C29 —–Gentle Neighbor

Bonus Chap

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Xu Moshu opened the medicine box, lifted Chu Chen’an’s calf, and used a cotton swab to apply the ointment to the scabbed wound.


His movements were gentle, like pinching a feather and stroking it over Chu Chen’an’s knee.


Chu Chen’an had long been deep in a dreamy state, the intoxicating scent of flowers around him made him dazed, not knowing if this was reality or a dream.


He dreamed that he was kissed by a butterfly with the scent of blue roses, it licked his wounds, and he was embraced by warmth.


He tried to escape the shackle-like warmth.


But he was trapped in a dense web of intoxicating floral scent, unable to struggle.


The dream was too real.


He squinted his eyes defiantly, and the misty surroundings gradually came into focus, only to see the dense net shackling him transformed into a tall black shadow.


The black shadow transformed into Xu Moshu’s face.


He stared into the eyes of the eagle that lurked in the darkness.


Xu Moshu’s eagle eyes were slightly narrowed, full of gloom and determination.




It was a dream, right?

Chu Chen’an comforted himself in a panic.


He dreamed that he was once again carried back to the bedroom.


He sobbed weakly, while Xu Moshu comforted him repeatedly with a warm voice.


“Be good, don’t be afraid.”


“Soon we’ll leave here, we’ll be together forever.”


“Honey, don’t worry.”




Chu Chen’an fell into a deep sleep again under Xu Moshu’s coaxing voice.


Xu Moshu kissed the back of Chu Chen’an’s hand and turned to brand a kiss on his knee wound.


He let out a light laugh, “Still so weepy.”




Chu Chen’an was awakened by the mechanical tone of the system.


[Your mission time limit is still left: 3 hours.]
[ Please hurry up and complete the mission as soon as possible.]


He looked out the window and saw that the sun was scorching, it was already late afternoon.


He was surprised that he had slept for so long, he lifted the covers and put on his shoes.


When he bent over, he suddenly found that the wound on his knee had quickly scarred, and the wound was covered with a brown ring, faintly emitting the fragrance of medicine.


Could ……


It wasn’t a dream.


Xu Moshu had guessed that he was Chen An ……


Time was running out, and he couldn’t care less about thinking about it.


He haphazardly put on his shoes, but he didn’t notice the new red marks on his collar, and quickly ran out of the bedroom.



As soon as he opened the door to his room, he saw Zhang Liang crouching at his door.


Zhang Liang’s face was gloomy, and his eyes were clouded. He stood up and hugged his hands, looking numbly and coldly at Chu Chen’an.


Chu Chen’an frowned and took two steps back. Then he glanced at the bloodstains on Zhang Liang’s clothes.


Zhang Liang walked towards Chu Chen’an, his eyes were covered with fishy red blood, hideous and creepy, revealing his white teeth, “Let’s talk.”


“I don’t want to talk to you.” Chu Chen’an forced himself to be calm, and coldly wanted to close the door.


Suddenly, Zhang Liang slammed the door with a “pang”.


“I have already seen, among the people here …… only you, is the same as me.” He whispered to Chu Chen’an, smiling wide, “is special.”


Chu Chen’an’s eyes suddenly widened.


His hand that squeezed the door handle began to tremble.


Zhang Liang took the opportunity to force the door in and close it behind him.


How could he have never imagined.


Zhang Liang …… was the other game player in this copy?


He was his teammate?


But he ……


How could he kill so many people.


And how could he hint at his player identity ……


Chu Chen’an’s small face was pale and he took a few steps back, this was unbelievable.


“You want to go to the fourth floor, right?” Zhang Liang took advantage of his inattention, raised his hand and touched his delicate white cheek, and said silently with his lips, “What you have to do is different from mine, I just need to live, and you …… huh, you don’t seem to have much time left.”


