C68 —- Pathological Secret Admirer

The school director smiled and said politely, “This is the senior department of class A; the facilities and equipment are the most advanced; the students are also very good; in the future, they’ll certainly become the pillars of Q country. I remember that you graduated from class A five years ago, right? Ha ha, it’s really the honor of our school.”


Pei Yan stood by the window, his deep eyes filled with gloom, and he turned a deaf ear to the words of the man beside him.


His gaze was fixed on the last row of the second group in the classroom, at the handsome and fair young man.


The young man timidly lowered his head and looked at the still-unopened book, his hair hanging down, blocking his brows and eyes.


Pei Yan was lost for a moment, and although he knew it wasn’t his Chen An when he saw the video on the official website, he still couldn’t help but come to confirm it immediately.


It was too similar.


But Pei Yan stared at him for a long time, with mixed thoughts and inexplicable emotions surging in his chest.


This emotion was continuing to spiral out of control, as if his soul was fighting him, driving him not to go, not to leave.


This indescribable emotion made Pei Yan more uneasy and confused, and the voices of the school managers were still chattering in his ears, stirring Pei Yan into even more irritation.


“Go back.” Pei Yan said in a cold voice, glancing once more at Chu Chen’an in the last row before turning to leave.


The school board leaders also followed his lead and left the promenade.


Chu Chen’an glanced out the window and confirmed that there was no one outside before he dared to raise his head.


He secretly exhaled.


Pei Yan had left.


What was the purpose of his visit?


Was it to suspect his identity to confirm, or…


“Who is that person? He looks quite young. What identity can make so many school board of directors accompany him to inspect the school grounds?” The person who muttered softly was called Wang Zhi, and he was one of the few active people in this class.


He was thin and short, and the thing he did most every day was gossip.


“I don’t know; I heard that the officials of the school board are quite important in the capital; maybe he’s from the upper National Assembly.” Ning Jintai, Wang Zhi’s deskmate, whispered back.


They were sitting in two seats to the left of Fang Qinglin.


“Tsk, no wonder our school can still open even after so many people died, so it’s someone from above who is peddling…” Wang Zhi murmured.


“Hush, shut up.” Ning Jintai quickly elbowed his shoulder, glanced at the black-clothed security guards who came to patrol the promenade, then he gritted his teeth, and whispered, “You want to die?”


Wang Zhi glanced out the window and was so scared that he directly silenced his voice and slumped back to the desk.


The three black-clothed security guards with electric batons and knives hanging from their waists and electronic metal detectors in their hands walked into the Class A classroom and started searching.


As soon as they heard the security guards’ movement, the students who were sleeping on their stomachs in the classroom woke up one after another.


Their bodies were robust and tall; everything was covered except their cold eyes, and every time they passed by a student’s seat, they would sweep around him with the lift detector and stay in front of his seat for three seconds.


This electronic metal detector was highly responsive, modified, and processed to automatically ignore ordinary metals and accurately detect electronic products.


This kind of management made every student nervous; they kept their heads down and didn’t dare to make a sound.


Sang Jun slowly and leisurely returned from the back door, not surprised by the security check.


After he pulled out his chair and sat down in his seat, he even winked at Chu Chen’an like a hooligan.


Chu Chen’an moved his chair to the left, disgusted by the gaze from Sang Jun.


The security guard swept around his seat with a detector before passing by his seat and turning to the third group.


They were halfway through the third row when they heard a shrill “tick” from the electronic detector.


This sharp sound broke the dead silence of the classroom.


Chu Chen’an looked over at the sound.


The sound was from a boy in the third row.


That boy looked back down at the detector in the security guard’s hand in shock; his face went white, and his voice trembled. “I didn’t switch it on; I have nothing.”


“Bring it out.” The same security guard who had detected the electronics interrupted the boy, looking at him coldly and meanly, his other hand gripping the blade of a knife at his waist.


Today was the first day of school, and last year’s inspections were conducted a few days after the start of the school year.


