C67 — Pathological Secret Admirer

Chu Chen’an hid behind the stone pillar for a few minutes. He was so panicked that his mind went blank for a while.


If Pei Yan really caught him, he would really be finished.


Could it be that Pei Yan had seen the video that Bai Lin had posted on the internet and then came looking for him?


Fang Qinglin carefully stood next to him, and seeing that Chu Chen’an didn’t speak, he didn’t dare to speak either.


He poked his head out and quickly looked around the parking spot on the opposite side of the lake, and saw that the few people had already left.


He turned back, approached Chu Chen’an, and reminded him, “Chen’an, they’ve already left.”


Only then did Chu Chen’an return to his senses, and he let out a breath.


“What’s wrong with you? Did you see someone?” Fang Qinglin looked at his expression, full of concern and nervousness.


“Nothing.” Chu Chen’an shook his head and put his sweaty hands into his pockets. “Let’s go back to the classroom.”


They couldn’t stay in this place much longer.


“Okay.” Fang Qinglin nodded repeatedly and followed Chu Chen’an’s pace.


They returned to Senior Section Class A. Chu Chen’an walked in front, and as soon as he entered the door, he was greeted by many fiery gazes.


Chu Chen’an was particularly uncomfortable; he quickly walked back to his seat and found that his desktop was piled high with all sorts of snacks, cakes, and drinks, completely overshadowing his books.


His footsteps paused, at a loss for these gestures of goodwill.


The atmosphere in the classroom remained silent, with heads bowed and not a word spoken.


There were at least a dozen boys sitting in their seats with their heads down, but in fact, they were all peeping at Chu Chen’an.


The sun came out at noon, so it was a little hot. Chu Chen’an took off his jacket, so he was only wearing a white shirt.


The shirt outlined his slim and beautiful waist just right, and his skin was so white that it glowed, and that unbelievable face was enough to make a lot of people go crazy.


Perhaps it was because they had been locked up for too long that many of the boys could no longer hold back their thirsty hearts for a mate just by glancing at Chu Chen’an.


They were all secretly watching Chu Chen’an’s next move.


Fang Qinglin sat down in front of him and also looked back at Chu Chen’an.


Chu Chen’an stood still for two or three seconds, then directly walked over and picked up all those snacks and placed them on the vacant table in the corner under the gaze of the crowd.


Chu Chen’an tried to make his expression cold; his good-looking eyebrows furrowed as he looked around, and he said in a cold voice, “I’ve put all the stuff here. Whoever it belongs to, you can take it back after class. Don’t give it to me in the future; I don’t need it.”


When Chu Chen’an just spoke out, there were several people who immediately turned to look at him, their eyes blazing, making Chu Chen’an a little nervous as he spoke.


When his voice rang out in the classroom, his voice was light and weak, sounding soft and not what he expected.


But it didn’t matter; he had already said this.


It was about time this group of people backed off.


Chu Chen’an sat back in his seat and had just flipped through the first page of his physics book when he heard the sound of light conversations coming from around him.


“He’s so cute; he didn’t just throw it in the trash bin.”




“His voice is so soft; it’s so nice.”


“I like him even more.”




Chu Chen’an: “……”


They were speaking in a whisper, and their voices were very soft. But Chu Chen’an’s hearing was sharp; he heard it all.


His hand that was turning the pages of the book paused and squeezed the corner of the book tightly.


Not long after the whispered discussion stopped, Chu Chen’an heard a light snort of laughter.


The one who laughed was sitting in the last row of the first group, leaning back in his seat with his hands resting on the back of his head, he was handsome and his eyes were closed in fake obscurity.


Chu Chen’an glanced at him obliquely and pursed his pink lips in dissatisfaction.


Why was this NPC smiling? Was he not mean enough?


He knew that the NPC was called Sang Jun and was also a new transfer student just like him.


A morning had passed, and Chu Chen’an finally saw him open his eyes for the first time.


Sang Jun opened his eyes and glanced at Chu Chen’an.


Chu Chen’an glanced at him, then quickly withdrew his sight and looked down at his book.


Sang Jun and Chu Chen’an sat in the same row; Chu Chen’an sat in the last row of the second group, while he sat in the last row of the first group.


Sang Jun propped his hand on the table and stared at the side of his face with a mischievous look. He looked at him for a few minutes before closing his eyes and continuing to sleep.


Chu Chen’an’s scalp was tingling from his look, so he moved the dozen or so books he had piled up to his right so that he could slightly block them.


Chu Chen’an kept to himself.


Fang Qinglin turned around and looked back at him, his eyes full of admiration, then he whispered to him, “Chen’an, you were so powerful just now.”


Chu Chen’an scratched his cheeks and smiled.


Fang Qinglin had already been looking at him with such adoring eyes all morning.


But fortunately, there was Fang Qinglin, allowing him to retain that little bit of confidence.