“You’ve killed so many people.” Chu Chen’an looked warily at Zhang Liang and avoided Zhang Liang’s touch, “Aren’t you afraid of the system ……”


“What do I have to be afraid of,” Zhang Liang snorted despicably, “They deserved to die.”



“Don’t worry, I won’t kill you.”


Zhang Liang lowered his eyes and looked at Chu Chen’an’s face, “I’m here, I just want to come and see you one last time. Sure enough, still so high and mighty ah …… you know, every time I see your high and mighty face, I want to strip you na-ked, press you into the mud, make you become as lowly as Su Yu and the others …… now well, you can’t live much longer. Chu Chen’an, I’m waiting to see you being eaten and stripped of flesh and bones by those things and gnawed into crumbs, hehe ……”


He laughed and patted Chu Chenan’s face, like a walking corpse, turned around and left 702.


Chu Chen’an body trembled as he watched Zhang Liang depart.


The system reminded him:
[Your game time limit is: 2 hours and 50 minutes]
[Please complete your task as soon as possible.]


Chu Chen’an turned around and picked up a glass of water and drank a mouthful of water, pondering for a long time.


He gritted his teeth.


He turned around and walked out the door again.


He was going to give it another shot.


As Chu Chen’an walked downstairs again.


The tall figure outside the entrance of the building behind him swayed with it.




Chu Chen’an held up a flashlight, turned down the stairwell of the sixth floor, and walked boldly towards the fifth floor.



The grim red light of the fifth floor again wavered before Chu Chen’an’s eyes, and before he could stand still at the stairway entrance on the fifth floor, he glimpsed the old man in the daoist robe hiding in the corner.


Chu Chen’an almost dropped the torch in his hand.


He thought he was blinded and shone his light timidly into the far stairwell ……


The strange old man was really still standing there smiling, white light illuminating his flabby and bizarre face. He smiled and showed his old yellow teeth, against the light of the torch, his voice was hoarse, “Long time no see, are you thinking about it?”




“We can cooperate and kill Xu Moshu together.” The old man leaned on his cane and walked towards him step by step.



“I told you, I’m not interested.” Chu Chen’an said coldly, trembling on his little legs, trying to flee backwards.


The treacherous red light glowed on his face, the surroundings were quiet, and he could only hear his heart thumping.


Suddenly, the original sense of fear drove him to turn around and flee at a fast pace.


But before he could take a single step, he suddenly felt a blackness in front of his eyes, drowsily closed his eyes and fell backwards uncontrollably.


He was closing his eyes, perhaps hallucinating. He actually saw Xu Moshu’s face at the top of the stairs in the hazy blurred vision in front of him.


It was Xu Moshu ……


Was he coming to save him ……


When he woke up, Chu Chen’an had been put into a dark room.


Unexpectedly there were no injuries on his body.


His hands and feet were bound by thin ropes and tied inside the formation. He sat up with difficulty and looked around through the miserable light ……


The room was surprisingly large, as big as two bedrooms.


The floor was covered with bizarre formation diagrams, the left wall was entangled with red ropes, and blood-soaked human skeletons and various kinds of meat cut into pieces were hung in the corner of the room ……


Perhaps these skeletons, there were Lu Cheng and Wu Longyang.


Broken flesh were all over the floor, there was a large pot by the wall, the pot of water was boiling, emitting a disgusting hot gas ……


He backed up shakily and violently, and sat with his back to the wall. He wrapped his arms around himself and shivered uncontrollably in small increments.


The darkened room was silent, only the sound of boiling water could be heard.


He looked at the skeleton on the wall and shrank back in fear.


He suddenly regretted.


Regretted participating in this game.


Regretted having provoked Xu Moshu in the first place.



As he thought, tears welled up in his eyes. He looked at the door with a slight blush around his eyes and a weak gaze.


He hoped the door would open, but it remained tightly closed.


Chu Chen’an hugged his shoulders and trembled.




The wooden door inside the house creaked and was opened.



The one who walked in front was Qu Jiu.



