C76 – Pathological Secret Admirer

Chu Chen’an was powerless to break free; he felt like he was bound by an invisible heat, and his body was very heavy.


He squinted his eyes in a daze, and in the hazy, metaphysical light, it was as if he saw a dark shadow pressing down on him, making him gasp for air.


He tried to see, but his vision never got clearer, and he weakly closed his eyes again, falling deep into the disorientating chaos of his surroundings.




Chu Chen’an suddenly opened his eyes; he was in a state of shock; his forehead was covered with fine sweat; and he was breathing rapidly and uncertainly.


In front of his eyes was the white ceiling; the curtains by the window were blown open by the wind, and it was dark outside the window.


It was late at night.


He inclined his head and was shocked to find Pei Yan sitting silently beside his bed, and he himself was actually clutching Pei Yan’s hand.


“What’s wrong?” Pei Yan’s eyes were calm, his fingertips inadvertently rubbing the back of Chu Chen’an’s white and tender hand. “You seemed to be having a nightmare, and you kept clutching my hand.”


Chu Chen’an was so scared that he quickly retracted his hand, his eyes avoiding Pei Yan’s line of sight. “Sorry.”


Pei Yan’s eyes darkened the moment Chu Chen’an retracted his hand, and he rubbed his fingertips delicately and his expression darkened.


Pei Yan moved closer to Chu Chen’an, his gaze sweeping over Chu Chen’an’s soft and handsome little face.


His gaze was fixed on the red, swollen lips, and his tone was light and low. “What did you dream about? You seem scared.”


As he spoke, he placed his palm on Chu Chen’an’s forehead.


Chu Chen’an raised his eyes, felt the touch that came on his forehead, and couldn’t stop fluttering his eyelashes. He was timid and nervous. “Nothing …….”


Pei Yan remained sullen.


The atmosphere gradually deteriorated, and Chu Chen’an could feel that he was in a bad mood at the moment.


“You’re afraid of me?” Pei Yan’s palm was still over Chu Chen’an’s forehead as he asked quietly.



“No.” Chu Chen’an replied with a trembling voice.


Pei Yan withdrew his hand. He swept his eyes over Chu Chen’an’s messy collar and the dotted red marks on his neck. “There’s no fever.”


Chu Chen’an nodded his head as he turned sideways to look at the watch on the bed.


The time shown on the watch was 11:00.


Chu Chen’an froze. He lowered his eyelids and stared at the watch in a dazed and confused manner. For a moment, he couldn’t remember if it was night or day.


He looked at the dark sky outside the window, and only then did he react to the fact that it was already eleven o’clock at night!


He had actually slept for so long.


He sat up quickly, scrambling to put on his shoes, then smoothed the folds of the covers on the hospital bed with his hands. “I should get back, Doctor.”


The control panel showed that mission one wasn’t complete.


As he arched his back, he was oblivious to the ambiguous red marks that covered the underside of his collar.


“It’s so late, you can stay in the ward and sleep.” Pei Yan’s gaze stared at him.


Chu Chen’an shook his head, got up and whispered, “No, I’ll go back to my dorm room to sleep, thank you doctor, I should go.”


Pei Yan’s ten fingers interlocked, he didn’t say anything else.


At the moment Chu Chen’an stepped out of the room door, Pei Yan suddenly called out to him again, “Chen’an.”


Chu Chen’an’s heart thumped; this was the first time Pei Yan had called his name. He turned around sluggishly and said, “Hmm?”


He was so flustered, but he could tell that Pei Yan wasn’t acting right today.



“It’s been a few days since you came to school.” Pei Yan’s voice was cold; his gaze was fixed on him. “Are you homesick?”


Chu Chen’an suddenly clenched his palms, and a distinct tingling sensation came from his palms.



It was as if something in his heart had broken through a barrier, magnifying the sins he had suffered in the past few days and causing him to freeze. He hadn’t felt aggrieved, but Pei Yan mentioning it like this made his heart helplessly flood with sourness and aggravation.


If he were at home, Pei Yan would have protected him very well, not letting him suffer a little bit of injury or endure half a bit of pain, and taking care of him in every possible way.


He rarely got hurt.


Chu Chen’an’s eyes froze for two seconds, his eyes indisputably filled with water.


He pursed his lips, “Fortunately, not very much.”


After saying this, he walked away quickly.


Pei Yan looked at his back as he left, his eyes becoming cloudy as he clenched his palms.


Murmuring softly, “Baby is afraid of me.”


“How can he be afraid of me?”


When Chu Chen’an walked downstairs to the dormitory, Sang Jun was blocking the doorway.


Sang Jun frowned and ran towards him with an angry expression.


