C72 – Pathological Secret Admirer

Chu Chen’an threw the diary onto the quilt; his face was hot and burning. If he hadn’t taken the special medicine, he would have thought that his fever hadn’t gone down.


The per-vert’s diary could be connected to the plot of the copy?


His mind began to change from being in a trance to nervousness.


The medical building in Beiyuan Boys’ High School sent staff to the student dormitories where treatment information had been registered every night to inspect and check the patient’s condition.


But Chu Chen’an was too familiar with Pei Yan, and he vaguely sensed from Pei Yan’s demeanor last night that this couldn’t just be a simple room checkup.


Pei Yan has already suspected him.


He had to recognize this fact—that this time the suspicion was quicker than the suspicion of both the previous two copies.


Perhaps it was a psychological effect; he always felt that the NPCs in each copy were created by the system using the same program. Although they had different personalities, Chu Chen’an would always see them as the same person in many moments.


He patted his face; his peach blossom-like eyes looked around the room, and the male ghost Lin Youxun was no longer on the opposite side of the bed.


He stretched out his foot and tried to step on the stairs next to the bed. On his white, porcelain-like knee, the wound healed overnight, leaving only a few faint scars.


The short sleepwear made his fair calves look even more slender, and his skin was soft and smooth, making him look very attractive.


Pei Yan just couldn’t get enough of them.


There was a red mole on the back of Chu Chen’an’s left calf that had been kissed by Pei Yan countless times.


Pei Yan loved kissing moles on his body, especially when he possessed him.


There was also a crimson mole on his waistline.


That was a red mole that Pei Yan liked to kiss the most.


He went to the mirror and rubbed his tousled hair, then went to the bathroom to wash up.


Chu Chen’an washed his face, turned off the water, and straightened up. The water droplets blocked his vision; he could only squint at the half-length mirror in front of him.


In the narrow blurred vision focused on the mirror, a blo*ody red hideous body appeared in the mirror. The man’s scarlet hollow eyes twisted and turned, and blood flowed down the eye sockets on the bathroom tiles, emitting a “tick-tock-tick-tock” treacherous sound.


As if his eyes would fall out of their sockets in the next second.


Chu Chen’an was so startled that he could barely hold the towel in his hand.


“Oh, sorry, did I scare you?”


Lin Youxun’s voice was hoarse and ghostly cold. He covered his body with the blanket, blocking the hideous blo*od stains all over his body.


Chu Chen’an calmed down after two seconds, his hand holding the sink behind him. “No, it’s fine.”


He glanced away and turned around to continue wiping his face with a towel.


Every time he glanced at the gruesome wounds on Lin Youxuan’s body, he couldn’t help but feel his heart palpitate.


Lin Youxuan had gone through all kinds of hellish torture in the end; he didn’t dare to think about it more.


He turned his back to Lin Youxuan and dried his face in silence, then turned around and walked out of the bathroom door.


Lin Youxun just stayed in the doorway and watched him.


Chu Chen’an changed into a white shirt, which outlined his beautiful figure.


“You’re really good-looking.” Lin Youxun said it with envy from the bottom of his heart.


Clean body.


A clean life.


And there were so many people who protected him.


Chu Chen’an’s hand that was draping his school jacket jerked. He glanced back at Lin Youxun, a little uncomfortable, but he still responded, “Thank you.”


“Is that person who came last night your boyfriend? He looks so scary.” Lin Youxuan suddenly asked.


Chu Chen’an’s eyes narrowed, followed by a dry laugh: “No, I don’t even know him.”


“But I can smell the scent belonging to him on you; it’s very strong.” Lin Youxun said, “Especially your lower body.”


“What did you say?” Chu Chen’an’s face flushed red.




Although Pei Yan had indeed possessed him madly on the day he left, he had already changed into his true body, so it was impossible for his body to be tainted with Pei Yan’s scent.


“It seems to be the scent on your soul; I can smell it clearly because I can smell everyone’s soul.”


