C73 — Paranoid Secret Admirer

Looking at Chu Chen’an’s adorable look of nervousness due to his desire to cover up, Pei Yan’s thin lips pursed up, and his cold eyes flashed with a hint of laughter.

Chu Chen’an lightly bit his pink lip, not understanding why Pei Yan was laughing.

He nervously questioned, “What are you laughing at?”


Pei Yan’s gaze was fixed on Chu Chen’an’s curled eyelashes, and his tall figure covered Chu Chen’an’s body like a layer of invasion.

It made Chu Chen’an feel an endless sense of oppression.

He turned around in a panic and looked towards the mahogany cabinet.

Chu Chen’an’s moist and clear eyes trembled; they were both weak and brimming with tears, so pitiful that they looked like they were inviting someone to bully him.

He reached out his hand and tried to pull the lock on the door again, and the books inside also bumped against the door cabinet in small increments, with a few “bangs,” frightening Chu Chen’an to hurriedly retract his hand.

“You want to open this cabinet?” Pei Yan asked.

He glanced down at the book that Chu Chen’an was hiding.

Chu Chen’an tilted his head, struggling with what to do to both open the cabinet and keep himself from being smashed to the point of stupidity.

He was in the middle of it, so he subconsciously nodded at his question.

Pei Yan put the book in his hand on Chu Chen’an’s other hand and said quietly, “Stand back.”

Chu Chen’an looked at Pei Yan and saw him pull the lock off half the door, so he quickly retreated one meter away.


Pei Yan looked back at Chu Chen’an, confirming that he was standing far away, then directly pulled open half of the cabinet, letting the books that were stacked haphazardly fall down with a loud bang.

Chu Chen’an’s shoulders trembled in fear. The wooden cabinet was two meters high, and the books inside were heavy and thick and had filled up the mahogany cabinet.


As soon as the door was opened, these books would quickly fall down with it, and ordinary people couldn’t avoid it in time. Pei Yan, however, was able to side-step the door with no effort at all and reacted extremely quickly.

Chu Chen’an stared blankly.

Pei Yan’s gaze was cold and creepy; his features were perfect and straight, with the charm of mature hormones, but also filled with a suffocating poison.

Chu Chen’an’s ears were red, and his gaze turned to the furnishings in the mahogany cabinet.

There were dozens of rows of bookshelves in the mahogany cabinet, and each row of bookshelves had a rectangular grid where a single book was placed.

Chu Chen’an followed the number and really found the grid where this yellow book was placed.

This grid was bright red, engraved with treacherous and weird symbols, located in the middle of the first row of the mahogany cabinet. It was out of place with the other grids, but it was the most eye-catching, as if dominating the entire wooden cabinet.

Chu Chen’an’s eyes lit up, and not caring about anything else, he directly went up on his tiptoes and put the book on.

When he raised his hand, his school uniform inadvertently outlined his slender waist and full, rounded hips, also causing the illusion of twisting with his slight movements.

Seductive and unaware.

Chu Chen’an tried a few times before putting that book in the right spot.

After placing it up, there was no difference around the mahogany cabinet; it was silent.

Chu Chen’an was relieved; he stacked the books on the floor and quickly put them back one by one.

When he finished putting them back with the intention of quickly leaving, he heard Pei Yan say from his side, “I’m going to go to the lending room on the fourth floor; can you show me the way?”

Of course Chu Chen’an couldn’t agree; he pretended to look at his watch and excused himself. “I have to go to class, doctor. Turn left on the fourth floor and walk straight up to the reading room. You can just go up directly.”

After saying that, he picked up his textbooks and turned towards the door.


[Congratulations on activating the temporary mini-game: Life and Death Time Limit]

[Quest: Survive the attack of a specific NPC]

[Survival Time: 10 minutes]

[Location: Library]

[Bonus Points: X200]

Chu Chen’an’s hand stopped violently; he only saw a twisted and blackened hand climbing up the doorway, blocking Chu Chen’an’s face. Bloo*d spread down from the wall, mixed with a disgusting and pungent stench.

The doorway was pushed open a little, and he saw a pair of empty and hideous eye sockets, and its arm was blo*ody and strewn with festering sores, and it was as if it were still grinning.

Shrill wails rose and fell suddenly, echoing and rushing around his ears.

He staggered back a few steps in fear and was held by Pei Yan at his waist.