“What are you pretending to be noble for?” The boy sitting in front of Sang Jun held a mirror in one hand and glanced diagonally at Chu Chen’an with a sarcastic expression on his face. He was wearing a loose coat and heavy makeup and had many deep and shallow red marks on his neck.


From the moment Chu Chen’an came in, he started to look at him with disdain.


“Su Han, you should speak less; it’s lunch break time.” Ji Bei reminded him in a warm voice; he was sitting in the last row of the third group, just to the left of Chu Chen’an.


“Ch.” Su Han rolled his eyes and sneered, “Didn’t you all rush up to my dormitory before? What, now that the newcomer is here, you’ve had enough?”


“You ……” Ji Bei’s face turned pale for a split second. He stole a glance at Chu Chen’an and then looked at Su Han and asked, “What are you babbling about?”


Many people in the classroom lowered their heads and played dead.


Chu Chen’an had heard before that some of the men’s dormitories here were very messy, and from time to time, a dozen or so promiscuous bloomers sprung up.


Chu Chen’an laid down on the desktop and pretended to sleep, pretending not to hear; he didn’t want to be the topic of conversation.




Su Han coldly hummed.


Two class B boys came to the door. Su Han quickly collected the mirror, smiled daintily, and ran out of the classroom door to take their arms and leave.


There was no security guard to patrol the corridor during the lunch break, and students were allowed to walk around freely.


Chu Chen’an was lying on the table, feeling uneasy in his heart. The black figure lingered in his mind for a long time, leaving him completely awake.


Chu Chen’an stood up, and at the front table, Fang Qinglin was sleeping with a book covering his face. He walked towards the door softly and gently.


He was still uneasy and planned to go over and take a look.


He went to the top floor of the teaching building, where the long corridor connected to the administration building, and from the window opening at the end of the corridor, he could just see the parking spot downstairs in the distance.


The black car was still parked there.


It meant that Pei Yan hadn’t yet left.


Chu Chen’an stood in front of the window for ten minutes before closing the window and turning around.


Discovering that a person had suddenly appeared behind him.


His shoulders trembled in fear, and he took a step back.


It was Sang Jun.


He didn’t know when he followed him here.


“What are you doing here?” Sang Jun looked at him with his arms wrapped around his chest.


“No, I’m not doing anything.” Chu Chen’an couldn’t let himself show his cowardice; he added indifferently, “None of your business.”


“I thought you were here to ask for a date/fu*ck too,” Sang Jun muttered.


Chu Chen’an froze. “What did you say?”


Sang Jun grinned nastily, his tongue licking his teeth. “Too bad; I was going to come along to enjoy it.”


Chu Chen’an was disgusted by what he said; he directly passed Sang Jun with quick steps.


Sang Jun laughed at his slim back, teasingly shouting, “Eh, if you want to date in the future, you can ask me out; I’m alive and well, and I’m big.”


Chu Chen’an hurriedly accelerated his steps.


He couldn’t stand it anymore.


After he left the promenade, Sang Jun’s smile collapsed.


He went around behind the door of the utility room on the inner side of the long corridor and whistled, “Brothers, come out.”


A few rattles sounded from behind the door, and four Class Z boys came out from behind the door, armed with electric batons and sharp wire ropes.


They had been following Chu Chen’an.


They were notorious rogue gangsters who had played several boys to death.


The head man was fat, and his face was covered with acne. He looked at him with fear and scolded, “What the hell are you meddling in? If you want to go, we can go together.”


“I want to; what’s wrong with that?” Sang Jun drew out the electric stick in the pox-faced man’s hand, directly pressed the switch, and stabbed him in the waist. The electric current passed through the pox-faced man’s whole body, and he directly hissed and fell to his knees on the ground, convulsing in pain.


Frightened, the three men behind him all directly threw the wires in their hands and ran in the corner of the long corridor.


The man with acne on his face was electrocuted for five minutes. His face turned blue, he foamed at the mouth, and his face twisted in pain as he fell to the ground, whimpering.


Sang Jun took the electric baton and slapped the pox-faced man’s face heavily a few times, smiling mischievously. “There’s no way; I just don’t like to share.”


Sang Jun’s expression was dark as he spoke, the bottom of his eyes like a pool of stagnant water.


He threw away the electric stick and slowly left the promenade.




Chu Chen’an ran all the way back to the classroom.


He sat down in his seat and slowed his breathing.


Fang Qinglin had already woken up; he was too nervous all day, so he fell into a deep sleep.


He lifted his head and turned to ask Chu Chen’an, “Where did you just go?”


Chu Chen’an gasped sharply as he responded in a thin voice, “I didn’t go anywhere; I just went to the bathroom.”


“Oh.” Fang Qinglin nodded and laid back down on the desk.


He looked around; everyone in the classroom was napping on their stomachs.


Chu Chen’an also slumped sideways on his arm, his eyes wandering around.


He looked at the promenade, full of thoughts of that car.


The second time he saw Pei Yan, it seemed like it was also at noon.


