C70 – Pathological Secret Admirer

Chu Chen’an didn’t dare blink; his long, slender eyelashes fluttered slightly, his soulful eyes reflecting the dazzling white lights and Pei Yan’s handsome face.

He froze for two seconds before reacting and quickly sat up to jerk his trouser legs above his knees. “Oh, okay, okay…”

His calves were white, looking whiter and smoother under the light.

The reddish-purple wound on his knee scabbed over, forming a very stark contrast with the intact skin around it, creating the illusion of a serious injury.

Chu Chen’an carefully lay back again; he didn’t dare look directly into Pei Yan’s eyes, so he simply closed his eyes.


Pei Yan looked at the wound on Chu Chen’an’s knee and frowned slightly.

Under the light, Pei Yan could see very clearly that his face was delicate and white; he and Chen An had six or seven points of similarity.

He looked at the face that was similar to Chen An’s, and his inexplicable emotions instantly intertwined and surged.



Pei Yan pressed the switch on the instrument, and the blue light of the medical device quickly swept back to Chu Chen’an’s legs.


It was over in five seconds.


Chu Chen’an barely felt anything, and when he carefully opened his eyes, he locked eyes with Pei Yan’s cold eyes.

Chu Chen’an’s heart thumped for a moment, and he quickly turned his head to the other side, causing his earlobes to turn red with nervousness.


He consciously squeezed the hem of his clothes.

Pei Yan kept watching him calmly, paying attention to every action he made.

“It’s okay.” Pei Yan said, and then turned around to fetch a report sheet from another instrument.


He looked at Chu Chen’an again, staring at him as he spoke, “Mild damage to the soft tissues of the calf; it’s nothing major.”

Chu Chen’an breathed a sigh of relief.

“Thank you, doctor.” He sat up, timidly glanced at him, and quickly lowered his eyes, asking in a small voice if it was possible for him to go back.

“However,” Pei Yan sat down on the office chair opposite Chu Chen’an, “your wound has become inflamed; you need to take a shot of anti-inflammatory medicine first.”

Chu Chen’an raised his eyes in alarm, his deer-like eyes stunned, and said in a trembling tone, “An infusion?”


Chu Chen’an wanted to escape from here at this moment.

But as he inclined his head to look at the doorway, he saw that the interior doors were all closed.

“Must it be a shot?” He asked in a trembling voice, gripping his fingers.

“Hmm.” Pei Yan stared at Chu Chen’an’s panicked appearance. He pursed his thin lips, his fingertips rubbing the white jade pendant beside the table. “You’ll get a fever at night if you don’t get one.”

Chu Chen’an lowered his eyes.

He hadn’t applied any medicine since he left the infirmary in the morning, probably because he was too busy at noon and forgot about it; he didn’t expect it to get inflamed like this.

Pei Yan took out a thermometer and measured it on his forehead, examining him. “You already have a low-grade fever, so let’s stop it there.”

“Okay…” Chu Chen’an lowered his eyes and sat on the soft chair opposite the medical desk.

This soft chair was quite high, and when he sat on it, his feet were suspended five or six centimeters in the air; he sat obediently like a weak little beast.

Pei Yan paid attention to every tiny movement he made, his gaze getting deeper and deeper.

He took out the hanging bottle and hung it on the iron frame next to the soft chair.

Chu Chen’an looked at the syringe, his eyes trembling with fear. “How long will this take?”

“It’s an intravenous infusion, so it’ll take about thirty minutes.”

Pei Yan’s movements were skillful and focused; his expression was clear and cold as he gazed into Chu Chen’an’s peach blossom-like eyes. “You’re afraid of needles?”

Chu Chen’an stretched out his white, tender hand and said, “No, I’m not afraid.”

He whispered.

His hand, however, subconsciously began to tremble; his pink and moist lips also trembled; and the circles of his eyes flushed a faint red.

He was really not afraid.

The corners of Pei Yan’s lips hooked up in a subtle arc, which quickly disappeared.

His powerful, slender knuckles pinched the syringe, and he watched Chu Chen’an close his eyes tightly, his butterfly-like eyelashes fluttering in the light, as if he were afraid.

“Don’t be nervous.” He said.

