C3— Gentle Neighbor [2]


Cold sweat rose from Chu Chen’an’s palms as he adjusted his rapid and nervous breathing and gave a shaky laugh to ease the atmosphere, “No, no need, I still have to unpack my things.”


“Really don’t want to?”


Xu Moshu seemed relaxed, he stood up straight and took a step back, examining Chu Chen’an’s glistening and soulful eyes, “My baby is very well behaved.”


Chu Chen’an was so scared that his legs and stomach were trembling.






He didn’t want to look at his corpse that might have rotted out of shape!!!!!


Moreover, Chu Chen’an had a hunch that if he really foolishly followed Xu Moshu to apartment, the probability of being able to walk out of 701 would be very low.


Xu Moshu nodded softly, “My baby should be sleeping, he doesn’t like noise.”


Chu Chen’an sighed with relief in his heart.


Who expected, Xu Moshu said again, “Then why don’t you come tomorrow?”



“Hmm? He’ll like your eyes too.” Xu Moshu’s eyes were tinted with a hint of excitement.



Chu Chen’s frowned, “No, I’ll ……”


“Then it’s decided.” Xu Moshu smiled, interrupted Chu Chen’an’s refusal and made a strong decision, “Then see you tomorrow, my new neighbor.”



He quietly left.


Chu Chen’an loosened his grip on the corner of his coat, his eyes trembled in panic, and his small face was pale. He tightly bit his crimson lower lip, peach blossom eyes diffused with water mist.


He was a little lost.


He must have had some kind of grudge with Xu Moshu in his last life.


Even in this life, even in the game, he was still here.


Chu Chen’an sat back in the soft chair and angrily threw the folded clothes in his hands out of the suitcase.


The clothes became a mess again.


Chu Chen’an glanced obliquely at the clothes and sighed.


He angrily squatted and refolded it.


He took that outfit as Xu Moshu and kneaded it violently, then folded it violently.



Finally, he succeeded in folding Xu Moshu, who didn’t yield to his fate, into an honest square!


He was satisfied as he kneaded the clothes into a ball and threw it into the closet, his mood suddenly cleared up.


Xu Moshu opened the door of apartment 701, the walls at the entrance were covered with yellow charms with tiny scribbles.


The yellow talisman paper was threaded by a string of red lines, listed in a weird formation.


He opened the iron lock of the bedroom, which had in fact been transformed into an ice cellar, with the bedroom bed converted into a ticking ice coffin.



He turned on the main light in the room, holding a handful of brilliant blue roses, replaced the dying flowers on the vase, and placed the vase next to the table of the ice coffin.



“The flowers are blooming nicely today, do you like them, my dear?”



He looked tenderly at the sleeping teenager in the ice coffin and approached, “Baby, why are you still sleeping?”



“I miss you, get up and talk with me, okay?” Xu Moshu’s voice was gentle, and his long fingers stroked the teenager’s cheek through the ice coffin.



The teenager in the ice coffin and Chu Chen’an had a four-point resemblance, the eyebrows and eyes were the most similar.



Bloody red threads were wrapped around the teenager’s limbs, and because Xu Moshu carefully tended to him every day, the teenager’s face was intact, and the skin around him was as white as ever.



Xu Moshu sat next to the ice coffin, leaning his elbows on the coffin surface, looking at him through the transparent ice surface, his fingertips traced the teenager’s face, smiling gently as he whispered, “My baby is so pretty.”



He chatted with the teenager as usual about what he had seen and heard today.


“Today I met a man whose eyes are especially like yours, but not as good-looking as yours.”


Xu Moshu nudged the ice and smiled, “I’ll give you his eyes tomorrow, okay?”



“But ……” Xu Moshu was silent for a long time, “Better forget it, your eyes are unique and I don’t want any damage on you.”


“You’ll get angry.”