Pei Yan came to his classroom to give him his school uniform, and Chu Chen’an stood in the long corridor and received his school uniform.


The school uniform was cleanly washed, and even the golden school emblem on it was brand new.


“Thank you for yesterday.” Pei Yan gave Chu Chen’an his thanks, half a meter away from him. His features were well-defined, and his expression was cold and indifferent.


Chu Chen’an shook his head, his cheeks reddening nervously. “No need to thank me.”


“I’ll treat you to lunch at noon.” Pei Yan’s gaze wandered over Chu Chen’an’s curled eyelashes.


Chu Chen’an waved his hand repeatedly. “No, no, I didn’t do anything; I should go back.”


He refused.


He was afraid that eating with an iceberg like Pei Yan would make him feel even more inferior.


A hint of loss crossed Pei Yan’s eyes, and he had no choice but to give up when he saw Chu Chen’an’s insistent attitude.


“Then… I’ll go back first.” Chu Chen’an took his school uniform and whispered.


Pei Yan nodded. “Hmm.”


He watched as Chu Chen’an turned around and walked back to the classroom, his fascinated gaze lingering on his body.


Pei Yan looked at him for a long time before reluctantly leaving.


Chu Chen’an sat in his seat, peeked out the window, and was relieved to see that Pei Yan had left the corridor.


When spending time with someone like Pei Yan, his inferiority complex couldn’t help but flood his mind.


He put his school uniform on, which had a faint, clean scent, like the smell of green pine.


He touched his brand-new school badge happily.


How could there be such a perfect person who was both smart and could clean clothes so well?


He lamented, packed up his things, and went to the canteen.


After having lunch…


He went for a walk on the path next to the lake. There was a forest on the inside of the path; the grass was sparse, but the air was fresh.


He enjoyed coming this way for a walk.


However, when he passed through this wood today, the air was filled with a fishy and thick stench that Chu Chen’an could smell from afar.


He pinched his nose and came to the front of the grove.


Only to see that in that grove, there were surprisingly five or six stinking corpses lying horizontally, and those corpses had many holes in them, which were rotting and blo*ody.


He staggered backward a few steps in fear, and his back was supported by the person behind him.


Chu Chen’an panicked and turned around to see that it was Pei Yan.


Pei Yan was looking at him with his eyes downcast in concern; his eyes were gloomy. “What’s wrong?”


“There are bodies inside.” Chu Chen’an’s moist lips trembled, his eyes pitifully weak.


Pei Yan’s palm held his thin waist, and he faintly asked, “Hmm?”


His gaze blazingly rested on Chu Chen’an’s lips.


He used a great deal of patience to restrain himself from biting on them.


Chu Chen’an pointed his finger towards the forest and said, “Right there, there are dead people there.”


“Oh.” Pei Yan raised his hand to pluck the leaves off Chu Chen’an’s hair and added, “But weren’t they always trying to bully you?”


Chu Chen’an was stunned.


“Didn’t they deserve to die?” Pei Yan said.


As soon as the words fell, Chu Chen’an’s face immediately paled as he slowly turned his head to look at Pei Yan.


Pei Yan then smiled, “Just kidding.”


Chu Chen’an froze; it was the first time he had seen Pei Yan smile.


But he felt a chill in his heart.




He always avoided Pei Yan, but for some reason, Pei Yan was able to accurately find him every time.


No matter where he hid.


Then later, Pei Yan confessed to him, and his first reaction was to hide.


He ran to the school’s new vacant dormitory building and sat down in the corridor on the top seven floors, surrounded by darkness.


Chu Chen’an could only hear his own rapid breathing.


But in less than half an hour…


He then heard footsteps from the stairwell.


“Ta, ta, ta.”


The sound sounded ghostly in the long corridor.


“An An, don’t hide; we should go back to bed.”


Chu Chen’an stood up with a jolt.


There was a stone bridge on the rooftop connecting the rooftops of the two dormitories.


He could still run out from there.


As he thought, he subconsciously ran towards the stairwell.


He had just turned up the last flight of stairs when his footsteps stopped.


He looked up, only to see a slender and tall silhouette already standing next to the iron door of the rooftop, casting down a black shadow that was like a layer of suffocatingly dense netting, firmly covering him.


Pei Yan stood in the shadowy perimeter, his eyes looking at him slyly. He smiled gently, but his eyes were full of blazing fascination. “Good evening, baby.”


“I missed you so much.”


“It’s been half an hour since I’ve seen you.”


“Baby seems to be sweating a lot; let me wipe it off for you.”




Chu Chen’an was startled and sat up with his elbows propped on the tabletop.


He didn’t know when he fell asleep.


His eyes were dazed, but from the corner of his eyes, he noticed several silhouettes swaying past the window.


There were several leaders in dark black jackets who came to the window, and the person standing on the far left…


was Pei Yan!


Chu Chen’an quickly withdrew his gaze with trepidation.



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