Chu Chen’an felt a pair of hands caressing his arm, and the syringe lightly rested against the back of his hand.

A slight stinging pain passed instantly.

He opened his eyes and saw Pei Yan taking off his gloves.

This was… It was over?

It seemed like it didn’t hurt as much as he imagined.

Pei Yan sat back down opposite Chu Chen’an, his expression as indifferent as usual.

Looking at him like that, Chu Chen’an couldn’t help but sit up straight. He felt a cool chill on his neck.

The atmosphere in the room was silent.

Chu Chen’an lowered his eyes, but he always felt that Pei Yan was staring at him.

His other hand couldn’t help but squeeze his palm.

“My lover is also afraid of needles.” Pei Yan said as he braced his hands.

His cold voice broke the minutes of silence.


Chu Chen’an raised his eyes timidly, “Is… that so?”

He had heard similar words in the first two copies.

It wasn’t a good sign for him.

“Hmm.” Pei Yan stared at his small, reddened earlobes, his voice low. “He used to cry when he got an injection.” It was especially cute.



He never cried.


Chu Chen’an retorted in his heart, not daring to look directly at Pei Yan; he only hoped that the bottle would finish quickly.


“However, he’s been away from home for the past few days, which is making me worry.” Pei Yan added.

Chu Chen’an’s heart tightened, and he raised his eyes to glance at Pei Yan.

Pei Yan’s eyes were horribly gloomy as he said in a calm, low tone, “When he comes back, I’ll properly teach him to stop running around.”


Chu Chen’an shivered and didn’t dare to speak.

He was most afraid of such a Pei Yan.

Pei Yan’s words were spoken plainly, but only he knew what they meant.

Every time he pissed Pei Yan off, Pei Yan would always change his methods at night to toss him around and punish him.

If he was caught by Pei Yan, then he…

Pei Yan sat across from him and stared at him for half an hour.

He was almost counting the stopwatch for this half hour.

After Pei Yan finished pulling the needle out of him, Chu Chen’an instantly got down from the soft chair and limped away as he said goodbye.

He left the place as if he were fleeing.

Pei Yan examined Chu Chen’an’s back, his expression obscure.


Chu Chen’an returned to the dormitory building with Fang Qinglin.

He cautiously and fearfully looked around,  confirmed that the male ghost from last night hadn’t appeared, and carefully closed the door to his room.

Chu Chen’an wrapped his wounds with plastic wrap and went into the bathroom to hastily wash himself.

After he wiped his hair and came out, he heard several sharp knocks on the door.

He stood in place, not daring to open the door.

“Hey, little pretty.” Sang Jun said with a roguish grin, “You can come find me if you’re too lonely at night.”

As he said that, he tapped several times harder.

It seemed like he was going to smash the door open.

Chu Chen’an was so scared that he took two steps back.

“Don’t sleep too much at night if you don’t want to come; take a good look at what’s in here.” Sang Jun’s smile disappeared, and his tone carried a threat: “Tell me tomorrow.”

He finished and kicked the door a few times with his foot. “Don’t let me down too much.”

A few loud bangs came from outside the door.

Then, the footsteps outside the door went away.

Chu Chen’an felt like his door was about to be demolished.


He looked at his dormitory door angrily and squeezed his towel tightly.

“Thank you for not opening the door.” A cold voice suddenly rang out.

Chu Chen’an was startled.

He jerked back several steps and looked sideways at the upper bunk across the room.

The male ghost was covered in the blanket that was soaked in blo*od. His scarlet eyes looked at Chu Chen’an, and his voice was timid. “How is your injury? Does it still hurt? I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. I was in too much pain, so I couldn’t hold back.”

Chu Chen’an sat paralyzed in his chair. He calmed himself down for a few seconds before replying, “It’s fine.”

“I’ve been in this dormitory for two years now; no one has ever seen me,” the male ghost said, and he began to feel guilty again. “I thought you couldn’t see me either; I’m so sorry.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine.” Chu Chen’an suddenly thought of something and asked in a low voice, “Do you… know the person just now?”

The male ghost was silent for a long time before he gloomily replied, “Yes.”

Chu Chen’an saw that the male ghost reacted incorrectly, so he didn’t dare to ask further.

He put the towel back on his head and began to slowly wipe the water off.

