C77 – Pathological Secret Admirer

Chu Chen’an’s gaze stagnated, suddenly forgetting his fear as he locked eyes with Pei Yan.


His heart thumped faster.


The hissing around him stopped, and only Pei Yan still stood in the obscure light, blocking the treacherous and blinding red light outside the corridor for him.


He heard Pei Yan say, “Don’t be afraid.”



“Thump, thump, thump.”



Chu Chen’an returned to his senses, and he felt that sense of loss of control again.



Chu Chen’an clenched his palms, and he inclined his eyes to the other side. “Why are you… here?”


Too coincidental… coincidental enough to make him not dare to believe.



It was the same as the previous copies.


No matter where he was…


They would always find him.



“The medical dormitory is downstairs.” Pei Yan opened the other side of the door cabinet as well, allowing Chu Chen’an a spacious space to calm down. “The noise upstairs was too much, so I came up to take a look.”


His tone was calm, like he was stating a fact.


Chu Chen’an let out an “oh,”  his doubts dispelled by a few points.


He walked out of the cupboard with difficulty, patted the dust on his trousers, and returned the coat to Pei Yan.


He wasn’t cold anymore.


He was even a little hot.



“Were you playing with your classmates just now?” Pei Yan switched on the light in the utility room and said, “They didn’t seem to come looking for you.”


“Yes.” Chu Chen’an answered along with the reason Pei Yan gave.


Otherwise, he couldn’t explain why he had come to the utility room in the middle of the night.


He glanced at the game time on the control panel, and there was still 13 minutes left.


In his mind, he used his consciousness to open the system forum and search for the keyword Soul Suppression Talisman, and a lot of popular posts about Soul Suppression Talisman immediately appeared.


He used his consciousness to randomly click on one.



[Soul Suppression Charms: A type of charm or paper that can deter ghosts and control them, commonly found in mid-difficulty copies and mostly made of paper.]


[Note: Manipulators use these types of charms to control ghosts.]



[Note: When using this type of paper, the controller should be careful to place the paper in the center of the building’s control point; otherwise, the ghosts will break through the spell, escape from the controller’s control after accumulating grievances over the years, and leave the control area.]



[Short version of the tip: easy or intermediate difficulty copies of the ghost-subduing talisman will be easier to find; most of them will appear in the center of the house or high point. If you don’t know its whereabouts, you can try going to these locations to look for it. Once you find it, just destroy it by any means necessary.[


[I’m home now, and I hope you can go home too! Go for it!]


Chu Chen’an used his consciousness to save the information while following Pei Yan out of the utility room.



Pei Yan walked at his side as he glanced down at Chu Chen’an’s dazed eyes. “Are you going back to bed now?”


Chu Chen’an looked at the time limit for this mini game of death; there were still eleven minutes left.


He had slept until eleven in the evening today and was now sleepless and mentally focused.



“I can’t sleep; I slept too long just now.” Chu Chen’an whispered, glancing at Pei Yan and then around the circumference of the dark corridor.



He couldn’t guarantee that if Pei Yan wasn’t around, those things that were dormant in the darkness would come out again.


He pinched his fingers and lowered his eyes, hesitating a bit. His gaze was erratic; he couldn’t just let Pei Yan stay with him, could he?



Pei Yan paid attention to his every move, staring at his cute little earlobes.


Chu Chen’an raised his eyes and whispered, “I haven’t thanked the doctor for taking me to the medical building today; why don’t I treat you to a cup of coffee?”


To stall for time.


“Okay.” Of course Pei Yan wouldn’t refuse; he nodded and looked into Chu Chen’an’s wet eyes, his gaze deep and infatuated.


But Chu Chen’an was so focused on looking down at the road that he didn’t notice.


When Chu Chen’an walked to the self-service vending machine, he stood frozen for a moment.


He bit his lip, symbolically touched his pocket, and secretly glanced at Pei Yan next to him, his eyes fluttering.


It was over.


He didn’t bring any money.


He remembered that he had just gone running in a hurry and had no cash on him at all.


Pei Yan pursed his smile slightly as he took out his mobile phone and scanned in front of the vending machine, buying two self-service hot coffees. “My treat.”


Chu Chen’an whispered “Okay” and took the cup of coffee handed to him.


He secretly learned Pei Yan’s movements and pressed down the white lid on the coffee cup, letting the cold water mix with the coffee powder at the bottom and the self-heating packet.



The coffee became hot in less than three minutes.


Chu Chen’an took a small sip and immediately cringed, almost spitting it out. He was concerned that Pei Yan was still there, so he swallowed it with difficulty.



He had never drank anything so bitter.



Chu Chen’an looked at the label; Pei Yan bought sugar-free; he narrowed his eyes at Pei Yan.


Pei Yan took a casual sip of his coffee paper cup and looked down at him, saying, “What’s wrong? You don’t like sugar-free drinks?”