Xu Moshu leaned his face on the ice coffin and laughed, “You used to love to bite my neck when you were angry, that look was really cute …… haha …… Don’t worry, I only have you in my eyes, no one else’s, little jealousy bag. ”


Suddenly, he smelled a bad smell of liquid medicine in the room. He stood up and looked at the corner of the table, where a bucket of used needles was.



That is the antiseptic liquid specially prepared by Xu Moshu for him.



“Oh, I’m sorry dear, it’s my oversight.” Xu Moshu bent over and tenderly kissed the cold, biting ice, “I forgot to throw these away last night, you must have been disgusted, I’m going to throw them away now, wait for me to come back.”


His love couldn’t be contained and he murmured softly, “Come back soon …… honey, I miss you so much.”


He put on his black anti-bacterial gloves, wrapped the bucket of garbage, and then carefully closed the door to the ice cellar.

He walked to the staircase and threw the bag of medicated garbage into the garbage bin.



Xu Moshu turned around, only to see a hunched old man in an old-colored robe suddenly appear outside the stairway, and he said respectfully, “You, have you just returned?”



Xu Moshu tore off his gentle and elegant disguise.


He looked at the old man, who had only a few teeth left, as indifferently as if he were looking at a dead thing, with a gloomy expression.


He walked quickly at the entrance of the stairs, picked up the old man’s collar, then roughly snapped the old man’s face on the wall at the dead end of the stairs, and several blood marks suddenly appeared on the yellow-white wall.



The rickety old man coughed hoarsely: “You …… cough …… spare …… my life”



“Didn’t you say that after posting those things, I should wait for eighty-one days and he can come back? Hmm?!”


Xu Moshu’s expression was grumpy, and his eyes were filled with impatient killing intent: “It’s been ninety days!”



“How come he hasn’t come back yet!!!”


Xu Mo Shu gritted his teeth and whispered angrily, “Old man, don’t forget who let you live to be one hundred and twenty years old, if you dare to lie to me, I’ll let you return these extra decades of life to ……”



“No! Ahem ……” the hunched old man panicked, “I definitely don’t dare lie to you ……”



“Don’t dare lie me?” Xu Moshu’s bloodthirsty killing intent surged, his large palm tightened around the neck of the rickety old man, he laughed in exasperation and let go of the old man, “Then tell me, what is the reason?”


“I don’t dare to make a conclusion about the specific reason…” The bent old man’s face was wrinkled, his hands trembled, and he began to figure it out. He said hoarsely, “But I can guarantee that his soul will really return within these five days! Please believe me again!”


Xu Moshu took off his gloves and threw them into the trash can, glancing at the old man indifferently, “OK, I’ll believe you one last time.”


“If he can’t come back because of your mistake, I’ll let you turn into a ghost too and go get him back.” He whispered gloomily and left the corner of the stairs with quick steps.



The rickety old man was terrified, and he nodded repeatedly.


He packed up and walked out of his room, and Zhang Liang happened to arrive at apartment 702 with a water bottle.


“Chen’an, do you want some water? Your kettle seems to be broken,” Zhang Liang walked into the living room of apartment 702 and placed the kettle on the cheap glass tabletop.


“Oh, good.”


Chu Chen-an had been working for most of an hour and happened to be thirsty.


As the cannon fodder, he wasn’t polite.



He took the new cup handed to him by Zhang Liang directly and rightfully, washed it four or five times carefully, picked up the red kettle and poured a cup of hot water in it.


Chu Chen’an held the cup, lightly blowing a few times, then couldn’t wait to take a small sip.


It was very hot. He wrinkled his face and opened his lips slightly, revealing a little pink tip of his tongue. He put the cup of hot water back on the glass table.



As Zhang Liang watched this scene, a certain place couldn’t help but start to heat up. He was embarrassed and looked to the other side. A few seconds later, he turned his head and looked at Chu Chen’an’s pretty face.


“By the way, I remember I locked the door for you.” He began to find a topic, “Why did you open it again just now? Do you want to open it for a while?”



Hearing this, Chu Chen’an immediately opened his eyes and turned pale.




