’t subsided.


Chu Chen’an’s fingers pinched the quilt tightly; the bed in the dormitory was one meter four wide, more than enough to accommodate two people.



Pei Yan raised his hand and stroked Chu Chen’an’s eyebrow. “Want to go home?”


He desperately wanted to take Chu Chen’an home and lock him into a cage to hide him.


Chu Chen’an shook his head repeatedly.


His voice was slightly hoarse, and he whispered to Pei Yan to negotiate, “Can we go home after a few days? I still want to stay for a few more days.”


He still hadn’t finished task two.



“Of course.” Pei Yan kissed Chu Chen’an and said, “However, baby will have to stay with me for a few days.”


Chu Chen’an agreed obediently, “Okay.”


He breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that this was just going to blow over.



Pei Yan kept his arm around him as they lay together until ten. Occasionally they would say some words, and other times, they just leaned against each other, feeling each other’s warmth.



Suddenly, Pei Yan hugged him and walked down the trapezoidal steps at the end of the bed.



Chu Chen’an wrapped his arms around Pei Yan and panicked, “What for?”


“It’s time to take a bath.”



Pei Yan said in a low voice, only casually taking a bathrobe.



“Husband, I really can’t do it anymore, um.”



Chu Chen’an resisted in small increments, but all to no avail.


He knew it.



It was over.






[Ding~ The live broadcast automatically opens]



[Woc, black screen as soon as it comes on.]



[TN: Woc—WTF]



[What’s that sound?]



[What? My wife is crying in the bathroom! Let me save him!]



[Don’t worry about me! [‘ll take off this underwear today!]



[Ahhhhhhhhhh (X666 gold coins)]



[I’m so lucky to be here (X55 gold coins)]



[The sound of the water is so loud; can you lighten up a bit? Hurry up and let my wife cry a bit louder! [X520 gold coins]



[My goodness! This clear and loud voice, this heart-warming cry (X33 gold coins)


[Fainting. Fainting. Fainting]






[Wife’s voice is good]


[It’s worth it to hear my wife being … in my lifetime! (X999 gold coins)]



[My wife is being tossed around, woo hoo woo hoo (X22 gold coins)]



[Oooooooooh, I want to transmigrate as his old top (X22 gold coins)]



[It’s really a live broadcast.]



[I know it’s fast when I hear the sound; my wife can’t stand it. I feel sorry for my wife.]



[I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it.]



[Listen carefully]



[I’m so happy to hear it; it started again.]




“Unknown private content detected.”


[The system will automatically shut down the live broadcast in 5 seconds.]





[Ah!!! What are you doing? Don’t turn it off!]


[Da_mn! Don’t turn it off! Please!]






[Don’t do this to me!]





[I haven’t heard enough!]






[Don’t turn it off. Don’t turn it off! Don’t turn it off.]







[Live broadcast automatically closes]



The next day, at one o’clock in the afternoon,.



Chu Chen’an got up, even though Pei Yan personally went to ask the school leader for a day off for him.


But he couldn’t sleep anymore.



He squinted his eyes and let Pei Yan change his clothes.



In front of Pei Yan, he was like a little kid.



Because Pei Yan would take care of him in every way, his dependence on Pei Yan became deeply rooted in his heart.



This was also Pei Yan’s purpose.



Pei Yan tidied up his messy tresses and said, “If you’re tired, rest here and go to class tomorrow.”



He already hadn’t be able to attend classes for two days.



It was like he let Chu Chen’an come here to play.



Chu Chen’an shook his head and finished the millet and red bean porridge that Pei Yan had brought him.



He had to go.



He used his consciousness to tap on the control panel of the system.



The interface of copy three was still bright, but task two on top was gray and hadn’t been unlocked yet.



He rubbed his aching waist and packed up his books before planning to go out.



Pei Yan took the things in his hand and brought him a cup of warm water, wrapping his other arm around Chu Chen’an’s shoulders and saying, “Let’s go.”



Chu Chen’an froze then he nodded.



Pei Yan insisted on sending him there, and he didn’t dare refuse.



From the school building to the classroom, Pei Yan walked with his arm around him, and Chu Chen’an walked in small steps with his head down, his earlobes slightly red.



Now the whole school would know about their relationship.



It wasn’t clear if Pei Yan was doing it on purpose.



“Go on, baby, I’ll pick you up after class.” Pei Yan walked him to the classroom door and gave him the book and water cup in his hand.


Chu Chen’an nodded obediently and said, “Okay.”


He was just about to enter the classroom when Pei Yan pulled his arm.



Chu Chen’an gave a start and tilted his head to lock eyes with Pei Yan.



Pei Yan looked at him and touched the back of his neck, which was covered in red marks. His tone was soft. “Baby, are you forgetting something?”


