C28— Gentle Neighbor


Chu Chen’an passed by the sixth floor stairway and hurriedly glanced at the sixth floor hallway, the shadowy red light of the building flashed.


He squeezed his palms tightly and took small steps down the fifth floor.


The fifth floor entrance was also deadly silent and gloomy, and the foul smell of dampness was still wafting. When he smelled this disgusting smell, he would inexplicably think of Su Yu’s appearance before she died ……


The corpse fluid, stench, broken bone fragments, and blood-stained bed sheets ……


He frowned, raised his hand to cover his mouth, holding back his physical revulsion, and slowly and fearfully walked to the fourth floor.



The eerie landscape in front of him, the treacherous and shadowy interplay of light and shadow, the occasional eerie thud of the ceiling, and the occasional soft laughter of a woman.


His steps became smaller and smaller, as if there was an abyss ahead.



What if the aunt ate him?


He really couldn’t accept it.


The light ahead was getting darker and darker, Chu Chen’an had to take out the small flashlight in his pocket, throwing the faint light on the stairs below, walking down with trepidation.


The faint light swayed with his steps.


His eyes dared not leave the front, he was afraid that if he was a little inattentive, the something would break out of the darkness in front of him to pounce on his torch light, with a wide open bloody mouth, hideous face ……


His imagination made him even more afraid.


His eyes trembled with watery mist, clear and bright eyes full of fear, he tightly squeezed the torch in his hand and began to tremble.


He was so nervous that his legs felt weak, and there was a cold silence around him, as if there were ferocious ghosts hiding in the darkness, surging and laughing fiercely.


Chu Chen’an held his breath in the silence, and he could even hear the gentle sound of his teeth trembling.


He was doing internal construction.


It’s okay.


The system 001 had modulated his pain shield so many times before, the technique should still be skilled.


He had to trust the system.


The old partner 001 should always be trusted.


[Your equal is still at level 1, the pain shield can only be opened to 60% at the moment.
Please take your task seriously and carefully, don’t let down 001’s deep love for you.]


Otherwise, it would be painful.



The tone of the mechanical voice had no emotion to speak of, but the words spoken were sometimes very human.


Chu Chen’an listened to the system’s prompt and his steps became sluggish.


He really didn’t want to be eaten.




After a long time, he arrived at the fourth floor.


This trip seemed to have taken half a century.


He stood at the entrance of the building on the fourth floor and walked slowly towards the hallway with the torch held up.


He hesitated for a moment, but gritted his teeth and walked towards the dark hallway.


The perimeter of the building was silent and gloomy, and he was on high alert, just in case the female ghost would suddenly appear, opened her fangs and lunged at him ……


“Da, da, da.”


Only Chu Chen’an’s footsteps could be heard in the building.


He arrived at the door of 402, surrounded by a musty smell.


Only the door, which was covered with deep black blood stains, was hidden, leaving a thin, dark slit.


He took a deep breath.


With one finger, he gently pushed open the dirty, smelly door.


He was highly tense and looked around the living room.


It was surprisingly quiet inside.


The furniture inside was plain and dirty, and the floor was covered with blood and dust. The living room was dimly lit and the floor was a mess, it looked like he was in the middle of a ruin.


Chu Chen’an was slightly relieved and took small steps into the house.


While looking around cautiously, he glanced at the last row of cabinets under the foyer cabinet.


There were several photo frames in the cabinet.


The pictures in the frames were yellowed and dusty.


The faces in the photo were already blurry, but according to the approximate figures, it should be a family photo of three.


The father’s hair was white, while the mother had beautiful fashionable curly hair. The girl in the middle was 18 or 19 years old, holding a trophy in her hand and wearing an elegant cheongsam.



The photo was estimated to be some years old, the young girl’s cheongsam had become gray and white, a few blood stains dotted on the top.


Chu Chen’an looked around the silent surroundings before bowing and picking up one of the frames to scrutinize it.


A closer look easily revealed that a large part of the left edge of the photo was missing, and the edge wasn’t quite flat, there were obvious signs of tearing.


He also looked at the other frames, above the left edge also had such traces.


This meant that the photo was incomplete.


He suddenly remembered the conversation between Qu Jiu and Zhang Liang.


Qu Jiu once said that this middle-aged woman was his sister.


Then could …… the missing part in the family photo be Qu Jiu? ……



Chu Chen’an frowned and put the photo down.