Lin Youcun explained that he realized something and said carefully, “Should I not have mentioned this? Sorry, it’s me who overstepped.”


Chu Chen’an’s face was bright red as he shook his head. “It’s okay.”


Lin Youxuan floated behind Chu Chen’an. “It was too scary, looking into that person’s eyes. I was so scared that I kept hiding. Last night, I should have come out to accompany you to apply the medicine, but I was too scared. That person seemed to be able to see me. I’m sorry; it’s good that your injuries are healed.”


Lin Youxun had been apologizing all along, even though he was clearly not at fault for anything.


Chu Chen’an listened and felt a slight sadness and pity, inexplicably. Perhaps it was because of his unbearable experiences that he became like this.


Chu Chen’an also kept on saying that it was okay; he packed up his textbooks.


Glancing at the wall clock, it was just half past six.


He planned to go to the fifth floor first and wait for Fang Qinglin to join him.


He had just grabbed his books and stood up when Lin Youxun behind him floated to his side, hesitantly and carefully asking, “Are you… going to class?”


“Yes.” Chu Chen’an hugged the book, looking at Lin Youxun’s pale face, which was a little hesitant, as if he had something to say.


He asked, “What’s wrong?”


Lin Youxun’s voice was hoarse and dragging; he paused at the question, “Can I… trouble you with something?”


“Go ahead.” Chu Chen’an said.


“Can you help me return the book in the seam of my wardrobe to the library? That book is the only one of it in the library; it’s written by an old professor at the school; it has a lot of important information in it; it hasn’t been published.”


Lin Youxun said, “It was borrowed the night before I died; it accidentally fell into the wardrobe seam that day. I was going to pick it out the next day, but I didn’t think I would… The next day, it seems that I heard that after it disappeared, all of that important information and materials became extinct because I didn’t return the book in time.”


Lin Youxun’s words carried a lot of guilt and were spoken with sincerity, causing Chu Chen’an to hesitate a bit.


Chu Chen’an remained silent for a few seconds.


He recalled the previous experiences in the first two copies and cautiously said, “But I still have to attend class, so I may not…”


“It’s just on the ground floor of the library!”


Lin Youxun pleaded again, “There’ll be staff there to attend to you; it won’t take long. The reason I’ve stayed here is because there’s still this unfinished business. After you help me return the book, I’ll be able to leave! Please ……”


[Ding~ Congratulations on activating main quest one:
Help the male ghost leave.]


[Mission time limit: 24 hours.]


Chu Chen’an sighed; it seemed like he had to help.


But this was an officially certified mission, so nothing more should happen.


He put his book back on the table, squatted down in front of Lin Youxun’s wardrobe, and looked around.


Getting up, he used the clothesline on the balcony to reach into the gap underneath the wardrobe and began to search tentatively.


Suddenly, the clothesline pole hit an object.


He hooked it and dragged it out with all his might; it was an old, yellow book with a lot of dust on it. The content was all words and characters that he couldn’t understand.


“Right! This is the book.” Lin Youxuan’s words were mixed with excitement: “Just send it back for me.”


“Okay.” Chu Chen’an used quite a bit of paper to wipe its surface clean, then sandwiched it with his book.


“Thank you, Chen’an.” Lin You Xun’s tone was filled with gratitude. “I’ve waited for a long time for someone who can see me. I really thank you.”


“No need to thank you.” Chu Chen’an slightly lowered his guard and said in a warm voice, “It’s just something that can be done in passing.”


If he could really make Lin Youxun leave this place to reincarnate, he would be happy to do this favor.


But he had a vague feeling that something wasn’t right.


The difficulty level of copy three was medium-hard; would task one really be this easy?


A knock came from outside the door.


“Chen’an, let’s go.” Fang Qinglin had come to find him.


“Okay, I’m coming.” Chu Chen’an responded.


They arrived at the dormitory floor.


Fang Qinglin walked beside Chu Chen’an and whispered, “Chen’an, last night, someone put their hand into my clothes and tried to peel off my trousers. I was scared straight away and woke up.”