This was the first time Chu Chen’an saw Qu Jiu head-on.


Qu Jiu’s figure was short, he should be less than one six five, he was thin to the point that it looked very abnormal. He had a few deep frown lines at the end of his eyes, his features were narrow, thieving, and he looked over thirty-five years old.


He wore a medium bangs and a cheap red suit with a long pant leg piled on top of old leather shoes.


Gauze wrapped around his broken finger, still vaguely oozing blood.


“Will this work, keep him here and Xu Moshu can come?” Qu Jiu questioned, he glanced at Chu Chen’an on the ground and turned to ask the Daoist-robed old man behind him, “Would he be that stupid?”


The dao-robed old man squinted and smiled, “Don’t worry, he values this kid more than his life, he will definitely come.”


“This is a secret formation passed down from my ancestor, even if he has great skills, he won’t be able to walk out alive.” The dao-robed old man patted Qu Jiu’s shoulder.


Chu Chen’an didn’t know where he was, and he looked at the two men with eyes full of caution.


Qu Jiu approached Chu Chen’an, squatted down and measured up his face, a trace of amazement crossed his eyes, “It’s quite a resemblance, ah.”


The old man said, “No, not just like, he is.”


“What did you say?” Qu Jiu stood up, looked at the old man’s grimace and froze for two seconds.



Gradually, he also smiled, “No wonder. …… Hahahahahaha, that madman Xu Moshu is dead this time.”



Two people’s laughter rang out in the room, the sound was bizarre and creepy.


Qu Jiu was the first to stop laughing, and he looked greedily at Chu Chen’an, “This fine skin and tender flesh looks delicious, why don’t …… we cut an arm first to relieve our cravings?”


“Don’t,” the dao-robed old man stopped him, “Are you hungry to the point that you’re crazy? We can’t go wrong now.”


Qu Jiu nodded, “OK …… eating an arm isn’t allowed, to the point ……”


Qu Jiu turned around and took the lead in sitting down on a chair next to the cauldron.


The Dao-robed old man sat at his side, he calmly glanced at Chu Chen’an.


Chu Chen’an kept trembling, not daring to make a sound.


The boiling water in the cauldron was boiling hot, as his heart trembled.




After ten minutes.


They still couldn’t hear any movement.


Qu Jiu was so bored that he crossed his legs. His ankle was so thin that only skin and bones could be seen. He looked at Chu Chen’an, “He looks pretty good. The bones must be very fragile, and the meat is probably very tender… hehe
Damn it, I’m hungry again.”



He walked towards the cauldron, took a piece of meat on the wall and put it into the boiling water.


He gulped at Chu Chen’an on one side and stirred it up with an iron spoon on the other.


Chu Chen’an looked at Qu Jiu with trepidation, his left hand was missing two fingers, and he was struggling to hold the iron spoon.


The spoon was held tightly between stirring and instead splashed a few drops of boiling water on his body.


“What kind of broken spoon is this!” Qu Jiu, with a hostile expression, flung the spoon back into the iron pot, and he glanced at the stare from Chu Chen’an, “What are you looking at! See my hand, this is what Xu Moshu did.”


Chu Chen’an’s heart thumped when he heard Qu Jiu’s words.


He carefully watched Qu Jiu, his heart thumping nervously.


As long as he finished quest two.


He would be able to leave this copy immediately ……


Chu Chen’an said in a trembling voice, “Then, wasn’t that your sister’s bite?”


“How do you know, I was bitten by my sister?” Qu Jiu inclined his head, his eyes narrowed, and turned toward Chu Chen’an.


Chu Chen’an was so frightened that he hurriedly lowered his head and didn’t reply.


Qu Jiu squatted down in front of Chu Chen’an’s body, “Hey, Xu Mosh should be playing with you, it’s been so long how come he hasn’t come yet.”


“I am hungry, if he does not come ……” Qu Jiu’s gaze wandered around Chu Chen’an’s body, gulping heavily, “I will have to stew you.”


