C33— Gentle Neighbor

When Chu Chen’an heard this, he quickly turned off the TV. He tilted his head to look at the room door that was opening, only to see Xu Moshu peeking out half of his body, looking at him with a smile.


“Making a doll?” Xu Moshu completely pushed open the door of the room, holding a bouquet of blue roses in one hand, and slowly walked towards him.


He handed the lightly scented bouquet to Chu Chen’an, “Today there are some guests downstairs, they shouldn’t disturb you, baby, I instructed them not to come up and disturb you ……”


Xu Moshu squatted in front of Chu Chen’an, he held one of his hands, and gently plucked the cotton wool out of his hands.



“Go back first.” Xu Moshu tilted his head, looking towards the corner of the room.


Jiao Jiao immediately trembled, “Yes, yes, brother Xu ……”


And then, only the two of them were left in the room, the air became extraordinarily quiet.


Chu Chen’an’s hand was wrapped in the gentle palm of Xu Moshu, he was so nervous that his heart was racing, and panic flashed in his eyes.


Xu Moshu’s eyes were gentle and lustrous, and one couldn’t help but fall deeper into them.




Xu Moshu wanted to say something.


And how should he respond ……


Chu Chen’an’s hand holding the bouquet began to sweat, and he lowered his eyes, feeling the warm and spacious touch of Xu Moshu’s palm.

“Don’t be so nervous.” Xu Moshu dropped a soft kiss on the back of Chu Chen’an’s other hand, “Honey, it happened suddenly, those difficult guys will come to the seventh floor again tonight to check, we may have to move tonight.”


Chu Chen’an raised his eyes and met Xu Moshu’s sharp eyes for a moment, then suddenly and quickly lowered them and said “Oh” in a dazed manner.


He was slightly relieved.


He thought it was something ……


Xu Moshu added, “But before we move, I want to finish what I’ve been wanting to say.”


Chu Chen’an’s heart thumped and he raised his head.


“Did you look at the contents of the safe deposit box?” Xu Moshu raised his hand and rubbed Chu Chen’an’s face, standing up.


Chu Chen’an shook his head, “No, no.”


His heart began to tense up again, he panicked and clenched the bouquet in his hand, looking towards Xu Moshu walking step by step towards that safe deposit box. He anxiously said, “I want to see it tomorrow!”


“Hm?” Xu Moshu’s footsteps paused, his gaze deepened as he looked at Chu Chen’an.


“I, I ……” Chu Chen’an panickedly thought of something to say, and paused for several seconds before saying, “I’m hungry! I …… I want to eat strawberries.”


Xu Moshu looked at him deeply, pondered for two seconds, and said, “No hurry baby, when we finish watching, I will go wash them for you.”




Chu Chen’an nervously squeezed his palms and watched Xu Moshu open the safe and take out the blue gift box inside.


Chu Chen’an watched Xu Moshu walk towards himself.


Stopped in front of him.


Kneel down on one knee.


With long, strong fingers, he opened the blue gift box.


No surprise.


In the center of the exquisite gift box, there was a diamond ring lying.


The side of the ring was inlaid with sparkling diamonds, dotted on the delicate texture of light blue.


The bottom of Xu Moshu’s eyes were filled with devout love.


“My An An, will you, marry me?”


“Peng, Peng, Peng ……”


Chu Chen’an could only hear his own heartbeat at this moment.


The game NPC was proposing to him.


Showing love to him.


Could he stand it ……


This heavy and paranoid love.


He was conscious of the fact that their future was unknown.


He would definitely disappear again, and if he accepted Xu Moshu’s love before he disappeared, it would probably hurt him more, wouldn’t it?


Reason advised him to refuse.


But, he delayed to do so.


Chu Chen’an’s eyebrows were locked, he pursed his lips, his eyes trembled.


“Don’t be afraid, good boy, don’t be afraid …… I know you’re worried. Although I don’t know what you’re worried about, but honey …… trust me, okay, with me, don’t be afraid.”


He stretched out his tightly held hands under the warm comfort of Xu Moshu’s voice.


“We will always be together, no matter what you are worried about ……,” Xu Moshu pinched up the fourteen-carat ring and put it on his ring finger without question, leaning down to kiss his fingertips, “none of it can be an obstacle between us.”


“So beautiful.” Xu Moshu looked at Chu Chen’an with eyes full of fascination.


Chu Chen’an’s heart missed a beat.


He was too abashed.



He never managed to refuse.


“The weather will be nice in a few days, so let’s hold our wedding at the beach?”


Xu Moshu hugged Chu Chen’an and couldn’t wait to kiss his lips.