He turned towards the bedroom on the right side of the living room, his heart trembling slightly with every step he took closer in this gloomy room.


He pushed open the door of the master bedroom at the risk of losing his bones.


It was empty, with a few wooden boards leaning against the wall and a few broken iron pots on the floor.



It was dark and silent, and it didn’t stink as much as he thought it would.


Chu Chen’an saw nothing inside and was suddenly relieved.



He lifted his feet and walked into the house, and just as he was about to walk towards the board, the wall board steeply emitted a few fierce tapping sounds.



“Knock! Knock, knock!”


Chu Chen’an was so frightened that he shuddered violently.


His small face paled, his upper lip shivered as he carefully looking at the wooden board placed on the wall diagonally.


Only to see the board automatically wrench upward, little by little it was wrenched away ……


Chu Chen’an’s eyes suddenly widened, his clear pupils shrank, and he suddenly took two steps back in fear.


Only then did he realize that the middle-aged female ghost was hiding under the wooden board!


She opened the corner of her mouth that had cracked to her ear, her whole body was as thin as a stick, and her mouth was filled with sharp teeth, dripping blood bit by bit. She was looking at Chu Chen’an eerily and hollowly.


Her horrible face distorted, she painfully grasped her head of black hair, murmuring, “your eyes, your liver look delicious, I want to eat so badly …… but no, he will be angry, he is too horrible …… I too hungry ooooooooooooooooooo, I can’t eat, I’m too hungry ooooooooooooooooooooo ……”



The middle-aged woman pulled her hair hard, her scalp was rotten with blood and mud, and she shrank timidly under the board, as the pitted wounds showed up.



After she grabbed a handful of blood-soaked hair, she regretfully rubbed it in, stuffing it back into the wound on top of her head.


Chu Chen’an only saw the black hair mixed with mud in the blood on top of her head, she repeated the same words over and over again.


“Woo I woo I really want to eat …… but I can’t woo woo woo ……”



The female ghost shrank under the wooden board, her voice suddenly became shrill, “Ah! Ahhhh! Ahhh …… he’s coming, he’s coming over ……”


Her face was hideous, but she cowered in fear.



The female ghost wrenched the moldy plank back and hid back in the corner of the plank in horror.



Constantly emitting wails and hidden whimpers.


Chu Chen’an was also scared and trembled all over.



He looked back at the empty living room, only to see the living room silent as before, with the ceiling constantly making a “ticking” sound.


The quiet surroundings were mixed with the moans of female ghosts’ fear, making the atmosphere even more eerie.


He staggered back a few steps and ran towards the door, holding onto the wall and escaping from apartment 402.


What was the female ghost afraid of ……


Chu Chen’an didn’t dare to stay longer, holding the wall all the way up to the fifth floor.


After the fifth floor corner, from the corner of his eye, he glimpsed the fifth floor hallway under the light and shadow, the figure of the old man in the Taoist robe appeared.



The old man in the Taoist robe was hiding in the darkness and was smiling grimly at Chu Chen’an ……


Chu Chen’an’s pace paused, heart trembling, he sped up the stairs to the seventh floor.


When his hand touched the door of apartment 702, he bowed and sighed in relief, sweat soaked his back.


He was gasping for air, and before he could catch his breath, a palm was on his shoulder.


His pupils were slightly shrank, his heart was in his throat, and he slowly turned around ……


It was Xu Moshu.


Chu Chen’an looked at that familiar face and suddenly his rapid breathing eased.


Xu Moshu looked at him with concern, “What’s wrong? You look so scared. You didn’t go downstairs, right? It’s very dangerous.”



Chu Chen’an’s palm trembled slightly as he opened the door, “No …… I just went to throw down the garbage.”



“Alright.” The look in Xu Moshu’s eagle eyes was unclear.


He looked at Chu Chen’an’s fair little face, with light dark circles under his eyes, “I see you don’t look too good, you must not have slept well last night, right? This is the barley porridge I made this morning, drink it and then go back to rest properly.”



Chu Chen’an didn’t sleep all night.


But the scene on the fourth floor just now was still fresh in his mind, causing his spirit to still be tense.


“No.” Chu Chen’an gasped and pushed the door.


A drop of sweat flowed from the side of his cheek to his chin, crystallizing on his fair skin …… he panted with his red lips slightly open, his lips were moist and attractive, as if they were covered with a faint mist of water.