He guessed that Sang Jun’s sudden agitation during the day must have something to do with this male ghost.

The male ghost’s mood quickly recovered, and he asked softly, “Classmate, what’s your name?”

“My name is Chu Chen’an.” Chu Chen’an replied.

“My name is Lin Youxun.” The male ghost was nervous.

And a little elated.

He had been lonely in this dormitory for two years and finally met someone who could talk to him.


[Live broadcast automatically opens]

[Live time: 30 minutes]


[Good evening, wife.] [X520 gold coins]

[My wife just got out of the shower; he must smell great! (X520 gold coins)]

[Hey, hey, hey, hey.. I want to shag my wife.. hey, hey, hey.. (X33 gold coins)]

[Damn, that male ghost across the room is scary (X360 gold coins).]

[I feel like that male ghost and my wife have a slight resemblance (X33 gold coins)].

[Ditto, especially the eyebrows; they look a bit alike! (X22)]

[I feel the same way! (X55)]




The male ghost asked him many things about the school.


After Chu Chen’an and the male ghost exchanged words for ten minutes, he gradually became less afraid.

The male ghost looked quite pitiful.

Lin Youxun: “Does the West Building cafeteria still have sweet and sour pork?”

This dish had been on his mind for two years.

Chu Chen’an: “It’s still there, but it’s just a bit lighter in flavor than before.”

“Then does the east building canteen still have braised fish?” Lin Youxun asked again.

“There is,” Chu Chen’an said, lying on the bed. “The fish is very tender.”

Lin Youxun: “What about garlic ribs?”

“Yes, it’s delicious.” Chu Chen’an nodded as he spoke.

He made himself hungry by talking; he rubbed his belly as his sleepy eyelids drooped.

He was sleepy and hungry now, and his face was still vaguely hot and groggy from the fever.

“That’s good.” Lin Youxun finished his questioning. He pulled the blanket over his face and said, “Then I’ll leave you alone; you should be sleeping.”

“Hmm.” Chu Chen’an squinted, his voice slightly nasal as he answered.

He suddenly felt cold on his body and slightly lifted the covers, turning over in a daze.

“Right.” Lin Youxun said in a small voice, “If that person just now comes to knock on the door again, can you not let him come in? …… Also, don’t let him know that you can see me.”

Chu Chen’an narrowed his eyes. “Okay, I won’t.”

With that, he slowly closed his eyes. His face was hot and red.

He fell asleep.

In his dream, he heard Pei Yan knocking on the door, coming to catch him.

He had also run away once during his first time in this copy, which was after Pei Yan took him out of this school.

He hadn’t activated the quest one in this copy at the time, so he stayed with Pei Yan until he graduated from high school.

Pei Yan brought him to that royal villa.


Pei Yan created a beautiful and luxurious bedroom for him, which became his prison.


Pei Yan was very busy and would go out during the day.


Every night when he came back, he was tirelessly demanding.


Pei Yan possessed him, murmuring in his ear on one side.


“Baby, feel it; you are husband’s.”



Later, there was a time when Pei Yan took him on a business trip.

Pei Yan was so tired that he had already fallen asleep, so Chu Chen’an took the gap between Pei Yan’s falling asleep and ran out of the hotel, mixing into the surging crowds and taking the metro station.

It was seven in the evening, and he had thought he could get out of the city.

But before he could sit at the last stop, Pei Yan found him.

He remembered clearly at the time that Pei Yan’s eyes were gloomy and scary, and his large palm rested on his chin.

“Baby, why did you still leave husband behind?”

He was carried back to the car by Pei Yan, but Pei Yan didn’t drive in the direction of the house; instead, he drove towards the woods.

He was particularly active that day.

The sound of sobbing kept echoing in the woods.

It wasn’t until the sky turned white that Pei Yan drove and took him back to the hotel.




There was another knock on the door.


Chu Chen’an woke up with a start; someone was indeed knocking on the door.

He sat up straight in fear, wrapped in the quilt, his cheeks red and hot.

“Who is it?” His voice was hoarse and breathless.

“It’s me.” Pei Yan stood outside the door and responded.

Chu Chen’an instantly came to his senses, his eyes widening as he got out of bed on his hands and knees.

How could Pei Yan come here?



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