C75 — Paranoid Secret Admirer

“No need, doctor.” Chu Chen’an looked at the bright white light and said in a small voice, “I suddenly feel that I’m not hurt… It’s as if I’m much better, so there’s no need to treat it.”

Pei Yan’s fingertips twisted the hem of Chu Chen’an’s shirt; he put the stethoscope on his abdomen, and said, “It’s better to check it to prevent hidden dangers.”

Chu Chen’an’s eyes were wet, as confused and panicked as a deer, and Pei Yan’s eyes were dark as he watched.

He held Chu Chen’an’s small hands and placed it in the wristband next to the treatment table. There was a soft cushion around the wristband, but as long as someone put it on, they couldn’t break free.

Chu Chen’an panicked and tried to struggle, but his slender white wrists were tightly bound, and the ring didn’t move.

He raised his eyes to Pei Yan, only to see Pei Yan slowly twisting the hem of his shirt upwards.

His fingers inadvertently touched him.

“Don’t be afraid.” Pei Yan’s low voice seemed to be soothing the struggling him: “It’s just a comprehensive examination; it’ll be over very soon.”

Chu Chen’an grasped the soft cushion on the edge of the hand restraint ring, and he looked into Pei Yan’s deep, dark eyes and shivered in response.

Pei Yan’s movements were slow.

He felt the stethoscope move across his abdomen, the cold touch making him hold his breath.

The atmosphere gradually became quiet and oppressive, and Chu Chen’an only dared to glance at the light under the consultation table.

Pei Yan wasn’t much of a talker; he lived a strict life and had the most perfect appearance and family history. No matter what he did, he was always in order.

Except for the fact that he liked Chu Chen’an and that he was paranoid to the point of being sick.

He would say a lot of things at night, especially when he was holding Chu Chen’an. His voice always lingered in Chu Chen’an’s ears, low and cold, making him tremble.

He liked to kiss Chu Chen’an’s red eyes, then he’d passionately kiss the red moles on his body as he reveled in each of Chu Chen’an’s sweet and pitiful cries.

Chu Chen’an admired Pei Yan for being such an excellent and perfect person at a very young age, but he was also afraid of Pei Yan.

He was afraid of Pei Yan, who held him tightly in the darkness of the night and paranoidly claimed him as his own.

“How’s student life these past few days?” Pei Yan checked his abdomen one more time and stopped teasing him, placing the hem of his shirt back. “Still getting used to it?”

Pei Yan’s words brought Chu Chen’an back to his senses.

“Hmm?” Chu Chen’an’s lips twitched; after slowly understanding Pei Yan’s question, he responded, “It’s okay.”

“That’s good.” Pei Yan looked at his wet eyes and said, “I thought you’d be uncomfortable.”

After all, he hadn’t left home for so long.

Chu Chen’an’s voice was soft. “No, I’ve already adapted.”

Pei Yan looked at his small face and suddenly wanted to touch his moist lips.

He said, “If it doesn’t hurt now, there’s nothing wrong; come back in the afternoon to check again.”

Chu Chen’an asked in confusion, “Do I still have to come back in the afternoon?”

Wasn’t there nothing wrong with him?


Why did he still have to come?


“Well,” Pei Yan said, “the radiological room will be open in the afternoon to check with proper equipment.”


“Okay.” Chu Chen’an could only agree, and he lightly shook his hands and met Pei Yan’s burning gaze. “Can you let go of me?”


His heart thumped faster.


Pei Yan’s hand paused.


His palm covered Chu Chen’an’s slim wrist, and it was smooth and tender.



Pei Yan didn’t want to let go.


He wanted to keep him tightly bound.


Hiding Chu Chen’an in a dark, golden cage, he’d become a canary that only belonged to him.


Make him not dare to run around and leave again.


But when Pei Yan looked at this face that was similar to Chen An’s, he tentatively released Chu Chen’an’s hands.


He forgot at what moment he confirmed that Chu Chen’an was Chen An.