Pei Yan was like a strict elder in many instances, allowing Chu Chen’an to develop many of the habits he taught him and making Chu Chen’an not dare to disobey.



Chu Chen’an looked around at the promenade. It was lunch break time, and there were only a few people coming and going on the promenade.


Chu Chen’an’s cheeks flushed, and he gently approached Pei Yan, giving him a kiss on the cheek.



In a small voice, he said, “Husband, bye.”


Pei Yan stroked his cheeks with satisfaction and said, “Okay, go ahead.”



Chu Chen’an was then relieved.



He ignored the crowd of burning eyes and walked into the classroom.



Just as he sat down, Fang Qinglin in front of him turned around and looked at him with a gossipy face. “Chen’an, who was that person who sent you here just now? It seems like he was still looking at you by the window, so handsome.”



“He’s just a friend.” Chu Chen’an said, taking out his books, “Have you finished your homework?”



“I finished writing it yesterday. Right,” Fang Qinglin asked again. “Why didn’t you come to class this morning? Were you sick?”



“Yes, a bit of a cold.” Chu Chen’an uncomfortably pulled his collar up a bit, “but it’s much better now.”



“That’s good; let me give you the right answers.”



Fang Qinglin took out his own test paper and handed it to him, then he suddenly remembered something: “Isn’t that person just now the doctor I met last time when I accompanied you to the medical building? It seems like he also said he was the new director; it’s only been less than two days, and you guys are already so familiar with each other; you’ve got a good reputation!”



Fang Qinglin looked at him with a face of adoration.



Chen’an’s scalp tingling, he shook his head and said, “No, we’re not very familiar.”


He thought to himself that if this sentence was heard by Pei Yan, he might not be able to leave the door of his dormitory tomorrow.



Fang Qinglin didn’t mention Pei Yan again and didn’t complain to him about being harassed by his roommates.



Chu Chen’an looked to his right; Sang Jun’s seat was empty; he was probably still recovering from his kick.



Ji Bei, who was sitting on his left, didn’t come to harass him anymore; his head was wrapped in gauze and his face was pale and gloomy. He was writing quietly by himself with his head down.



“Have you heard, both of Sang Jun’s were broken last night?” Fang Qinglin leaned back and said in a quiet voice, “that night, he was sent to the intensive care unit of the infirmary building, which was too scary, and it was still in the middle of the night… But he came to harass you every day, so he deserves it. Tsk, tsk, tsk, it’s really retribution.”



Chu Chen’an’s ears rang with a “buzz.”  He didn’t need to think to know who did it.


“Right, Chen’an, did you go to the library yesterday?” Fang Qinglin added, “I saw you when I was returning to my dormitory and saw that you went in with a big book bag on your back, you looked very anxious.”



“Yes.” Chu Chen’an nodded.



Fang Qinglin looked around, approached Chu Chen’an, and asked him nervously, “Did you activate task one?”



Chu Chen’an hesitated, looked at Fang Qinglin’s clear eyes, and nodded.



His intuition told him that Fang Qinglin wouldn’t be a dangerous teammate.




“I activated it too!”



Fang Qinglin lowered his voice; his voice was filled with excitement. “Let’s go out and talk.”



Chu Chen’an: “Okay.”


They arrived at the open-air rooftop at the end of the long corridor, where few people came.



“I just finished it yesterday; it was to go to the basement of the school building to retrieve the hostel aunt’s tongue.” Fang Qinglin frowned. “You don’t even know; there are ghosts in the basement as well. I saw a ghost with the lower half of its body gone; the ground was full of blood and rotten flesh; it was crawling on the ground and coming over to grab my legs; it really scared me to death.”



Chu Chen’an’s scalp felt numb from listening; he also whispered, “Mine was going to the medical building to help an old professor retrieve his brain, and then helping a student’s ghost leave; I made many trips back and forth.”



“Oh my god, human brain…” Fang Qinglin’s hand leaned against the rooftop fence; he was frowning and didn’t dare to think about it. “Then did you use a bag to carry it over from there?”



“Yeah, I threw it away after using it.” Chu Chen’an’s soulful peach blossom-like eyes looked towards the blue sky and white clouds in the distance.



“It was my first time doing a quest; when I went into the basement yesterday, I almost thought I was going to die. I was so scared that I even wrote my last words in the system.” Fang Qinglin also followed Chu Chen’an to look at the sky.



Chu Chen’an comfortingly wrapped his arm around his shoulder.



Actually, he was also afraid.



He was so scared that whenever he saw Pei Yan, he would involuntarily follow him.



He felt lucky and, at the same time, admired Fang Qinglin.



Fang Qinglin was also scared, but he had completed the mission even when he was alone.



And he still had to have Pei Yan by his side to protect him and comfort him.



When he thought of Pei Yan now, his heart thumped faster.



Fang Qinglin looked at the clean sky blue, and suddenly his nose felt sour. “Do you think we can go home?”