Chu Chen’an smelled the familiar scent of Pei Yan’s body. He clutched the book in his hand. His eyes were indisputably misted with fear, his eyelashes fluttering like butterfly wings.

Pei Yan took in his movements. He glanced towards the door, his cold eyes slightly narrowed, then he tightened the palm of his hand that was holding Chu Chen’an’s waist.


Perhaps there were still many things that he didn’t know.

There were many uncontrollable obstacles.

To possess his sweetness forever, he had to first eliminate this sense of loss of control and thoroughly eliminate those obstacles.

“What’s wrong?” Pei Yan said, looking around Chu Chen’an’s weak little face.


“Let me take you to the reading room.” Chu Chen’an said in a small voice as he stood steadily.


Pei Yan held Chu Chen’an’s soft waist and said faintly, “Didn’t you say you were going to class?”

“I suddenly remembered… that I still have to go upstairs to borrow a few books,” Chu Chen’an said, timidly glancing at the door. “Let’s go together.”

He was sure that the corridor outside the door must be filled with ghosts that came to attack him. As soon as he opened the door, those ghosts would pounce on him, eat him alive, flay him, and tear him into pieces.

The more Chu Chen’an thought about it, the more scared he became, as if he could hear his own panicked heartbeat.

Sharp and horrible howls suddenly sounded again, as if to pierce Chu Chen’an’s eardrums. Chu Chen’an subconsciously hid behind Pei Yan, like a kitten trembling with fear.

“You seem to be scared.” Pei Yan lowered his eyes and glanced at him. “Did you see anything?”

Pei Yan indifferently looked towards the door, his eagle eyes narrowing slightly.

Soon, the wailing outside the door stopped, and the black, bloo*dy hand disappeared.

“No, I didn’t see anything.” Chu Chen’an tried to keep his voice from shaking as he clenched his palms.

Pei Yan slowed his steps and stood at Chu Chen’an’s side.

Chu Chen’an was so scared that he walked with Pei Yan’s sleeve in his hand.

As soon as the door opened, he found that the corridor was dead silent, and there weren’t any of those terrifying evil spirits that he had imagined.

But it was too dark around him, and the gloomy light penetrated with a creepy coldness.

Chu Chen’an walked carefully, feeling that every minute and every second were exceptionally difficult.

He still needed to stay here for 10 minutes.

The abandoned clock at the end of the corridor was constantly emitting the soft sound of “clang, clang, clang,” which was like a death knell for him.

Every time it rang, Chu Chen’an’s heart trembled.

They turned to the stairway, and Chu Chen’an found that there was no light in the stairway, only a dark, subtle green light, which made the surroundings horrible and creepy.

There were unknown and terrible things stirring all around; they were hibernating in the darkness, always looking for a chance to pounce and tear him apart. Chu Chen’an was so afraid that he secretly clutched Pei Yan’s sleeve.


Chu Chen’an found an excuse and whispered, “It’s too dark here; I can’t see the way.”

His voice was soft and sounded very defensive.

Pei Yan: “Okay, then hold on tight.”

He slowed his pace, his attention focused on the skinny teenager at his side.

They walked slowly, and it took them two minutes to reach the fourth floor.

Pei Yan pushed open the door to the lending room and switched on the incandescent light inside. The surroundings suddenly brightened up and slightly dispersed the fear in Chu Chen’an’s heart.

Chu Chen’an followed behind Pei Yan as they rounded the bookshelves to the desk in the corner.

Pei Yan pulled open the innermost drawer of the desk and took out all the books inside, his fingertips gently caressing the old colored writing as he whispered, “Fortunately, they’re all still there.”

Chu Chen’an froze; those were the books he had borrowed in the past.

These books were particularly thick; as soon as he flipped through them, he would start to get sleepy and not be able to read a single word.

Chu Chen’an watched Pei Yan flip open a book and take out the withered, dried flowers that were wedged inside.

Pei Yan held it up to the bright incandescent light for a closer look, his eyes full of loving infatuation, and whispered, “It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”

His tone was light, mixed with a dangerous undertone.

Chu Chen’an could only nod his head.

He didn’t understand how a flower that had already dried up could be so beautiful.

“I used to have a crush on my lover for a long time.”

Chu Chen’an’s eyes were stunned.

“He was lovely, a hundred times better looking than this flower. I want to kiss him, embrace him, and completely possess him in my dreams. I really like him too much, but unfortunately, his gaze always stays on someone else.”