It was in the moment when Chu Chen’an looked at him with red eyes from his injury, or perhaps it was every flustered subtle movement and mannerism of Chu Chen’an, or perhaps it was every time Chu Chen’an spoke to him with a soft voice, or perhaps it was just now, when Chu Chen’an’s ears reddened as he said that he liked to read books…


Whenever he saw Chu Chen’an, his deepest soul would be uncontrollably and inexplicably agitated, as if it were really telling him.


This was his An An.


They were the same person.


Pei Yan sorted out his thoughts as he raised his hand to untie Chu Chen’an’s binding ring.


As soon as Chu Chen’an was free, he immediately sat up and carried his school bag.


This wide schoolbag was directly above his hips and would turn into a wide rectangle when fully filled.


With his skinny frame, this backpack took up almost his entire back.


He had just bought this at a convenience store for three hundred yuan and heard the black shop sales aunt say that this bag could hold at least two basketballs.


Chu Chen’an estimated that a human brain should be just a bit bigger than a basketball, right?



“Thank you, doctor,” he said, standing up and whispering, “Then I’ll go back to eat first.”


“It’s on my way; let’s go together.” Pei Yan said, and he unbuttoned the white coat on his body.



Chu Chen’an watched as Pei Yan draped his white coat over the hanger, two buttons left undone on his black shirt, his Adam’s apple was clearly visible, and he exuded a mature and masculine charm.


Chu Chen’an waved his hand repeatedly and changed his words: “I remembered that I still have to make a trip to the school building to get my textbooks; doctor, you go first.”


Pei Yan stared at Chu Chen’an for two seconds, then he nodded and said nothing more.


Chu Chen’an followed Pei Yan to the private consultation room. He walked behind Pei Yan, taking one small step at a time.


When he turned to the lift door,.


Chu Chen’an pinched the strap of his backpack with one hand, raised his hand to point to the washroom, and said, “Doctor, I’d like to go to the washroom, so you can go eat first.”



Pei Yan glanced back at him and said, “Hmm.”


After saying that, Pei Yan opened the lift as Chu Chen’an wished, and under Chu Chen’an’s gaze, he pressed the button, and the lift closed.


After Chu Chen’an watched Pei Yan leave, he quickly turned into the stairwell.


And what Chu Chen’an didn’t know was…


After he walked into the staircase, the lift doors rose back up and opened again.


Pei Yan grimaced.


There were still many things that he didn’t know.


He hadn’t completely cut out the hidden dangers that gave An An the chance to escape.




“Ta, ta, ta.”


His footsteps alone could be heard in the long corridor of the fifth floor.


The obscure surroundings were gloomy, like the morgue he had stayed in in the real world.


Chu Chen’an spent 3.8W gold coins in exchange for a tool shielding card, which temporarily blocked all the surveillance cameras on the fifth floor.


However, it could only last for 30 minutes.


This consumed almost all the gold coins he had saved up over the past few years.


He circled around for five or six minutes before finally finding the sample room at the end of the inner center.


It was too quiet around him—so quiet that it scared him.


He gathered his courage and raised his hand to touch the door of the sample room, only to find it locked inside.


He instantly deflated.


It was all over.


He had forgotten that the sample room would definitely be locked.


The door of the sample room had two types of locks: a traditional iron lock and an induction lock.


Chu Chen’an certainly knew that he couldn’t touch the induction lock.


He panicked and searched around the fifth floor, and finally only found discarded wire in the utility room and steel rods dislodged from the window security grill.


Smashing the lock was too loud and would attract people.


He could only squat down and untangle the wire that was twisted together and twisted off a small section with great effort.


He opened the system control panel and found the emergency posts he had collected for a long time in the system’s internal forum, which was shared by the system’s big brother-level players.


Many high-level players would share their experiences in the system’s internal forum.


Chu Chen’an would click on it every day to learn from it and collect some useful posts.


He followed the steps shared in the post, first sharpening the tip of the iron wire to a size that could be poked into the lock.


Then he half-squatted, poked the top of the wire in, and started twisting it hard in the order mentioned in the post.


But he twisted for a full two minutes, yet the lock still didn’t move.


Chu Chen’an looked at the control panel and compared it word for word.


There was no mistake.