Chu Chen’an was covered in cold sweat, “I …… I can work with you! Don’t you just want to kill him? I can help you lure him over.”


“Pfft haha …… you think I’m stupid ah …… I’ll let you out and you won’t run away.” Qu Jiu laughed so hard that the ends of his eyes spilled out a few tears.


“I mean it! I …… I’ve also wanted to kill Xu Moshu for a long time.”


Chu Chen’an began to panic, “You also don’t want to die, right? If you stew me, Xu Moshu will definitely get you all killed too …… Instead of that, why don’t we cooperate and kill him together.”


Qu Jiu listened and frowned.


He didn’t deny Chu Chen’an’s words.


If he died first, that madman would definitely not let him go either.


Instead of that, it would be better to find a way to kill Crazy Xu first, and then slowly enjoy Chu Chen’an’s flesh ……


Chu Chen’an saw that there was hope, and carefully said, “However, before we cooperate, I have one condition.”


Qu Jiu raised his eyebrows, “What condition?”


Chu Chen’an raised his eyes to glance at the Daoist-robed old man sitting not far away, the Daoist-robed old man was coincidentally staring at Chu Chen’an, the color of his cloudy eyes could not be seen.


Chu Chen’an suddenly withdrew his eyes, “You …… you have to tell me first, how your sister died.”




Qu Jiu was puzzled, he laughed lightly, “Why do you want to know this?”


“Don’t you care so much, just tell me.” Chu Chen’an said calmly even as he panicked, “As long as you tell me, I will cooperate with you and work with you to get Xu Moshu killed.”


This way he could leave straight away!


Chu Chen’an’s heart beat faster as he looked at Qu Jiu with eyes full of anticipation.


The Dao-robed old man’s smile had faded and he looked at Qu Jiu and Chu Chen’an in silence.


Qu Jiu licked the corner of his mouth, pondering for a long time, revealing an ugly smile, “She ah …… how did she die? I remember I plucked her hair and chained her to the house ……”


“Ah! Ahhhhh! Ah ah ah ah ah,” Qu Jiu words abruptly stopped, his arm was suddenly torn, blood dripped all over the ground, the meat rotted till the bone was exposed.



He fell to his knees and hissed in pain, saying to the air around him, “Crazy bitch! Didn’t I lock you up! You fucking ah ah …… how the fuck did you run out again, hiss ah ……”



Qu Jiu’s forehead rose fine sweat, his face pale, he was busy using the other hand to prop himself up and walked towards the wall of the human skeleton.


“Dead old man, what are you frozen for! Are you waiting to die?! Why don’t you hurry over and help!” He turned his back to the old man in the daoist robe and shouted loudly, busy throwing the meat and skeleton away and opening the hidden mechanism on the wall.


Just as the secret passage inside the wall was opened, the closed door outside also seemed to be unlocked, and was easily pushed open with a creak.


Xu Moshu smiled warmly, holding the door and tilted his head to look inside, his long fingers tapping on the wooden door, “I heard that someone here wanted to kill me, so I came to the door myself.”



Qu Jiu looked back at the smiling Xu Moshu, stumbled a few steps in fear, and quickly hid inside the secret door, which was covered with talismans to repel ghosts, and could be used to block ghosts and monsters.


He slammed the stone door closed.


When he thought he could escape, he was bitten on the shoulder by the middle-aged female ghost who was hiding in the shadows.


“Ahhhhh! Crazy bitch! How did you get in here!”


“Damn old man! You son of a bitch, you traitor! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh”



Qu Jiu’s fierce and painful wails came out of the wall, and Chu Chen’an listened to his voice go from fierce to fading down ……


His whole body trembled.


“You didn’t let him get hurt, did you?” Xu Moshu glanced at the dao-robed old man with cold eyes.



The dao-robed old man stood up and looked at Xu Moshu with eyes full of fear, “No, absolutely not …… you see, he is fine, not injured at all.”