“We definitely can,” Chu Chen’an said, tilting his head to look at him. “As long as we hold on, we can definitely go home.”


“Hmm!” Fang Qinglin smiled.



Suddenly, the two of them’s system control panels rang coincidentally.



[Ding~ Congratulations on activating Mission 2: Go to the school’s abandoned building and find the corpses of students who have gone missing over the years.]


[Mission time limit: 2 days.]


Chu Chen’an and Fang Qinglin looked at each other.



Both Fang Qinglin and Chu Chen’an spoke tentatively, “You…”



Chu Chen’an froze. “You activated Mission 2 as well?”



Since Fang Qinglin took the initiative to open up to him just now, Chu Chen’an was less cautious.



“Yes,” Fang Qinglin nodded as he said, “you’re also going to the abandoned building?”



Chu Chen’an nodded; he was a bit surprised.



Fang Qinglin said, “Then it’s almost time for class, so we’ll go after class?”



“Let’s go now.” Chu Chen’an said.



Pei Yan had said that he would come to pick him up after class, so if he didn’t go now, he wouldn’t have the chance to go.


Fang Qinglin hesitated but still nodded.



As they walked down the corridor, they were called out by the head teacher, “Students over there, where are you going? Classes are already in session!”


The Director of Instruction was followed by two security guards, both holding electric batons in their hands, while the Director of Instruction was holding a long, thin iron teaching whip. He had a stern expression and was frowning as he walked towards them.


Chu Chen’an turned around before the Director of Instruction came swinging his baton towards them and said, “Teacher, I’m not feeling well. Can I have this student accompany me to the medical building to take a look?”



“Going to the medical building as soon as you have a little ailment, I see that you guys just want to skip class! Arrest them all! Put them in the punishment room!” The Director of Instruction narrowed his eyes towards them from a distance and yelled to the security guards around him.



Chu Chen’an’s heart thumped in fear; he almost wanted to just pull Fang Qinglin and run.



When the Director of Instruction saw Chu Chen’an’s face, he suddenly stopped in his tracks again, and he quickly stopped the two security guards behind him.



The Director of Instruction took out his mobile phone and tapped the screen, looking at it meticulously for a long time.



He looked at the mobile phone screen, and then looked at Chu Chen’an; his tone suddenly calmed down. “Oh, not feeling well, ah, then quickly go, leave; I’ll approve it.”



Chu Chen’an froze; he guessed that Pei Yan must have greeted the top management in the school in advance.



Fang Qinglin looked at Chu Chen’an with a stunned expression, a bit incredulous.



This devil let them off so easily today.



Chu Chen’an pulled on Fang Qinglin and jogged all the way out of the teaching area.





The road on this side of the abandoned building was very remote, and the roadside walk had long since disappeared.



His teammates in the copy before he was resurrected all surrounded the protagonist player, Jiang Lin. A lot of times he was alone, and he was stupid, so he he was tricked by the NPC behind the scenes.



So, this was the first time he had actually worked with a teammate.



This feeling was different.



He was sure he had been here before.



This was the place where he and Pei Yan had first met, and at that time, he had foolishly helped Pei Yan back to the medical building.



The flowers and plants here were desolate, and the forests on both sides of the path were gray-yellow. The surroundings were gloomy and silent, occasionally accompanied by eerie howls of wind.



Chu Chen’an couldn’t help but shiver, and Fang Qinglin looked around, shivering.



“Chen’an, are you sure this is the place?” Fang Qinglin couldn’t help but walk closer to him, and it took a lot of courage for him to take each step.



“Yes.” Chu Chen’an walked forward. “The building seems to be right in front.”


Fang Qinglin nodded.



They walked out of the pathway and arrived at the abandoned building, surrounded by weeds. The building was constructed similarly to the administration building; both doors were made of tempered glass, and the architecture was grand but old.



They watched from downstairs for a while before cautiously pushing open the door and entering.



The hall on the ground floor was empty, flanked on the left and right by offices with sequential codes.


There were at least thirty to forty offices here.



The further they went in, the more Chu Chen’an felt that the surroundings became even more gloomy.



One by one, they opened the doors of the offices, but there was nothing inside.



They knew that such a shallow location on the ground floor couldn’t possibly be used to hide corpses.



They proceeded to the first floor.



The first floor was no exception; there were many office rooms.



They searched one by one and suddenly stopped at the door of a large conference room.



This conference room was as big as three offices.



And what amazed them the most was that a paper shredder was placed right in the center of the conference room’s mahogany table.



The paper shredder seemed to be somewhat vintage and was automatically emitting a piercing boom sound.



But what was shredded on it was not waste paper, but bl*oody and broken meat!



Chu Chen’an’s eyes widened in fear.



Fang Qinglin grabbed onto his hand, also scared to death. “Shall we go and take a look?”