“No ah.” Chu Chen’an firmly denied it, holding the coffee cup.


In his heart, he pondered how to find a reason to throw the coffee in his hand.


Pei Yan stopped teasing him and took away the coffee in his hand. “This kind of coffee is too inferior in composition and should really be drunk less.”


Chu Chen’an nodded approvingly and watched as Pei Yan threw away the two cups of coffee.


Being wasteful was shameful.


He would definitely not buy it next time.


If he wanted to buy it, he would buy the one with sugar.


Chu Chen’an comforted himself, then looked at the time.


There were still five minutes left in the time limit set by the mini-game.


He stood by the window in the corridor, with a cool night breeze blowing slowly, and the lights downstairs could be seen clearly through the glass.


He didn’t mention going back first, so Pei Yan didn’t leave and kept standing beside him.


Pei Yan followed his gaze down the window; not far away was the sparkling lake. He suddenly asked, “Do you like it here?”


Chu Chen’an returned to his senses; he froze and nodded, “Yeah.”


How could he like it?


He couldn’t stay in this hellish place for a second more.


“I like it too.”


Pei Yan naturally knew what Chu Chen’an was thinking; he looked into the distance and said, “Because there are a lot of good memories of me and my lover here. See that lake? We often went there. He loved to squat by the lake and watch the fish, always stepping in with his shoes and getting his clothes wet. He also secretly buried a test paper in the woods over there; one time he mistook a swan for a duck and asked me why the duck’s fur was so white.”


Chu Chen’an scowled, his earlobes red.


Could this be a fond memory?


This was clearly counting down his embarrassing incidents one by one!


He felt that his honor had been provoked.


Straight away, he wanted to cover his ears.


Five minutes was fast.


By the time Pei Yan finished speaking, it passed.


Chu Chen’an took the initiative to end the topic by saying, “It’s getting late; I should go back and rest; doctor, you should also rest early.”


“Hmm.” Pei Yan looked at him thoughtfully and said, “Then you have a good rest; I’ll go back.”


After saying that, he turned towards the stairwell and turned towards the 6th floor.


After Chu Chen’an confirmed Pei Yan’s departure, he quit, changed directions, and ran towards the stairway opposite the long corridor.


Chu Chen’an recalled the general construction of the schoolhouse.


The school building’s buildings were two connected buildings, connected in the middle by an arched bridge promenade.


Then the high point of these two buildings was in the middle of the promenade on the top rooftop!


Chu Chen’an had a direction in mind.


He took out a small torch and shone it ahead, carefully walking towards the stairwell and up to the top floor.


After Chu Chen’an turned towards the staircase, slow footsteps echoed from the corridor on the seventh floor.




Chu Chen’an used the light from the torch to arrive at the long corridor connecting the two school buildings.


It was so frighteningly high that Chu Chen’an didn’t dare glance down.


He shivered slightly and came to a position almost in the middle.



The stone bridge was covered with a stone arch above; the material was quite sturdy. He shone his light around the stone arch, but he didn’t even see any talisman paper attached to it.



There were only gray-black pools of mud and water marks.


It didn’t seem to be at a high point.


Chu Chen’an returned the way he came, and he turned to the center point of the building.



He descended the stone-arched promenade and quickly walked downstairs.


The building had seven floors, and each floor had a long corridor connecting the two dormitory buildings.


The center point, then, would be roughly on the third or fourth floor.


He went to the fourth floor.


He searched in the long corridor and all around the fourth floor.


There was no gain.



He proceeded to the third floor and continued to search in the obscure surroundings.


He didn’t know if it was a psychological effect, but after Pei Yan left, all the surroundings became extraordinarily silent, and no weird movements could be heard.



Chu Chen’an, like earlier, searched around the entrance of each dormitory and then came to the long corridor to search.


With evry step he took, the more nervous he became.


There was only this place left…


If there were no more, he would really not know where to look.


He took a deep breath and followed the long corridor, carefully looking for it.





The light swept across the walls, the ceiling, and then the one-meter-four fence of the long corridor. There was a faint red light that flickered and fleetingly disappeared.



Chu Chen’an quickly fixed the light there and went up to check.



The place where that red light flashed wasn’t on the surface of the fence, and he carefully looked for a long time but still didn’t see anything different.


Chu Chen’an frowned.


He raised his hand and touched it; the surface of the fence was smooth. He touched it several times but found nothing.


Chu Chen’an sighed dejectedly.


He had spent until past one in the morning.


He kept shining the light here; he still didn’t give up, using his hands to touch the fence in no direction.


There was no way it could be down there either.



He tried to feel his way to the bottom, which was full of dust and filth.


His eyes suddenly widened as he felt uneven marks at the bottom of the fence.


Chu Chen’an crouched down and held up his torch to look down.


It looked like a blo*od-colored spell charm!