Sang Jun pulled on Chu Chen’an’s hand and pulled him in to the entrance of the hallway below the dormitory, gritting his teeth and questioning him, “Did you return that book? That old ghost didn’t accept it, right?!”



Sang Jun no longer had any sense to speak of; he pressed on step by step.


Chu Chen’an: “I can’t understand what you’re saying; get out of the way.”


“Don’t pretend for me! You didn’t have this attitude during the day.” Sang Jun grabbed on to Chu Chen’an’s collar and gritted his teeth. “Go and get the book back now; hurry up!”


“I won’t go; if you want to borrow it, go borrow it yourself; I’m going back to bed.” Chu Chen’an pushed Sang Jun away with force.


Chu Chen’an could more or less guess that the book full of spells and symbols that could control ghosts wasn’t a simple book.


Sang Jun’s expression was disheveled, his eyes scarlet. “That book is no longer available, and the old ghost is gone!”


He suddenly came close to Chu Chen’an again, his voice suddenly rising, and he grabbed his neck, his face tyrannical looking, his palms tightening with force. “It’s all because of you! I was so close to…”


Chu Chen’an was strangled and couldn’t catch his breath. Suddenly, he heard a loud bang.


Sang Jun fell into the rubbish area at the entrance of the building, and the fall seemed not to be light.


Chu Chen’an raised his eyes and looked towards the stairway as if he were inspired.


Sure enough, he saw Pei Yan’s figure.



Pei Yan had the dim yellow light at his back, the light glowing against his perfect facial contours, and the black shadow formed by his tall figure overlaying his body.


Just like the previous two copies, they always appeared in time when he was helpless.



Though paranoid and scary, they gave him an intangible sense of security, a unique feeling, like a dependence formed over the years but also like something else.



Sang Jun cringed in pain as he struggled to hold himself up, turning to look at the person who kicked him.


Pei Yan glanced at Sang Jun, who had fallen with a bl*oody mouth, his eyes filled with disdain and indifference.


Sang Jun bared his teeth, his emotions spiraling out of control as he got up and came over to Pei Yan. “You fu*cking…”



He hadn’t even raised his hand when he felt something strangle his neck. He looked down, and there was nothing.


His face reddened, and his expression looked pain filled as he suddenly stood still.


The strand around Sang Jun’s neck suddenly tightened.



Sang Jun then spat out bloo*d and collapsed.


Chu Chen’an was so scared that he took two steps back and looked at Pei Yan.


Pei Yan looked at Sang Jun as if he were looking at a dead thing and walked towards Chu Chen’an as if to comfort him. “It’s alright, he fainted.”


Chu Chen’an grabbed the hem of his shirt, not daring to move. “Doctor, why are you here?”


His misgivings were getting heavier.


“I’m staying here tonight too.” Pei Yan said.



The school did set up a dormitory in the school building specifically to supply the medical staff on rounds, but Chu Chen’an didn’t know exactly where it was.



Chu Chen’an looked at him and couldn’t help his shoulders from shaking, probably because he was too nervous, or perhaps Pei Yan in the dark light inside the building was extraordinarily scary.




Chu Chen’an and Pei Yan got on the lift together.


Pei Yan pressed the seventh floor first, and Chu Chen’an quickly left the lift first, glancing back at Pei Yan inside.


The lift door was then closed.


He didn’t know which floor Pei Yan went to.



As he stood in the doorway, the opposite dormitory door suddenly opened, and Ji Bei was carrying a trash bag, walking out of the room.


“Chen’an?” Ji Bei’s footsteps paused and he asked him in a warm voice, “Did you just come back from the infirmary?”


Chu Chen’an nodded as he opened the door to his dorm room.


Ji Bei’s words were ambiguous in just the right way; he said, “Seeing you suddenly faint today, I was worried all night. I originally wanted to go and see you, but I didn’t because there was a delay. Fortunately, seeing that you’re fine, I feel relieved.”


Chu Chen’an got goosebumps.


“By the way, do you know the doctor in the medical wing? He came as soon as you fainted and carried you to the medical wing.” Ji Bei said, “I remember that the medical building is quite far from the teaching building; I didn’t expect him to come so fast.”


Chu Chen’an shook his head and smiled. “No, not very familiar.”


He turned around, opened the door to his room, and went in.


Hearing Ji Bei mention it like this, Chu Chen’an then recalled that Pei Yan had indeed come to the teaching building quite suddenly today.


Moreover, he was clearly just hypoglycemic, so why did he sleep for so long?


And that strange, ambiguous dream…


Ji Bei’s words were said unintentionally, but Chu Chen’an thought about it with growing unease.