“Did you see who that person was?” Chu Chen’an’s footsteps paused, his eyes widened, and he said seriously, “We can go and report it anonymously to the Director of Instruction.”


Fang Qinglin’s footsteps followed suit and paused.


His eyes looked straight towards the lake in the distance, and he shook his head. “No, it was too dark in the dormitory last night, and that person disappeared when I sat up.”


Chu Chen’an heard the meaning of his words; he probably knew who the roommate was.


“And the Director of Instruction probably won’t even care about this kind of thing; maybe he’ll even tell the other people in my dormitory, and then maybe I’ll even get beaten up by them.” Fang Qinglin walked dejectedly, kicking a few small stones on the roadside.


Chu Chen’an sighed, a little worried about Fang Qinglin.


Fang Qinglin drooped his head pitifully. Suddenly, he raised his head and pinned his hopes on Chu Chen’an. “Chen’an, isn’t there an empty bed in your dorm room? Can I move in with you?”


“There is an empty bed.” Chu Chen’an nodded. “It’s… from what I’ve heard, that bed seems to be haunted.”


“It doesn’t matter,” said Fang Qinglin. “I don’t care; even if it doesn’t work out, I can still sleep with you, right?”


Fang Qinglin’s attitude this time seemed to be a little more firm.


Chu Chen’an was a bit surprised.


Since he didn’t even mind the haunting, perhaps because the environment of the dormitory was too depressing.


Chu Chen’an nodded. “Okay, then I’ll apply with the hostel department today.”


“Hmm!” Fang Qinglin smiled and said, “Thank you, Chen’an.”


Before going to the library, he stopped by the medical building to register his condition and cancel the nightly room patrol.


When Chu Chen’an came, Pei Yan coincidentally came as well.


Pei Yan sat right next to him and watched him write stroke by stroke.


Chu Chen’an’s hands were shaking, and he felt that Pei Yan was at times like an ascetic statue that made him look away, and at other times, he was also like a dangerous and vicious beast that was always ready to tear him apart.


“I’ve written it.” Chu Chen’an handed the information sheet to the male nurse beside him and stood up in a constrained manner, his eyes not wanting to glance over to Pei Yan’s side.


“Thank you, nurse; I’ll go back to class first.” Chu Chen’an said it politely.


The male nurse nodded and smiled brightly. “Alright, go ahead and don’t be delayed.”


Chu Chen’an grabbed his books and wanted to run.


As he turned around, Pei Yan suddenly called out to him, “Wait.”


Chu Chen’an’s heart thumped.


Chu Chen’an slowly turned sideways and looked at Pei Yan. “What’s the matter with Dr. Pei?”


What did he want again?


“Your shoelace.” Pei Yan’s deep eyes were without ripples, unable one see to his deeply hidden emotions.


Chu Chen’an froze, reacting from his nervous thoughts, “Oh.”


He directly squatted down sideways to tie his shoelaces.


Folding each of the two laces in half and tying a knot, it didn’t take ten seconds to tie them.


It wasn’t as delicate as the one Pei Yan had tied for him, but it was simple, and he’d known this tying method since he was a child.


After tying it, he took his books again.


“Have you always tied your shoes this way?” Pei Yan said, propping up his chin.


“Yes.” Chu Chen’an glanced down at him.


He didn’t have time to ponder Pei Yan’s question much, and after glancing at his watch, he quickly said, “Then I’ll go to class first, doctor.”


With that, he jogged away from the gate.


Pei Yan stood in front of the first-floor window, staring grimly at Chu Chen’an’s hastily fleeing back, which wasn’t in the direction of the school building.


He captured Chu Chen’an’s every movement.


From head to tail.




Suddenly, his fingers lightly tapped on the window, and his thin lips pursed up in a slight arc.


“Buckle, buckle, buckle.”


The edge of the window continuously made a soft sound.