Chu Chen’an raised his eyes, only to see Xu Moshu walking straight towards himself.


The dao-robed old man had long since collected his smile and respectfully followed behind Xu Moshu.


“Okay, you can roll first.” Xu Moshu said indifferently.



“Yes, yes ……” The dao-robed old man leaned on his crutches and left the gate with quick steps.



What he hated most was Xu Moshu.


But he still chose to obey this madman.


Because he had long been clear about how terrifying this madman was.




Xu Moshu stepped over the formation diagram freely and squatted down to untie the thin rope that was falsely tied to Chu Chen’an.



“Sorry, my dear, for making you scared.” His smile suddenly resumed its gentleness as he raised his hand and pinched Chu Chen’an’s face, “But only this once, I’ll take you home now, okay?”


Chu Chen’an’s eyes widened.


He should have realized it ……


Perhaps it was because he was too nervous just now, he didn’t realize in the slightest that this thin rope tied up didn’t hurt at all!!!


He was too stupid.


The fear under his eyes transformed into silent anger, and his eyes glared round.



“Don’t look at me like that, you’re too cute like that.” Xu Moshu laughed lightly, he couldn’t help but lean down and kissed the corner of Chu Chen’an’s mouth lightly, mocking him mercilessly, “How are you going to get me killed if you’re so cute.”



Xu Moshu pulled the thin rope bound to Chu Chen’an’s feet away and gently rubbed his wrists.


Like a deceived deer, Chu Chen’an was glaring at Xu Moshu in annoyance.



His hunch was true .


Xu Moshu had long known that he was Chen An.


He feebly pushed back Xu Moshu’s strong arms, “Go away, don’t you hug me!”




“Don’t be angry, don’t be angry well ……” Xu Moshu smiled gently, revealing his white and neat teeth, confining Chu Chen’an in his arms, “You tossed and turned for so long, it turns out that you want to know how Qu Jiu’s sister died ah ……”


“Baby, look at that.” Xu Moshu intimately wrapped his arms around him from behind and whispered in his ear.


Chu Chen’an was stunned as he raised his eyes to glance at the blood-soaked wall.


There was blood flowing out from under the stone door, and with a “boom”, the stone door was opened.


A complete human skeleton was thrown out, a smear of red suit crumbs hanging on the skeleton ……


That …… Was Qu Jiu’s skeleton ……



That middle-aged female ghost also crawled out with it, her circumference was bloody and fleshy, her mouth cracked behind her ears emitted a horrible whimpering sound, “So full …… oooooooooooooooooooo full ……”


The female ghost fell to the ground, blood dripping all over the place, She began to convulse violently, and she was burned by the rune paper floating on the pool of blood.


Her shattered body began to emit boiling gray smoke, like a burnt plastic bottle, dissolved into a gray, cloudy liquid, and then disappeared without a trace…


“Is it nice?” Xu Moshu’s mellow voice echoed in Chu Chen’an’s ears as he held his hands over his face forcing him to look at the whole process.



Chu Chen’an trembled his eyes and watched the female ghost turn into nothingness.


He leaned down and kissed the side of Chu Chen’an’s face, smiling in satisfaction, “Now, you can’t run away.”



[has automatically opened the system platform live for you]
[The default time limit for live streaming is: 30 minutes]




[Holy shit, wife’s top?]


[ Wife looks good today, dorky face]


[Damn it, don’t kiss my wife!]


[ Can this really be broadcast?]


[Wow wow wow damn, they haven’t gotten to that point?]


[Buy him, buy him!]




[ My wife’s eyes are red, my brain is bad]


[This NPC is a good top.]


[Our slogan is buy him!]





Chu Chen’an didn’t have time to pay attention to the live comments, he was stunned by the visual impact in front of him.


The system was still in his ears prompting him:
[Your mission time limit remains: 50 minutes.]