He had found it!


The texture of this fence was a stone wall, and the surface was painted with a putty-like wall powder. Few people would think that a spell symbol would be hidden underneath a fence made of this material.



Chu Chen’an tried to take out the fruit knife hidden in his pocket and used the tip of the knife to make a cut, and the spell symbol was scratched off a bit.



A few more strokes were followed up with vigor.


The red light flashed again, but the light became dim.


Chu Chen’an was overjoyed; he hadn’t worked for nothing after all.


Just as he wanted to continue, there were hasty footsteps behind him.


Chu Chen’an shone his torch over to see that it was Sang Jun.


Sang Jun was bleeding from his head and limping towards him, furious.


His voice was urgent and hoarse. “Stop!”


Chu Chen’an made a few more hard strokes, and the red light dimmed a few more points.


It was still a little bit short.


Sang Jun quickly arrived in front of Chu Chen’an.


Chu Chen’an took a step back in defense.


When Sang Jun was about to reach out to grab his collar again, he sidestepped and used the self-defense technique he had learned to kick him hard in the waist.



Unfortunately, Chu Chen’an’s strength wasn’t strong enough to kick Sang Jun out; it only made him stagger and fall to the ground.



Sang Jun’s body was still injured; his neck was covered with several black marks, and he was breathing sharply, temporarily losing the strength to stand up.


Chu Chen’an had put up with him for a long time.


He hesitated for a second, then carefully approached again, gritted his teeth, and stepped on this rascal twice.


Unfortunately, his force wasn’t heavy enough either.


But it was enough to relieve his anger.


Sang Jun “hissed” and fell to the ground, but his hand was still pointing in the direction of the spell. “Get out of the way… Don’t scratch. He can’t go! He is not allowed to go.”


Chu Chen’an didn’t care about Sang Jun’s hysteria; he used all his strength to scratch the spell talisman clean.



Sang Jun should have been coming in regularly to stack and carve new spell symbols; otherwise, the spell symbols wouldn’t have lasted this long on a fence of this texture.


Chu Chen’an tried to make himself look tough, holding up his knife to warn him, “In the future, stay away from me.”


With that, he bypassed Sang Jun and trotted back to the seventh floor.




The moment he opened the door to his dorm room.


Lin Youxun just happened to be standing in the doorway, and Chu Chen’an was startled.


Lin Youxun had scarlet bloo*d in his eyes; he seemed to be crying but also seemed not to be.


Lin Youxun choked out a sentence: “Chen’an, I sensed that the spell talisman is gone. Thank you; I’m really very grateful.”


“No need to thank me.” Chu Chen’an responded sincerely; he shook his head, gasping for air and smiling.


Lin Youxun froze, and more bl*ood suddenly flowed down from the tail of his eyes.


He hesitated for a long time before carefully saying, “Can I… hug you? Forget it …… I …… I’m dirty …… or don’t ……”



“Not dirty.” Chu Chen’an wasn’t afraid of him at all anymore; he took a few steps forward, held Lin Youxun’s shoulders, and comforted him in a whisper, “You won’t be in pain anymore.”


Lin Youxun’s movements were very hasty; he carefully touched Chu Chen’an’s back with his cold hands.


He took the lead to end the hug.


He couldn’t dirty up the person who was so good to him.


“Then…” Lin Youxun choked out. “I’m leaving?”


“Yeah, go now.” Chu Chen’an nodded his head.


Chu Chen’an hoped that Lin Youxun would leave here earlier; he knew Lin Youxun’s pain.



“If there is a chance, I will remember you, Chen’an. Thank you very much.”


Lin Youxun’s eyes reddened, and bloo*d finally stopped running down his face.


After saying that, he disappeared.




Chu Chen’an looked at the empty room and was in a trance for a moment.



He was so tired and muddled that he went to the bathroom and casually washed up before getting into bed.


The dormitory was too quiet; he inexplicably felt a bit forlorn. He slowly closed his eyes and…




Outside the door came a “click” sound, and the door opened.


Pei Yan softly came to Chu Chen’an’s bedside; he had not left from the beginning to the end, so he witnessed everything just now.


He caressed Chu Chen’an’s tired little face, his lips, and his white neck.


“Terrified baby.”


Pei Yan took off his jacket and gently hugged him tightly.


He didn’t know what Chu Chen’an was dreaming of; his whole body just started sweating.



It was heartbreaking for Pei Yan to watch, and he painfully wiped Chu Chen’an’s forehead dry of the fine sweat, then began to unbutton his pajamas, and there were quite a few red marks on his white porcelain-like skin.



He couldn’t hold back and leaned in to kiss him again.


[Live broadcast automatically opens]



[TN: woc — wòcáo, “what the fu*ck]


[So astringent, so astringent that my trousers have fallen off.]



[What’s his hand doing?]





[Damn it! Let go of my wife!]



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