They walked into the door of the conference room.



The sound of the shredder grew more and more shrill.



Suddenly, the vibrating shredder stopped, and the empty conference room turned temporarily silent.



As they approached, the shredder suddenly made a loud bang.



The blo*od-stained machine looked like a man-eating ghost, opening its horrible teeth and protruding a piece of hard bone.


It then continued with the same bang as before.



They were too scared to go any further.



Just as they were staring at each other, the door to the conference room suddenly closed.



A twisted hand reached out from the exit of the shredder with a weird and creepy shrill laugh. “I’m hungry again. Hahahaha fast food delivered to my door. It smells so good.”


That was a female ghost whose body was no longer normal; her hair curled up in her flesh, her mouth cracked behind her ears, and her mouth was covered in blo*ody teeth. She smiled ferociously.


Chu Chen’an and Fang Qinglin were busy backing away, then they turned and ran before the female ghost pounced on them!



The female ghost’s hand bent and lengthened; she was suddenly clutching the neck of Fang Qinglin’s foot. He then staggered and fell to his knees.



Chu Chen’an was alarmed; he tugged Fang Qinglin’s hand tightly, and in the midst of panic, he saw the normally timid Fang Qinglin pull out a sharp dagger and cut the female ghost’s hand right off.



The female ghost hissed in pain and anger.



The twisted hand turned into countless black worms, writhing densely on the ground.



“Let’s run separately!” Fang Qinglin pushed Chu Chen’an and told him to run back in the same direction.



In turn, Fang Qinglin took the dagger and ran to the other side.



Chu Chen’an ran with all his strength towards the end of the long corridor. His legs were still sore and weak, and the hissing behind him filled his ears. He really didn’t want to turn into broken meat.


As he was about to cushion his speed and run down the stairs, a pair of hands suddenly wrapped around his waist, and he fell into a familiar embrace.



“You didn’t attend class; instead, you came here to play an escape game.” Pei Yan finished speaking and covered Chu Chen’an’s ears with his palm.



For Chu Chen’an, he isolated that weird and terrifying hissing sound.



Chu Chen’an’s heartbeat suddenly accelerated, and he raised his eyes to meet Pei Yan’s deep eyes.



Thump, thump, thump.


He was too weak.


He wanted to be stronger, too.



But Pei Yan would always come to protect him.


This was all Pei Yan’s fault!



Chu Chen’an shirked his responsibility and secretly leaned onto Pei Yan’s shoulder, his fingers pinching the hem of his coat.



He was carried out of the abandoned building by Pei Yan.



Fang Qinglin sat on the steps of the doorway, gasping for air, and inclined his head just in time to see this scene.



Pei Yan put Chu Chen’an down, and Chu Chen’an trotted over to Fang Qinglin and asked, “Is everything alright, Qinglin?”



“It’s fine,” Fang Qinglin put the dagger back, looked at Pei Yan, gasped, and looked at Chu Chen’an, saying, “How is he… here?”



“He just happened to be passing by,” Chu Chen’an whispered. “Let’s go back first.”



“Okay ……” Fang Qinglin was half-convinced; he froze and nodded.



Going into the abandoned building still needed to be considered in the long run; they had been too hasty just now.



Fang Qinglin walked down the road with them.



He stole a glance at the two of them.



Pei Yan’s hand kept his arm around Chu Chen’an’s shoulder, his demeanor revealing intimacy.



“Are you… a couple?” Fang Qinglin asked.


“No ……”


Chu Chen’an hadn’t even finished speaking when he looked up and met Pei Yan’s cold gaze. His heart thumped, and he quickly closed his mouth.



“Yes, we’re getting married soon.” Pei Yan said.



Fang Qinglin looked at Chu Chen’an with a bit of shock.



Didn’t they only know each other for a few days, now that they were getting married?



They parted at the end of the path.



“It’s time to change the medicine for his injury. I’ll take him to the medical building first.” Pei Yan said this to Fang Qinglin.


Fang Qinglin nodded repeatedly. “Alright, you guys go ahead.”



Chu Chen’an’s earlobes reddened as he listened; he lowered his head and didn’t dare say anything.



After Fang Qinglin left, Pei Yan put his arm around him and went to the medical building.



The top floor of the medical building was Pei Yan’s office, and there was a VIP private ward next to the office.



After entering the lift, Pei Yan directly picked up Chu Chen’an.



“Where are we going?” Chu Chen’an inexplicably felt uneasy.



Pei Yan kissed his lips and said, “To change the medicine.”



Chu Chen’an was brought into the VIP ward, where the furnishings were luxurious and exquisite.



Pei Yan locked the door and pulled the curtains.



“Baby ran so fast just now; it seems like you still have strength.”



Pei Yan held a box of medicine and walked slowly towards Chu Chen’an. “I’m going to check it properly.”



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