So a lot of people took chances and risked bringing their mobile phones today.


The boy looked at the thin blade of the knife at the security guard’s waist in horror and quickly placed his mobile phone, wrapped in degaussed tinfoil, on the table.


“I didn’t switch it on; I really didn’t switch it on…” The boy knew what he was going to face and still couldn’t help but beg for mercy.


Electronics had always been taboo at Beiyuan Boys High.


Beiyuan Boys High School didn’t allow students to privately post information or pictures of the school online.


Anything that could be seen on the internet with the four words Beiyuan Boys’ High School was only allowed to be published on the internet after the official website of Beiyuan Boys’ High School had vetted it.


“You’re all seniors; how can you not understand this rule?” The guard sneered, “Do you still want to go to college like this?”


He drew the slender blade at his waist and used the hilt to hit the boy five or six times on the shoulder.


The security guard looked like he was just lightly tapping him, but it made the boy grimace and hiss silently in pain.


There was a switch on the handle of that slender blade.


With a single press, it would exhibit countless knife spikes that were two to three centimeters long, capable of poking people and leaving tiny wounds.


There were students who had been poked to death by these horrifyingly thin knives.


That boy’s back quickly oozed bl*ood, a lot of cold sweat seeped out of his forehead, and his hand was propped up on the desk as if he was going to fall down in the next second.


The security guard then slapped him hard on the back a dozen times.


That boy’s back was beaten to the point that his skin was open and bloo*dy; it was almost as if one could see the broken flesh.


After he fainted, he was rudely dragged out of the classroom door by the two security guards.


As they watched, both Chu Chen’an and Fang Qinglin couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air.


It was too brutal.


Only Beiyuan Boys High dared to brutalize students so blatantly.


One was because this school’s annual profit was up to hundreds of millions of dollars, and there were national parliamentarians within the State Council as the backers.


Secondly, because the school had an advanced medical building and medical facilities, not only did it have special medicines for injuries, but it also had expensive scar removal machines.


As long as they didn’t make any principled mistakes and could still be cured, these students who had been mutilated could be treated and have their scars removed. After leaving school in six months, even if the students told their parents about the injuries they experienced, they wouldn’t be able to produce evidence.


Moreover, these parents had seen the excellent results their children had been nurtured by the school and were all afraid of the power of the higher-ups at Beiyuan Boys’ High School, and most of them would choose to put the matter to rest.


Chu Chen’an had learned about the brutal management of this school the last time he came to this copy.


His hand squeezed the corner of his book tightly, and he lowered his head in trepidation.


Only after the security guard left after the inspection did he dare to let his tense shoulders relax.


Fang Qinglin turned around and said to Chu Chen’an in a quiet voice, “Geez, I was really scared to death just now; this place is like hell.”


Chu Chen’an was also stunned; he nodded his head in agreement and carefully looked around.


Sitting on his right, Sang Jun had a calm expression. He then lay down on the table and began to sleep.


And Ji Bei, on his left, was the same. He acted like he never heard anything and lowered his head to finish the last math problem.


Ji Bei noticed Chu Chen’an’s line of sight; he inclined his head, and his gaze burned as it traveled over Chu Chen’an’s handsome face. He smiled warmly. “What’s wrong?”


Chu Chen’an shook his head and busily withdrew his line of sight.


They were both too calm.


Calm to the point of it being bizarre.


Ji Bei didn’t let go of the opportunity to strike up a conversation with Chu Chen’an. He placed his three written test papers on Chu Chen’an’s table and said, “Chen’an, if you have questions you don’t know, you can look at mine.”


“Yo, it seems that our lover boy Ji has indeed got a new target.” Su Han sneered as he returned to the classroom before the security guard came.


He had quite a few more hickeys on his neck, his seat was padded with his school uniform, and he was holding a vanity mirror to touch up his make-up.


“I don’t need it; I don’t need it.” Chu Chen’an shook his head and returned Ji Bei’s papers like hot potatoes.