He used his hand to continue screwing; he suspected that his force wasn’t enough.


He simply straightened up his waist and struggled to twist to the right.


Suddenly, there was a “clunk” from the door.


Chu Chen’an’s finger felt a sharp pain, and he quickly retracted his hand, letting out a small cry of pain.


Large beads of blo*od emerged from his palm, and a few drops hit the floor.


The wire scraped a narrow gash on his palm.

In pain, Chu Chen’an forgot to pick up the wire for a moment.

He was busy covering his palm to prevent the blo*od from dripping onto the floor again, and he used a paper towel to dry the blo*od marks on the floor.

Chu Chen’an picked up the wire as he continued to screw once. After a ‘ding’ sound, the door suddenly opened.

He… opened it?

Chu Chen’an turned around and looked around the corridor. The corridor was empty; even a shadow couldn’t be seen.

So he opened it by himself.

Chu Chen’an confidently pushed the door open and then carefully closed the door.

Unsurprisingly to him, the inside of the sample room was filled with human organs, soaked in formalin.

He held back his strong urge to vomit and made his way to the human brain area, following the code and finding BH233.

A person’s name is written on it: Zhang Shenshu.


This human brain was contained in a square, transparent container, which made one feel particularly nauseous when looking at it up close.


But luckily, it wasn’t as big as Chu Chen’an thought it would be.


He propped up his backpack into a rectangle, carefully picked it up, and put it into the backpack.


He zipped it up and used the backpack’s internal straps to compress away the excess, causing a visual shrinkage.


After Chu Chen’an put the backpack on his back, he raised his hand and looked at his watch.



There were still three minutes left in the shielding statute of limitations.


He quickly ran out of the sample room and closed the door.


The reception desk on the medical floor was guarded casually, leaving only a male nurse on duty.


There were very few students who got injured and went for medical treatment at this point.



Chu Chen’an stood nervously at the lift door for a while, and he took the gap where the male nurse was looking down at his mobile phone and walked quickly towards the hall of the medical building.


The sound of the male nurse’s mobile phone music drowned out the sound of his footsteps.


He slipped out without incident.


Chu Chen’an felt that this was definitely the smoothest mission he had ever completed.

Though he got a small injury,.

He jogged to the library and went straight to the third floor.

He took out the sample from his backpack and placed it next to the mahogany cabinet in the lending room.


A greenish-black hand stretched out from the mahogany cabinet, gradually twisting and lengthening as it touched the sample container.

Suddenly, a sharp, hoarse laughter resounded in the air.

“Hahahahaha, my brain… I got my brain!!!”

Chu Chen’an retreated a few steps back.


The eerie laughter seemed to pierce his eardrums.


The mahogany cabinet shook violently.


The cabinet door opened leisurely.


The bloodied old man was shouting as he held his brain, and the red grid in the center of the cabinet flashed sharply.


The old man accepted the book.



After Chu Chen’an sent the old man’s brain back, he lost his appetite again and went straight back to the classroom.


He hadn’t eaten for two meals and was a bit tired from tossing and turning. So he casually wrapped the wound with a bandage.


Plopping down on his desk, he fell asleep.


His surroundings became chaotic, and he felt weak all over, about to collapse the next second.


His consciousness blurred, and he felt someone carrying him back to the medical building.


That person had the same familiar scent as Pei Yan.


He squinted his eyes open, his breath weak and feeble.


He saw Pei Yan sitting on the edge of the bed as he spoke softly to him, “You’re hypoglycemic; it’s fine; go to sleep.”


Pei Yan’s tone was very light, causing Chu Chen’an to subconsciously drop his defenses, and he slept through it again.


He had a nightmare.


Pei Yan tenderly bandaged the wound on his palm.


Then he bound his hands with a chain.


He was locked into an exquisite and sturdy cage, which was beautiful, like a castle.


Pei Yan paranoidly hugged and kissed him.


“You’re so disobedient, baby,” Pei Yan said, kissing his wounds. “Look how much you’ve suffered outside.”


His cries were feeble in his dreams, but Pei Yan remained tireless.


“Still dare to run?”


“It’s time to go home, baby.”



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