Chu Chen’an leaned his back against the door, his heartbeat suddenly accelerating.


“You’re back?” Lin Youxun’s clear and quiet voice came from the room.


Chu Chen’an returned to the desk and sat down. “Hmm.”


“I felt that the book was returned.” Lin Youxun hesitated and said, “Thank you, Chen’an. I will definitely remember you if I can after I leave.”


Chu Chen’an interrupted him, “Why did you lie to me?”


Lin Youxun’s words were stuttered: “What… what?”


“Why did you lie that you borrowed it yourself instead of just saying that Sang Jun borrowed it?” Chu Chen’an asked.


“I’m sorry, Chen’an, Sang Jun; that person is too strong; he’s a madman. I was afraid that if I said it, you wouldn’t help me. Oooh, oooh, I’m sorry, Chen’an.”


Lin Youxun said with remorse and guilt, “I’m in too much pain. I’m really in too much pain. I just want to get out of here, but Sang Jun won’t let me. I refused to see him, and he couldn’t see me, so he tried to stuff all sorts of people in to live here, and all those people couldn’t see me either, and then he realized that it didn’t work, so he went and borrowed that book, and that book tormented me every night, and those words were like worms burrowing through my body. I’m sorry.”


“What exactly is that book?” Chu Chen’an asked with a slight frown, and he sympathized with Lin Youxun.


Lin Youxun stopped crying. “That book is the Holy Bishop’s book; it can manipulate ghosts.”


Chu Chen’an asked, “That book was returned; can you go now?”


His focus was completely on mission one.


“No,” Lin Youxun said with a sobbing voice.


Chu Chen’an asked, “Why not yet? Haven’t I already returned it?”


Lin Youxun said, “Sang Jun hid a soul-suppressing talisman in the dormitory building; I simply can’t get out.”


“Soul suppressing talisman?” Chu Chen’an was dumbfounded.


What exactly was the relationship between Sang Jun and Lin Youxun, and what had happened before to make Sang Jun do this?


Chu Chen’an looked at his watch; it was almost twelve o’clock. “Do you know where that thing is?”


Lin Youxun said disheveledly, “I don’t know; I didn’t dare to go out of the dormitory. Chen’an, you helped me return the book; I’m already very grateful; I feel less pain; really, thank you. ”


“I’ll help you get out of here.” Chu Chen’an comforted him: “Think carefully again; where might the Soul Suppressing Talisman be?”



“Really, really? Thank you, Chen’an!” Lin Youxun froze and began to try to sense it. “I can feel it; it’s nearby, near the building, or… downstairs.”


“Okay, I’ll go look for it.”


Chu Chen’an rested for two minutes. He looked at his watch again; he had to hurry.


He stood up, took a look around, put the fruit knife in his pocket, and left the dormitory.



The corridor of the dormitory was left with only one light; the light was gloomy, and the obscurity of his surroundings exuded an aura of danger.


He had only walked to the center of the long corridor when he heard a [Ding] from the system.


[Congratulations on activating a mini-game.]


[Game Name: Life and Death Escape]


[Mission: Escape the NPC’s attack and survive]


[Mission Duration: 30 minutes]


[Warm Tip: NPCs are not too smart; the best way to avoid them is to hide well and don’t let them find the delicious you.]


[You will enter the game in three seconds.]




Chu Chen’an glanced back at the perimeter of the promenade in a panic, only to see the perimeter follow suit with flashes of red light.










The red light disappeared, and Chu Chen’an busily ran towards the end of the long corridor, scrambling to find a hiding spot.


Sharp caracal laughter came from behind him, frightening him even more as he searched back and forth in a panic. Finally, he opened a utility room at the end of the corridor and quickly hid inside.


The shrill squeal of caracal laughter came closer and closer, carrying with it the sound of violent slamming.


He hid in the darkness of the locker, shivering nervously as he clenched his fingers, never having felt so helpless.


He was afraid that he would be pulled out by the hideous monsters and gnawed and torn to pieces.


The more he thought about it, the more scared he became. It was so cold that he began to shiver and buried his head in his knees.


It’s okay.


Just hide, and you’ll be fine.


He reassured himself, even though it didn’t help.



He waited torturously for ten minutes, already so cold that his teeth were chattering and probably overstimulated; he was shaking especially hard.


Suddenly, something knocked on the cabinet.


Chu Chen’an looked up in shock.


Only to see that the cabinet was opened and someone covered his body with a coat, “Are you playing a game of hide-and-seek here?”


Chu Chen’an felt his body immediately warm back up, and the clothes were warm with Pei Yan’s familiar scent.



“That’s okay,” Pei Yan squatted down and stared at his reddened eyes. “I was the first to find you.”



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