C71 — Pathological Secret Admirer

Chu Chen’an got out of bed. His cheeks burned so hot that he felt dizzy; it was as if he was going to fall down in the next second.


He nervously held onto the knob and said against the door, “Is… anything the matter?”


His voice was breathless as he switched on the interior light.


He looked up at the wall clock; it was ten o’clock at night.


He’d only been asleep for half an hour.


There was silence outside the door for two seconds.


Then came Pei Yan’s low voice: “I came to bring you medicine.”


Chu Chen’an rubbed the back of his neck; his peach blossom-like eyes were misty; his white face was red as he looked back at his desk in a daze.


It seemed like there was medicine that he forgot to take.


He carefully unscrewed the handle of the door and opened it by a small crack, revealing a pair of soulful and clear eyes.


He looked unaggressive at the moment, as if he would fall over in the next second.


Pei Yan examined his face, his groggy mind gradually calming and clarifying.


He looked into Chu Chen’an’s pitiful eyes and handed over the medicine in his hand. “You left too quickly this afternoon and forgot to take the medicine.”


Pei Yan was wearing a black trench coat; his eyes were cold and indifferent, and his one-meter-nine figure was tall and slender, overshadowing Chu Chen’an’s body. It made him look extremely oppressive.


It was like a beast that was bound to win, silently scrutinizing the tempting prey.


Chu Chen’an couldn’t help feeling nervous; his shoulders trembled from fear, and he kept his head down.


“Oh, thank you, doctor.” Chu Chen’an whispered; he hesitated for a moment, then took the bag of medicine.


He didn’t dare to look directly at Pei Yan.


Pei Yan didn’t seem like the kind of person who would kindly give medicine to a stranger.


Pei Yan came to the school as the school doctor and personally delivered medicine to him; what was the purpose?


Could it be that he was already suspecting his identity?


Thinking like this, Chu Chen’an panicked even more.


Pei Yan didn’t say anything, only staring at him with downcast eyes.


“Then, then I’ll go back and take my medicine first; goodbye, doctor.” Chu Chen’an squeezed the plastic bag in his hand tightly as he held onto the door handle and tried to close the door with his other hand.


The door was only left with a thin crack when…


Suddenly, a large palm was placed on the door.


Opening this soon-to-be-closed doorway once again.


Chu Chen’an’s heart tightened as he looked up at Pei Yan; his heart almost stopped.


The dim light reflected on Pei Yan’s handsome face, making his eyes appear deeper, darker, and more obscure.


He said, “Won’t you invite me in to take a seat?”


Chu Chen’an froze and reluctantly took two steps back to make way for him, his palms already sweating. “You, come in and sit down.”


Pei Yan sidled into Chu Chen’an’s dormitory.


He walked to Chu Chen’an’s desk and raised his hand to pick up the cartoon kitten keychain on his desk, which also had a new meal card strung on it, a confused cat’s head had been carved on it.


He examined it for a moment before putting it down.


He turned and picked up Chu Chen’an’s physics test paper. This test paper was covered with Chu Chen’an’s intentionally ugly writing.


Pei Yan skimmed through it, and although the questions on it were answered with a black pen, it was still a page full of red crosses.


The score was 19 points.


An improvement of 1 point from last time.


Chu Chen’an stood at Pei Yan’s side and watched Pei Yan’s movements, his heart thumping faster.


He should have just hidden all of this.


Pei Yan had collected his things and should be familiar with them.


Would he…


“My lover loves physics.” Pei Yan folded the test papers and put them back. “He studies hard and will actively let me tutor him.”




That was me volunteering?


After Pei Yan confessed, he was forced by Pei Yan to go back to the single VIP dormitory to cohabitate; night after night, he madly demanded more.


When he was writing physics papers at night, Pei Yan would take the initiative to come up and tutor him, giving him a kiss when he got a question wrong.


“Baby got so many questions wrong; just kissing doesn’t seem to be enough.” Pei Yan whispered against Chu Chen’an’s ears.