Now that the middle-aged female ghost had disappeared, wouldn’t he still have a chance to look for other clues downstairs!



He struggled to break away from Xu Moshu’s hug, “You, let go of me …… I want to go downstairs.”


“An An, are you pushing me away?” A trace of darkness crossed under Xu Moshu’s eyes.



Chu Chen’an timidly looked at Xu Moshu, and after finding that Xu Moshu’s eyes had changed, he didn’t dare to move again.


“You want to go downstairs ah ……” Xu Moshu suddenly laughed again, resuming his usual calm and gentle smile, “then go.”


“Baby, don’t be too nervous, I won’t let you go.”



Xu Moshu gently put Chu Chen’an’s collar in order, “I heard that you and Jiao Jiao played a game. How about we play a game too?”



Chu Chen’an looked at Xu Moshu unexpectedly, he didn’t quite dare to believe Xu Moshu’s bullshit.


After all, Xu Moshu was a vengeful person.



His hand was forced to rest on Xu Moshu’s shoulder, “Sh, what?”



“Within ten seconds if you can run out of the stairwell, I’ll let you go to the fourth floor. But if you run too slow and I catch you, you have to follow me home obediently, how’s that?”


Xu Moshu was like a dangerous wolf, slowly coaxing the little lamb in front of him.



The building of this block was less than a hundred meters, and it only took fifty meters to reach the middle of the building entrance.


Ten seconds was completely more than enough time.


Besides, he could run a little faster.


Chu Chen’an made up his mind and nodded.


“That’s good,” Xu Moshu leaned down and kissed Chu Chen’an’s moist lips, his eyes full of laughter,, “Then be careful, don’t fall and hurt yourself.”


Chu Chen’an glanced obliquely at Xu Moshu, “Hurry up.”


[ow ow ow! The cat catching the mouse game, I like it!]


[What little mouse, that is my fragrant wife]


Ahhhhhhhhh I love it.


[In case wife is caught, won’t he be caught and ……]




[Wife will be miserable]


The system platform had caused a lot of fluctuations, and the gold reward value was constantly soaring.





“It’s started, you run first, dear.”


Xu Moshu stood in place and watched Chu Chen’an leap out like a rabbit before he slowly and methodically began, “Ten.”






Chu Chen’an scattered his steps and began to run, arriving a few meters from the entrance of the building before Xu Moshu could recite six.


And as he arrived at the entrance of the building with joy, he was shocked by the scene in the stairwell and fell to the ground violently.




He shrieked out in shock, his pupils crinkling as he kept backing up.


His back fell back against the wall of the hallway.


He only saw that a bloody body was hanging from the access door of the stairwell, and there was not a single piece of good flesh on that person’s entire body, and it was a bloody mess.




According to the approximate shape of that body, it was Zhang Liang!


His outer skin was missing, his face was completely disfigured, and he was tied to the top of the door by an iron rope.


“Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock.”


Blood dripped on the hallway, constantly echoing in the silent and gloomy surroundings.




Chu Chen’an’s eyes widened in fear, and he no longer had the strength to stand up.


Xu Moshu leisurely walked towards Chu Chen”an, he took out a handkerchief and squatted down on one knee in front of Chu Chen’an, he was still smiling, “Two.”



He held the handkerchief and gently wiped up the ash-stained side of Chu Chen’an’s face. “One.”



Chu Chen’an’s eyes trembled timidly and softly, his eyes clouded with watery mist, and he looked at Xu Moshu with trepidation.


“How pitiful.”


Xu Moshu lifted Chu Chen’an’s left leg, the wound on the knee oozed a little blood from running too fast, “I put up with him for a long time. I wanted to tear his skin when I thought he had touched you …… but now it’s better, I tore his skin off intact ……”


“My An An lost.” Xu Moshu smiled gently and leaned down to lightly kiss the wound on Chu Chen’an’s knee.



“Then the game is over, it’s time for us to go home, baby.”




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