Pei Yan pinched the dried flowers and directed his gaze deeply towards Chu Chen’an. “When I’m jealous, I think, why don’t I make him into a specimen?”

Chu Chen’an was so frightened that he took two steps back.

“Like this flower, he’ll live on.” Pei Yan walked towards him; his tone became soft. “But I simply can’t let go; he’s so cute and fresh; how can I let him hurt? I won’t do that.”

Pei Yan stepped closer, Chu Chen’an’s shoulders trembled, and his eyes were frightened by a pitiful mist of water. He only then reacted to the fact that the most frightening thing here was Pei Yan.

“Later, we got together, and those years were the happiest days I’ve ever had.” Pei Yan continued.

It was as if he was sharing his sweet past with his lover, Chu Chen’an, or as if he was deliberately saying it to Chu Chen’an.

Chu Chen’an was so nervous and scared that he couldn’t tell the difference anymore.

“Unfortunately, it seems like my lover always fails to learn his lesson, and he left me again.” Pei Yan approached Chu Chen’an; Chu Chen’an’s back was already pressed against the bookshelf, and he couldn’t retreat.

“Do you think I should build a cage for my pretty and precious little canary, or should I increase the punishment so that he will be discouraged from escaping?” Pei Yan’s voice was filled with coldness.

Chu Chen’an nervously clenched his palms, his back instantly breaking out in a cold sweat.

He knew that as soon as Pei Yan found him.

He would be finished.

Chu Chen’an glanced at those books on the table, and in a split second, he suddenly figured out why Pei Yan had laughed just now.

It was because he had answered the same words before!

In the past, when he had just come to this copy and didn’t know where to go, he had always come to the library.

At that time, the lending room hadn’t yet had any evil spirits appear, and the environment wasn’t bad at all.

But every time he came to the library, Pei Yan also came.

It was so coincidental that it made him suspect that Pei Yan had placed a locator on him.

He borrowed a lot of books and put them on the table. He sat far away from Pei Yan, pretended to open the book, and started reading.

Pei Yan then kept secretly staring at him, staring at his eyelashes moving in the white light, his pretty side face, his moist and soft lips,…

He couldn’t read the book and raised a hand to support his head.

But the sleepiness became more obvious when his head was supported.

He wanted to droop his eyelids like a kitten, watching the words in front of him gradually turn into countless small black dots.

“Chen An, do you like reading a lot?” Pei Yan suddenly approached.

Pei Yan’s words caused him to snap out of his sleepiness.

He subconsciously wiped the corners of his mouth. Filled with a little guilt, he replied, “Of course, I like it.”

Pei Yan looked at his cute nest of hair and placed his own book in front of him. “Then I’ll lend you this one of mine; it’s the first part.”


Chu Chen’an let out an “Oh,”  casually thanked him, and resumed reading on his own.

Two minutes later, he laid down on the table and fell into a dream.

His fair face lay on the table, curving up into a cute arc, looking both tender and smooth.

Pei Yan wanted to kiss him, and he did do that.

Pei Yan sat beside Chu Chen’an, shielding him from the blinding white light, then he gently licked and kissed his face.

He felt it wasn’t enough.

Pei Yan kissed his red lips, making his way through. He kissed him for a long time and finally lightly bit his cheeks.

Chu Chen’an was woken up; he frowned in aggravation, pursed his mouth, and complained in his heart about how there were bugs in the library.

As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw Pei Yan’s kind of cold and mysterious face.

“Are there bugs in the library?” Chu Chen’an asked.


Pei Yan’s gaze was grim, staring straight at Chu Chen’an’s red lips that were wet from kissing. “There might be. Want to go back?”

But he hadn’t kissed enough.

Chu Chen’an shook his head, insisting on setting up his persona. “I’m going to keep reading.”

He liked to read.

He turned the first page again.

Chu Chen’an pulled away from the memory.

He came back to his senses and leaned his back against the bookshelf, his eyes flustered as he looked at Pei Yan.

“I think both are necessary.”

Pei Yan gave a conclusion to the question he had just asked, and it was also as if he had unquestionably placed an invisible shackle on Chu Chen’an.

He held the dried flowers in his hand and crushed them slowly and methodically in front of Chu Chen’an.

He said softly, “I will find him, and there will be that day.”



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