And then later, he was held by Pei Yan, crying and gasping for breath, and it took him three or four hours to finish that physics paper.




Chu Chen’an sat down on his seat as he opened the medicine bag.


Inside was fever-reducing medicine.


Pei Yan was beside him; he took out a thermometer and placed it on Chu Chen’an’s forehead, and a red number was displayed on top of the meter: 38.5.


“Take the medicine first; you have a fever.” Pei Yan stared at him, his low gaze traveling over his face.


Chu Chen’an nodded and unwrapped the pill box, putting a white pill into his mouth.


The pill was half the size of a normal capsule and looked difficult to swallow.


He was now groggy, so his movements were sluggish and dull.


He held up a glass of water, tilted his head back, and took a few sips of water. His cheeks puffed out as he swallowed the medicine hard.


A few gulps of water later, he realized that the pill was surprisingly still stuck in his throat.


He choked, closed his eyes tightly, and took two more gulps of water before he swallowed the white pill.


He didn’t know why, but he had always had a harder time swallowing pills than others since he was a child.


His red lips got a few drops of water on them, which dripped down the corners of his lips and onto his collar.


It looked tantalizing.


Pei Yan looked at him deeply, fixated on his every movement.


Chen An used to swallow pills like this; he swallowed with red eyes, looking pitiful and almost like he was inviting someone to bully him.


Pei Yan’s throat knot rolled; but his facial expression was cool and indifferent, his emotions unknown.


Chu Chen’an felt Pei Yan’s gaze. He raised his hand and wiped his mouth. “Do you need to do anything else? I should go to bed; I have to get up early tomorrow.”


Chu Chen’an felt that Pei Yan wouldn’t leave so easily.


But Pei Yan’s words were beyond Chu Chen’an’s expectations; he nodded. “Yes, I’ll leave first. There’s a specially developed medicine for wounds inside. Take it after a ten minutes interval.”


The level of medical technology in this copy world was at least two hundred years more advanced than in the real world, and there was a lot of advanced medical equipment as well as expensive special-effect healing medicines and specially researched medicines.


After saying that, Pei Yan walked towards the door, looked back at Chu Chen’an, whose eyelids were drooping like a kitten, and said in a low voice, “Good night.”


Chu Chen’an hummed in response.


He lowered his head and then immediately heard the soft sound of a door closing.


Pei Yan left so quickly.


His thoughts sluggishly froze, and he rubbed his eyelids.


Did that mean Pei Yan didn’t suspect him for the time being?


Chu Chen’an let his heart relax.


He was afraid of Pei Yan.


Especially when Pei Yan got angry.


Pei Yan was a per-vert with a particularly strong desire for possession and control, and he couldn’t imagine what his days of being caught by him would be like…


He squinted his eyes from exhaustion and waited on the table for ten minutes before taking out the specially developed medicine from the medicine bag.


The specially researched pills were beautifully packaged, and there were only two pills inside the box.


Chu Chen’an took one and put it in his mouth, and then crawled back into bed in a daze.


He slept peacefully this time.


When he woke up, the sky outside the window was half cloudy and half bright; it wasn’t quite dawn yet.


Chu Chen’an’s mind was extraordinarily good; probably because of the Special Research Medicine, he couldn’t even feel the sharp pain in his knees.


He didn’t expect the effects of the special-research medicine to work so quickly.


It was less than five o’clock, but he was already wide awake.


He looked up at the gloomy ceiling and blinked his eyes for a few moments in disbelief.


What should be done?


He raised his hand and clicked on the system control panel, only to see that a small red dot had appeared on his personal homepage and was blinking.


Chu Chen’an clicked on the homepage, and the small red dot was located in the upper right corner of the “illustrated guide. He then clicked on it.


Two illuminated cards appeared immediately on the “Illustrated Guide,”  which were two completed copies.


The card for copy three was gray, and the exclusive column for copy three was automatically opened on it.