Xu Moshu lowered his eyes and looked deeply at the teenager, the knot of his throat rolled.


He stopped Chu Chen’an, his wide and strong palm grabbed his hand, and forcefully let him take the blue insulation box in his hand.


“No need to be polite, you ate bread again in the morning, that bread is almost expired, it’s not good for your health if you eat it. This is what I made this morning, and I was going to pour it out because it was too much. If you really don’t want to eat it, just dump it.” Xu Moshu smiled lightly, his temperament was warm and elegant, “The right to dispose of it is yours.”


After saying that, he turned around and walked back to 701.


Chu Chen’an held the blue thermos box and froze in place.


He smelled the tantalizing fragrance emanating from the box.


It was a familiar smell.


He hesitated for a moment, but still held it and walked into the living room.


No matter what.


He couldn’t waste food, either.


He swallowed greedily.


So thinking, he quickly lowered the thermos box.


There were three layers in the thermos.


The first layer had a few blue rose petals on it, and as soon as it was opened, the intoxicating scent of flowers came to the surface.


The floral scent was so strong that it invaded the air around him.


Chu Chen’an felt that his breath was filled with this intoxicating floral scent.


This smell was familiar and unfamiliar.


He had smelled it on Xu Moshu’s wine cabinet.


Xu Moshu was actually an alcoholic, but rarely let him drink more than once.


In the past, he had only been allowed to drink once.


That time was when he was too curious and secretly drank a few sips of the grape wine in Xu Moshu’s glass.


And those few sips, he was drunk and dazed.


When Xu Moshu came back, he looked at his little drunkard who was leaning on the sofa.



His little face was slightly red and dazed.


It was especially cute.


He smiled gently, “It looks like my An An is drunk.”


“Not drunk, just had a sip.” Chen An squinted his drunken eyes in a daze, he clung to Xu Moshu’s neck stickily, his cheek pressed against his shoulder, and muttered in a small voice, “More drinks.”


“An An is so good,” Xu Moshu enjoyed Chen An’s dependence, carried him to the wine cabinet and coaxed him, “Then take another sip, okay?”


Xu Moshu picked a bottle of red wine that he had treasured for many years, tilted his head and took a sip, leaned down and fed him the wine.


Chen An was kissed to the point of confusion, and his lips were tainted with a hint of burgundy.


It enhanced his beauty.


The little drunk frowned and murmured in dissatisfaction, “I told you, I’m not drunk.”


“Good, my An An is not drunk.” Xu Moshu coaxed him and placed him on the liquor cabinet.


“If you’re not drunk, just hold me tight.”


That night.


Chu Chen’an forgot how he fell asleep and how he cried till his eyes were swollen ……




Chu Chen’an looked down at the blue flower petals in the thermal box, only to feel sleepy and no longer have the energy to open the second layer.


He even yawned twice, and tears spilled out of the corners of his eyes.


He was so sleepy that he simply left Task 2 behind and walked towards the bedroom.


Anyway, dying early was also death.


It was the same as dying late.


He decided to sleep first, and then go to die.


Chu Chen’an laid on the bed, eyelashes drooping as he was surrounded by that misty fragrance for a long time.


His eyelashes flapped less than a few times, then he closed his eyes and fell asleep.




And then, the bedroom was quietly opened.


Xu Moshu carried the medicine box to Chu Chen’an’s bedside.


He put a piece of talisman paper on the bedroom door and coldly said to the wall, “Go back to your sixth floor and stay well, no one is allowed to come up without my permission.



Jiao Jiao aggressively hugged her new doll and looked at her brother Chen An with bewilderment.


It was really over.


Her ten dolls were gone!




Brother Chen An was going to be beaten by Brother Xu again.


Brother Chen An would cry.


Although Jiao Jiao felt heartache for Chen An, she still immediately went back to the sixth floor.


Brother Xu liked Brother Chen An so much, he would definitely be lighter.


She simply thought.




Xu Moshu bowed and kissed the side of Chu Chen’an’s face, his fingertips rubbing slowly his lips.


“Haven’t slept all night, idiot.”




Heyo, just a quick reminder, this novel has dark themes, and some chapters will be horrifying and brutal [I think I’m exaggerating here ***shrugs***]. I won’t be adding reminders for some chapters because everything about this novel is dark y’know.


So if you’re easily triggered, please run as fast as possible or if you really want to, go right ahead.


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