Then how did Xu Moshu get in ……


“What’s wrong with you? Chen’an?” Zhang Liang saw that Chu Chen’an didn’t speak for a long time, and asked softly.


Only then did Chu Chen’an return to his senses, wiping off the fine sweat that had gathered at the corner of his forehead, “Nothing, the environment here is too bad, I can’t get used to living here.”


Zhang Liang knew that he wasn’t better than Chu Chen’an, his live broadcast had a considerable income, more than double of his own little manuscript fee.


“It’s very simple here. It’s good to live… I can get used to it.”



“Who wants to live here with you people?” Chu Chen’an put his hands around his chest, folded his legs with dignity, and leaned his feet against the edge of the glass table. “I’m going to move out after two weeks of live broadcast here. Is this place for people? I don’t want to stay here like you, with poor and old people.”


Chu Chen’an said those simple words and stuck his small face out of the window.



[Is 001 there?]


[How do you like my daily task?]


[Is it time to give bonus points?]


System: [Standby…]




[I’ll be angry if you don’t show up.]


[I will scold you.]


[I’m going to start.]


[I’m serious. I didn’t lie. I’m going to……]


The mechanical sound of the system suddenly sounded slowly in his mind:


[Daily task of cannon fodder (1/1)]
[Bonus points: × 5]


Chu Chen’an sighed in relief.

Being a cannon fodder was really hard these days.


He secretly glanced at Zhang Liang, who had stopped smiling and sat in silence.



Chu Chen’an estimated that he had hurt Zhang Liang’s self-esteem.



He felt guilty for a small moment.



He blinked his eyes a few times and gently pinched up the corner of his coat, his eyelids drooped, like a dazed kitten.



And Zhang Liang’s eyes dimmed for just a moment, his gaze silently sweeping from Chu Chen-an’s feet leaning on the glass tabletop to Chu Chen-an’s slender white neck, as if every part of it was emitting an alluring smell.


He greedily looked at Chu Chen’an.



When Chu Chen’an saw that the atmosphere was somewhat different, he withdrew his foot and Zhang Liang also withdrew his greedy and disgusting gaze.



Zhang Liang regained his gentleness, “They haven’t come back after so long, why don’t we go take a look? By the way, buy some things you need?”



“Okay.” Chu Chen’an nodded indifferently, he couldn’t stay any longer either. He stood up and walked quickly in front of him.


They had just reached the stairway when they heard a shrill female voice echoing in the stairwell.



“Aaah! Aaahhhh! DEAD! Dead!!!”


Chu Chen’an and Zhang Liang rushed there at the sound, only to see Su Yu sitting down on the stair steps with a bloody arm hanging from the glass of the window above.



It was the arm of the man who went to find Su Yu and Li Yaya.



Su Yu’s hair was dirty and disheveled, and her eyes were as wide as if she was possessed, staring hideously at Chu Chen’an and Zhang Liang upstairs.


Her finger pointed to the empty wall: “There …… is a ghost! There are ghosts there …… there are ghosts …… don’t kill me …… don’t kill me, ahhhhh! Ahhhhh don’t come over!!!”



As if stimulated, Su Yu fiercely climbed the stairs, clutching the neck of Chu Chen’an’s feet, “Save me …… Chen’an …… quickly save me …… ”

Chu Chen’an bent over to help her up.


Unexpectedly, Su Yu couldn’t stand up at all. She suddenly slid down a step and struggled like something was holding her feet.



Chu Chen’an’s feet were tightly clenched by her, so his unstable figure also slipped down.






Suddenly, a pair of familiar and large palms quickly held his arms from behind.


He leaned on the chest of the person behind him, the smell of the person was strange and familiar, he subconsciously clutched his clothes.


He stood still and turned around, it was really Xu Moshu.


Xu Moshu had stood behind him at some point and helped him in the chaos of the scene.



He glanced down at the clothes he was firmly clutching in his hands, and a hint of emotion flashed in his eyes, but a smile soon covered his dark eyes.



He said with a teasing smile, “You always seem unsteady on your feet.”




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