There was a spot on the gray exclusive bar that flashed with a light golden light.


Chu Chen’an then tapped in to view it.




[Congratulations! You have obtained a plot tool card.]


[Tap here to view details.]


[After you complete the Plot Tool Card, you will be able to obtain a prop card for completing the main quests~]


[This is your gift pack as a Level 3 player; please treasure it.]


Chu Chen’an didn’t read much; he tapped on [Click here for details], and a paragraph immediately popped up on the screen.


[The storyline tool card refers to a tool extracted from an unknown storyline created by the player during your gaming process. After activating the storyline tool card, the system will select a prop from the part of the storyline that the player wasn’t aware of, helping you improve the initial game storyline and complete the main quests more comprehensively on this basis.]


Meaning that after activating this card, the system would give him a prop that would allow him to see the plot he didn’t know about.


Chu Chen’an looked at the card in a daze; he didn’t understand why the system wanted him to know about the previous plot.


Could it be that this copy’s main quest was related to the copy’s plot?


He hesitated for a moment and activated the plot tool card.


Soon, a black book fell onto his bed.


Chu Chen’an froze and picked it up.


The length and width of this book were about ten centimeters; it was just very thick and heavy to pick up.


A lot of the paper in the front was a bit yellowed, so it should have been written a long time ago.


He roughly flipped it aside and hurriedly closed it again.


A diary?


Wasn’t it a little bad to read someone else’s diary?


Chu Chen’an hesitated but still flipped the diary open again.


He was required to do this for the mission; it wasn’t like he was intentionally peeking at it.


He began to browse the first page.


The handwriting on the diary was neat, but it seemed intense.


[20 February]

I met a very pretty person, but he looks a bit silly.


[9 March]

He also looks good when he smiles, but unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of it at the time.


[15 March]
He wore a yellow backpacker today and squatted down to give me a Band-Aid.


[20 March]
I ran into him again in the cafeteria. He looks so tiny, and he’s so cute when he’s eating.


He’s so small. Won’t his stomach be stretched out after eating so much?


[25 March]

He tripped while going down the stairs, and I caught him.

It was the first time I talked to him.

But unfortunately, I didn’t pay much attention to his words at the time.

He was in shock; his eyes were red, and his mouth looked so soft.


I wanted to lick it so badly.


[10 April]

I created an accident and got a lot of blo*od on me.


But he didn’t mind me and helped me to the medical building. I asked for his school uniform; his uniform smelled so good; it was the smell of him.


I sniffed and kissed his school uniform deeply, as if I were kissing his body.


He smelled so delicious.

I can’t wait to have him.


[15 April]

He squatted down by the lake to watch the fish and accidentally stepped in and wet his shoes and trousers, but he didn’t go back to change; he squatted and continued to watch.


It was a hot day, and his back was soaked.

I saw his white skin and thin waist, which were so beautiful.

I went over and draped my clothes over his body.

I didn’t want anyone else to see it, only me.


[22nd April]

He fell asleep on the table, and I took a picture of him out the window.

His mouth is so small and plump.

I wonder how he would swallow me.

And his stomach—would it bulge?

Suddenly, I’m looking forward to him being stretched out.


[2 May]



Chu Chen’an’s scalp went numb as he read.


All of these points in time overlapped with the point in time when he and Pei Yan met.


This was the diary Pei Yan wrote when he had a crush on him?


He closed the book in a panic, not daring to read any further.


In the process of closing the book, a few photos he had clipped inside the book fell out.


Chu Chen’an picked them up and looked at them; these were all the pictures Pei Yan had secretly taken of him.


One was taken by the lake; he was facing the fading sunlight and inadvertently turned his head and saw it, facing Pei Yan’s sneak shot at him.


He was smiling gently at the time, his cheeks a little red from the sun as he revealed his white, clean teeth.


And in this photo, Chu Chen’an found quite a few stale white spots.


Like… like…


Chu Chen’an’s face reddened, and he put all the photos back into the diary.





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