Xu Moshu pressed Chu Chen’an into the corner of the sofa and kissed him lingeringly and passionately, paranoidly treating him as his own possession.




That night, Xu Moshu took him and moved away from the happiness district overnight.


What surprised Chu Chen’an was that Xu Moshu was able to bring Jiao Jiao over.


The new home that Xu Moshu bought was located halfway up the mountain, it was a European style villa with magnificent specifications.


It was as big as a small castle.


Chu Chen’an was brought to the main bedroom on the third floor.


Xu Moshu carried him on the two-meter-three bed in the main bedroom and bowed to fasten the exquisite silver chain on his ankle neck.


The system live broadcast automatically opened again.


Chu Chen’an learned from past experience and set a minimum time limit, five minutes.



The one thing that made Chu Chen’an thankful was that last time every game system live he played as Chen An was a single person live, and the system at that time hadn’t yet been updated with the function of automatic live.


So his accumulated fans hadn’t seen each copy of the NPC behind the scenes.


That was what spared a big battle between old and new fans.


[Auto live for five minutes?]


[Wife you have no heart]


[ Five minutes is enough for me to see what?]



[ Five minutes is enough for your old attack to do?]


[You don’t believe in your old man’s ability, wife.]


[I hope to see your wife in your old attack’s hands in five minutes, don’t let me down!]


[ah ah ah ah five minutes I really won’t see enough ah]




Xu Moshu’s fingertips rubbed the back of Chu Chen’an’s white and tender feet, “Like our new home?”


Chu Chen’an squeezed the silk sheet beneath him and looked around the perimeter of the master bedroom as he stepped on Xu Moshu’s palm.


He suddenly thought of something, “Tonight the police will still come to check the seventh floor, what about the things inside the ice cellar, if it stays there, won’t they find out?”


Xu Moshu puffed out, holding a smile, “Are you worried about me, baby?”


“Who, who’s worried about you, it’s better if you get caught in there.”


Chu Chen’an stomped on Xu Moshu’s palm, squinted at him, and scared him in a small voice, “Just wait to go to jail.”



“Don’t worry, our wedding is not yet done, how can your husband give up to go to jail, isn’t it ……” Xu Moshu stood up and threw his black jacket casually on the bed, ripped off his tie and looked at him with a deep gaze. “Come here, let me kiss again for a while.”


Chu Chen’an subconsciously shrank back, “No, don’t.”


It was all swollen!



Moreover, his gaze showed that it wasn’t just about kissing!


[Ah, ah, this is something I can pay to watch!!]




[My God, isn’t it necessary to…..]


[This NPC is too extreme, always flirting with my wife, taking revenge on my wife is unforgettable.]


[Buy him!!!! Buy him!!!!]


[Where is the slogan army?]


[Am I the only one who noticed the ring in my wife’s hand?]


[Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ring!]


[I want to see my wife cry!!]




Chu Chen’an was easily fetched back into Xu Moshu’s arms and was held by the back of his head for a few minutes of passionate kissing.


[Damn it, there are still 30 seconds before the live broadcast is closed]

[Ah ah ah ah wife I don’t want to go]


[I’ll pay twice as much, please!]


[Oooh wife bye bye]




It wasn’t until Chu Chen’an was kissed so hard that he couldn’t breathe that Xu Moshu let him go.


Xu Moshu’s fingertips rubbed his moist lower lip and looked deeply at the end of his slightly red eyes.


Then he carried him towards the bathroom.


“You, you said, you’d let me rest.” Chu Chen’an panicked.


“Yes,” Xu Moshu hugged him face to face, “but you have to wash up before resting, don’t you think so, baby.”


“That’s right.”


Xu Moshu’s eyes were gentle and serious, and his voice was low, “How about the effect of this medicine, I have to check it properly.”




Chu Chen’an had been in a daze for the past ten days, so dazed that he couldn’t even tell day from night.


This villa usually seemed to have only the two of them living together.


He had been here for ten days and had only seen a middle-aged mixed-race housekeeper.


Very few people would visit.


He was deep in the soft king-size bed, half asleep when he vaguely heard Xu Moshu whispering something in his ear, as if he was reminding him not to run around, and after finishing his words, he kissed his cheek and hurriedly went out.


Chu Chen’an turned over and raised his hand to rub off the slightly cool wetness on his face.


Still in a daze, he was chained with silver chains, how could he run around?


He grunted twice and continued to drift comfortably into dreamland.




It was only later that he woke up to the sound of the siren and sat up with a jolt.


A police car?