Sang Jun, sitting on the left side of Chu Chen’an, heard the sound and squinted his eyes. He glanced at Ji Bei, who was being attentive, and sneered before changing direction and continuing to sleep.


Su Han glanced at Chu Chen’an obliquely, his eyes full of disdain. “I really don’t like to see this kind of hypocritical person. What are you pretending for? Maybe you’ve already screwed with hundreds of men. Right, you get a bargain and still showcase your good behavior.”


Before Chu Chen’an came, the focus of the senior section had always been him.


Sang Jun sat up in annoyance and said to Su Han in front of him, “Shut up, it’s noisy.”


“Su Han, he’s not you,” Ji Bei frowned and followed suit, “don’t talk about him like he’s as bad as you.”


Chu Chen’an was so abashed that he lowered his head and drooped his eyelids, trying to lower his presence in this battle.


He completely forgot that he was the cannon fodder and should have viciously disliked Su Han.


For some reason, he always felt that Su Han and Ji Bei had an entanglement.


“Ch, acting pitiful is disgusting.” Su Han coldly glanced at Chu Chen’an, then lifted the chair with a “squeak” and moved forward a bit.


Because it was the first day of school, there were only two math classes in the afternoon.


After class, Chu Chen’an hurriedly escaped from the classroom with Fang Qinglin and turned towards the top floor.


“Chen’an, why are we coming here? Ah, wouldn’t it be closer to take that road downstairs?”


Chu Chen’an didn’t say anything, quickly stepping to the window opening at the end of the long corridor, looking towards the parking spot in the distance.


The car was gone.


It meant that Pei Yan had already left!


It seemed that Pei Yan should have merely suspected him today and gone back after coming to the school to confirm that he wasn’t Chen An.


Chu Chen’an comforted himself in his heart.


The school would close the three-story iron gate by four o’clock this afternoon, and the entire school would implement fully closed teaching and living.


After the iron gates were closed, it would be impossible for people from the outside world to come back in so easily.


He looked down at his watch; it was now exactly four o’clock in the afternoon.


Chu Chen’an breathed a sigh of relief and walked with Fang Qinglin towards the dormitory area.


There were a total of twenty dormitory buildings in the dormitory area, each with eight floors, equipped with lifts and central air conditioning.


Chu Chen’an and Fang Qinglin were both assigned to the 20th building, but unfortunately, Fang Qinglin was on the seventh floor and Chu Chen’an was assigned to the eighth floor.


The seventh floor was a four-person dormitory, and the eighth floor was a two-person dormitory.


Thankfully, the dormitory that Chu Chen’an was assigned to was empty, which should have been arranged by the system for him.


But the bad news was that Sang Jun, Su Han, and Ji Bei all lived in the same building as him!


His future days were destined to be filled with uneasiness.


The dormitory was spacious and well furnished; the environment was neat and clean; it was a bed and table by the side configuration, divided into two beds on the left and right sides.


Chu Chen’an hid in his own dormitory, locking the door tightly.


He had just sat down on the bed when there was a knock at the door.


“Hey, if you’re too lonely at night, you can come find me; I live across the room from you.” Sang Jun said with a smile, knocking on the door three times in a row.


Chu Chen’an was so scared that he stood up and moved the table in front of the door to block it, and at the end of the day, he was still unsure and placed two potted plants on the table as well.


After checking, he hurriedly went to the bathroom to wash up.


He was particularly tired today, and the live broadcast wasn’t even on, so after washing up, he went straight to the bed on his left and fell asleep with his eyes closed.


He slept deeply at first.


But late into the night, he vaguely heard someone knocking on the door a few times, but he didn’t bother to open it.


Rolling over onto his right side of the bed across the room, he went back to sleep.


He had only slept over for a short while when he heard the sound of crying from the opposite bed.


Chu Chen’an squinted his eyes open, only to see a na*ked boy sitting on the bed across from him.