Chu Chen’an found a reason to let Fang Qinglin go to the classroom first, and he jogged all the way to the ground floor of the library.


The library seemed to have very few people at this point in time, and Chu Chen’an didn’t even see a single figure appear when he arrived at the main entrance.


He looked around the empty surroundings and looked inside the dimly lit door, which vaguely contained a reception desk.


He took a deep breath, stepped onto the stone steps, and walked through the door.


At the reception desk sat a hunched old man, chipping his black fingernails with the broken lenses of his spectacles.


“Hello,” Chu Chen’an approached cautiously, placing the yellow book on the reception desk, “I’m here to return a book.”


The old man was a little annoyed; he didn’t like to be disturbed.


His cloudy eyes glanced at Chu Chen’an grimly, putting the yellow pieces of flesh around the edges of his chipped fingernails into his mouth and chewing on them as if enjoying them. He ate them with gusto.


Chu Chen’an was so disgusted that he held back his vomiting.


“Return it to the third floor yourself.” The old man lowered his head to continue the action in his hand, his voice eerily carrying a smile. “Put it in the right place.”


Time was running out. Chu Chen’an couldn’t hesitate and quickly ran up to the third floor.


He opened the large lending room on the third floor and found that the shelves in the lending room were filled with books, and not a single book had a grid and label on it.


So where was he going to put this book that was full of symbols?


Chu Chen’an looked around and found that, in addition to the bookshelves in the room, there was also a mahogany cabinet placed in the corner on the left.


Perhaps it was placed there.


Chu Chen’an saw hope and quickly walked to the redwood cabinet. He found that the door wasn’t locked, but it couldn’t be pulled open, as if something inside was stuck.


He tried a few times, but to no avail.


He simply stepped back, closed his eyes, and used his strength to pull it open.


“Boom” sound.


The books squeezed in the mahogany cabinet fell down with a bang, as if they would smash into him the next second.


And as Chu Chen’an panicked, a large palm rested on the mahogany cabinet door and easily pushed the squeezed book back.


Chu Chen’an raised his eyes and saw Pei Yan’s cold face.


“You came here for class?” Pei Yan asked indifferently.


Chu Chen’an actually heard a hint of teasing in Pei Yan’s tone, and his cheeks reddened uncomfortably.


“No, I came to return a book.” Chu Chen’an squeezed the book in his hand.


Pei Yan stared at his pretty little face, those hydrated red lips seeming to emit a seductive sweetness at all times.


“Then what is Dr. Pei doing here?” Chu Chen’an took two steps back.


He didn’t believe it was a coincidence.


“I finished reading the books in the medical building, so I came to borrow two new ones.” Pei Yan said.


Chu Chen’an wasn’t very convinced either, and he discreetly stole a glance at Pei Yan like a little hamster and began to study the cabinet on his own again.


As soon as he opened the cabinet, the books that had accumulated inside would fall down, but this seemed to be the only feasible method.


But what if the books came down and smashed his head?


He was already stupid.


Wouldn’t he be even dumber with such a smash?


Pei Yan stared down at Chu Chen’an’s cute hair nest, his gaze fixed on it.


He said, “You seem to be familiar with this place.”


Chu Chen’an paused and nervously replied, “No, no, I asked my classmate in advance before coming over.”


Pei Yan nodded, and he didn’t say anything else.


“You like reading a lot?” He casually took a book from the bookshelf behind him and said, “My lover doesn’t like reading books, but he’ll accompany me to read them; he’s especially well-behaved.”


Chu Chen’an’s earlobes instantly reddened. In the past, Pei Yan would always trick him into going to the lending room to read books together when there was no surveillance in the lending room.


Pei Yan would lock the door and hold him for a whole afternoon.


No one usually went to the third and fourth floors of the reading room, and during those days, pitiful sobs often echoed.


In the end, Chu Chen’an was carried back by Pei Yan.




“Hmm.” Chu Chen’an’s voice trembled slightly as he spoke stiffly, “I, I like it.”





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