He rolled over and walked out of bed, carefully lifting a corner of the curtain and looking downstairs.


A police car was being surrounded by five or six of Xu Moshu’s Land Rovers.


Xu Moshu’s expression was indifferent, and a dozen men in black stood behind him, confronting the two uniformed police cars.


Another police car stoppd downstairs and a middle-aged officer in a white police uniform came down, looking about 40 or 50 years old.


The middle-aged officer took Xu Moshu by the shoulders and seemed to be laughing.


They said something, but Chu Chen’an was on the third floor, he couldn’t hear.


After ten minutes.


The sound of the siren was turned off.


The new police car that came with the police car that came earlier left quickly.


The people downstairs scattered one after another, and those burly bodyguards followed Xu Moshu into the villa.


He knew it would be this result.


Chu Chen’an became uninterested and closed the curtains.




However, within a few minutes after he washed up, he just sat down on the sofa in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, and saw the glass window in front of him suddenly shatter.


Chu Chen’an couldn’t react in time to see a plainclothes officer step on a floor of broken glass and tumble into the master bedroom.


Xiao Zhou waved the broken glass crumbs off his body, looked at the teenager with a silver chain in front of him, and was so shocked that he froze in place for two seconds.


The young man’s lips were red and his teeth were white, his fair and soft neck was streaked with red marks, his body was so white that it glowed, his posture was slender, and his eyes were brimming with light.


Xiao Zhou’s eyes crossed a trace of amazement, whispering to himself, “This surnamed Xu is really not that simple.”


If he really seemed like a great guy as the outside world said, how could he imprison how a young and thin teenager.


“You ……” Chu Chen’an froze and looked at the man who appeared out of nowhere.


“Shhh,” he quickly walked towards Chu Chen’an, holding the military dagger in his hand, “Don’t cause alarm.”


Xiao Zhou surveyed the handsome face of the teenager,, “Is it the surname Xu off of you?”


How in the world could there be a boy who could look so beautiful ……


“Hmm.” Chu Chen’an answered honestly.


Xiao Zhou secretly cursed Xu Moshu for being an animal, his gaze crossed Chu Chen’an’s neck, “Do you want to be free, I can take you out of here?”


Chu Chen’an timidly looked at this plainclothes policeman, like a student being interrogated by his teacher, a little overwhelmed.


“Hmm?” He didn’t hear.


“I can take you out and take you to denounce Xu Moshu’s crime, and after that, you’ll be free.”


Xiao Zhou didn’t say anything more to him and used his military dagger to cut the silver chain with force.


He tugged on Chu Chen’an’s arm and tried to run outside.


“Wait ……”


He was very strong, and when he saw that Chu Chen’an’s steps were very small, he half dragged, half tugged him and started to run, “Let’s hurry, don’t worry, my teammates are stalling Xu Moshu in the front hall, we can go through the backyard of the manor ……”


Xiao Zhou thus brought him to the front of the first floor manor, Chu Chen’an fought to shake off Xiao Zhou’s hand.


“Let go of me, hurry and run, Xu Moshu really won’t let you go ……” Chu Chen’an advised him for the fifth time and was dragged forward by him with brute force.


Xiao Zhou turned to look at Chu Chen’an, he put his jacket around Chu Chen’an’s body, “Don’t be afraid, trust me, I can take you out.”



“See there, we just need to get out of that door, get in the car and then we can leave, you’ll be free!”


Xiao Zhou pointed to the small doorway in the fence and said aloud.


That was the way out that he and his companions had chiseled beforehand after observing Xu Moshu’s house for ten days.


Chu Chen’an looked at that small door and his heart was slightly shaken.


He actually had no hope for freedom long ago, but when he looked at the freedom close at hand near at hand, he wanted to follow Xiao Zhou towards that small door.


How about ……


Go outside and play for two days, then come back?


Anyway, Xu Moshu, that pervert, was so powerful, he only needed not to turn him in, the pervert shouldn’t be able to enter the bureau so easily.


He kept pace with Xiao Zhou and ran quickly towards that small doorway.


He bowed and crossed over the doorway.




Freedom was just around the corner!


But before Chu Chen’an could welcome the first light from outside the doorway, he paused in place ……


His little face paled.


Only to see Xu Moshu standing outside the doorway, smiling warmly.


“Baby, where are you going?”


Xu Moshu smiled, staring at Xiao Zhou tugging the arm of Chu Chen’an, his eyes dark, “This one, who is he?”


Behind Xu Moshu, a dozen or so black-clad bodyguards stood behind him as he slowly walked towards Chu Chen’an.


“An An, won’t you introduce him to me?”




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