That boy’s entire eyeballs were red; his mouth had long since lost its tongue and teeth, rotting to a blo*ody and hideous horror; he was covered in red marks and dotted scars, like he had been burned with a cigarette.


His body had rotted out of shape, and Chu Chen’an vaguely saw him shed a bl*oody large intestine.


That boy didn’t speak; he only kept crying.


Chu Chen’an was so scared that he couldn’t sleep. He closed his eyes tightly, and his eyelashes fluttered.


He kept listening to that boy cry for half the night.


Only when the sky outside the window became brighter did that boy disappear.


Chu Chen’an squinted his eyes open; he hadn’t slept for the rest of the night.


Shaking with fear, he braced himself against the railing as he got out of bed.


He may have been extremely nervous in the latter half of the night, so his legs were very weak. When he took a few steps, he slipped and leaned forward, directly bending his knees and hitting the ground heavily.


“Hiss” intense pain came from his knee, and he sucked in a breath of cold air in pain.


For a moment, he couldn’t even stand up.


“Are you alright?” A shadowy voice came from behind him.


Chu Chen’an trembled in fear and turned around.


He saw that the male ghost from the bed on the left had appeared again and was lying on the fence beside the bed, looking at him in a gloomy manner.


“No, it’s fine.”


Chu Chen’an didn’t know if it was because he was scared, or because he was in pain, or because he was in a cold sweat. He stood up, holding onto the desktop, sat down on the chair, and pulled up his trouser legs.


Both of his knees had a severe patch of abrasions that were seeping out.


He felt like he was in particular pain whenever he moved now.


“Chen’an, are you awake?” Fang Qinglin gently knocked on the door of the room twice: “Let’s go eat breakfast together; there are fewer people at this hour.”


Chu Chen’an struggled to endure the pain and walked towards the door, making every effort to move the table and open the door for Fang Qinglin.


“Chen’an, what happened to you? Ah, it took so long to open the door…” Fang Qinglin looked down and immediately frowned. “Gosh, how did you get hurt so badly? Did you fall out of bed? Let me help you to the infirmary to take a look.”


“Okay…” Chu Chen’an nodded his head and looked back at the bed on the left side.


The male ghost had disappeared again.




Chu Chen’an was shakily helped by Fang Qinglin to the infirmary building.


Fang Qinglin was about the same height as him, but his strength was surprisingly not small, and the reason he was able to walk to the medical building was because he relied on Fang Qinglin’s support.


“Why did you come to the medical building so early?” The nurse in front of the reception desk on the ground floor of the medical building looked at Chu Chen’an’s wounds and indifferently directed a male nurse to bring him to the emergency area.


The male nurse was quite enthusiastic and poured him a cup of warm water. “Wait, I’ll go call the doctor.”


Chu Chen’an nodded.


Soon, a female doctor from the emergency room came with a medicine box.


The female doctor took a look at his wounds and was stunned. “Why are they so badly injured?”


Chu Chen’an’s skin was very white, so the reddish-purple wounds looked even more serious.


After she finished speaking, she began to open the medicine box to sterilize it.


Chu Chen’an’s attention was also focused on his wounded knees.


He lowered his head and heard footsteps outside the door.


It seemed like someone had come in and sat down, not far behind the female doctor.


He endured the pain and raised his eyes, only to catch a glimpse of the white coat and mask on that person.


Then his eyes met a pair of deep and cold eyes.


Chu Chen’an’s eyes widened, suddenly forgetting the pain.


These eyes were particularly familiar to him; he had seen them countless times before.


That person was quietly examining him, the bottom of his eyes full of gloom and indifference, his gaze sharp as if he wanted to see through him.


Chu Chen’an withdrew his sight and lowered his head, nervously squeezing his hands together.


How could he be here?


Didn’t he leave yesterday?


He didn’t dare to confirm whether this person was Pei Yan or not.


The man suddenly spoke, his voice cold and deep. “How did you get hurt?”



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