C27 —- Gentle Neighbor


“I ……”

Chu Chen’an’s upper lip quivered minutely, cold sweat emerged behind his body, he froze for a few seconds before panicking and covering up, “I, I guessed.”

Chu Chen’an looked at Xu Moshu’s calm expression and squeezed the paper in his hand.

He always felt unsteady in his heart.

“It’s like that ……”

Xu Moshu stared at the flustered Chu Chen’an in front of him.

He withdrew his eyes only after a long time.

Xu Moshu didn’t say anything more, only to clean up the dishes in front of Chu Chen’an, the fruit plate was moved to his side. He said, “Then you guessed wrong, my lover didn’t die.”

Chu Chen’an was stunned, he looked at Xu Moshu.

“He just left, not passed away.” Xu Moshu’s long and slender hands were folded, elbows propped up on the table, his eyes were devout and serious.

Chu Chen’an’s heart was suddenly stabbed.

He was still like this.


He didn’t even acknowledge his death.

“I’ve been waiting for him to come back, I miss him too much ……” Xu Moshu said in a low voice, and then looked at Chu Chen’an, “He is so soft-hearted, how could he let me stay here alone. ”

Chu Chen’an couldn’t help but freeze as he listened.

He saw Xu Moshu sitting slumped, his eyes dim and absent-minded, looking lonely.

Xu Moshu’s dark eyes were lustrous, he met Chu Chen’an’s brimming eyes , “He clearly said he liked me ……”

Chu Chen’an squeezed the corner of his coat.

Every time Xu Moshu said one more word, it made his heart feel one more point of guilt.

He shouldn’t have provoked this madman.

He shouldn’t have sent him blue roses.


“You, you don’t have to be too sad, your life is not just him, you will meet someone better ……,” Chu Chen’an said.

Xu Moshu’s gaze was sparse and deep, “But I just want him alone to stay in my life.”

Chu Chen’an suddenly raised his eyes and looked at Xu Moshu, then hurriedly turned his gaze away.

Xu Moshu, “Thank you for finishing this bowl of noodles for my love.”

Chu Chen’an raised his eyes and didn’t say anything.

He should be the one to say thank you.

Xu Moshu sat opposite Chu Chen’an, slowly picking up fruit plates and chopsticks, still following Chu Chen’an’s gaze, “Should we be friends?”

Maybe Xu Moshu had really recognized the reality.

He thought.

He hesitated for a moment, looking at Xu Moshu’s downcast expression, he still nodded his head with a soft heart.

“That’s good.” Xu Moshu’s eyes showed a light softness, “There are still a lot of fresh chrysanthemum in my fridge, they will go bad in a few days, if you like to eat them, I can still make them for you tomorrow.”

“Don’t.” Chu Chen’an gulped, he leaned back in his chair haughtily, lowered his head so he wouldn’t look at Xu Moshu, his moist bright lips pursed, “I didn’t mean to eat this time, besides… it’s not very delicious either.”

Chrysanthemum garland

So many pale green chrysanthemum flowers.

It’s going to rot.

Chu Chen’an felt deeply sorry.

“Okay then, I thought you liked to eat it.” Xu Moshu looked at Chu Chen’an’s expression and couldn’t hide the amusement in his eyes.

He only sat still, propping his chin up to look at Chu Chen’an, without the intention of leaving.

A few minutes later.

Chu Chen’an wrapped his arms around himself, like a cautious kitten, his eyes widened warily, and asked him, “Why aren’t you leaving yet?”

“Oh, it seems like it’s time for me to go.” Xu Moshu picked up the dinner plate and withdrew his deep gaze.

He stood up and warmly reminded Chu Chen’an, “Remember to close the door at night, it’s dangerous outside, don’t run around. Don’t go down to the fifth and fourth floors, the things there are not as obedient as those on the sixth floor.”

Chu Chen’an nodded in a daze.

He found a slight change in Xu Moshu’s tone, but he couldn’t think of it being that strange ……

He watched Xu Moshu’s back leave the door, and the room door clicked shut.

He sighed with relief.

He had gotten away with it again.


How in the world did Xu Moshu get in?

Chu Chen’an wondered, rubbed his messy hair and leaned back on the sofa.

And outside the door.

Xu Moshu stood at the gate, staring at the closed door for a long time, his eyes dark and silent.

Obviously so scared, but still always running downstairs.

What exactly was the reason why this must go on….

Xu Moshu turned and walked quickly towards 701.

He sharply ripped off the talisman paper on the wall one by one, and the red threads that twisted into the formation suddenly scattered all over the floor.

With a gloomy expression, he knocked three times on the cabinet on the basement door, “Lin Jiaojiao, come here for me.”

Jiaojiao hid in the corner and shivered, she had never seen brother Xu so angry.

It’s over.

Her ten dolls were going to be gone.

She hugged the old dolls and whispered, “Xu, brother Xu, what did you call me for ……”

“What do you think I called you for?” Xu Moshu casually threw the vase off the table as he coldly said, “Growing in ability ah …… Lin Jiaojiao.”

The vase fell on the floor at the entrance, it was broken into pieces, the blue rose lay pitifully on the vase fragments, a crystal drop of water slid down from the petals to the flower branch.

Jiao Jiao shuddered in fear and pouted, the doll in her hand fell to the corner.

She was going to complain to Brother Chen An.

Brother Xu was mean to her again.

It was night.

Chu Chen’an was walking anxiously back and forth in the living room, worrying about task point two.

This additional mission was much more difficult than mission point one.

For Chu Chen’an, who was still only at rank 1, it was like sending him to his death.

But if he didn’t complete this mission, then all his points for the past few days would be deducted.

He sighed and crouched anxiously in the corner of the couch, pondering what he should do next.

He had to admit.

He was quite stupid.

So stupid that he would be fooled by Xu Moshu every time and be cheated out of his pants.

Every time they had a conflict, the person who unilaterally started the war was him, and it was always him who ended up crying and begging for mercy.


He simply collapsed on the sofa, yawned sleepily, and his eyes immediately flooded with watery mist.

He really couldn’t think of a good way to do it, instead, his eyelids began to lazily droop, like butterfly wings fluttering, it gradually closed.

He fell asleep again.

The back of his hand was placed on the floor, and his thin legs rested on the sofa cushion, giving a clear view of his white and tender skin.

This sleeping posture was very tempting.

The yellowish light in the room was dim, and a black shadow suddenly blocked the light in front of Chu Chen’an.

The blanket was wrapped around the teenager’s body, his small hand was lifted and a kiss fell on the back of his hand.

The dim light and the light overlapped.

Chu Chen’an suddenly felt a slight chill on his lips in his sleep, with a lingering wetness.

He dreamed that he was entangled in a difficult bug.

The bug was so heavy, from his mouth to his neck, he fought for a long time but he couldn’t drive it away, the bug bit his wrist, he couldn’t move.

He whimpered in aggression, but the bug still bit him.

How he struggled to get rid of it.


Finally, the sharp wailing outside the door woke him up.

He opened his eyes with a start, the abominable bug from the dream was nowhere to be seen, and there was an additional blanket on his body for no apparent reason.

He looked at the blanket in his hand and froze for a few seconds.

Where did this …… come from?

It was very much like the blanket in his room, but he didn’t remember when he went to get it.

He guessed he was in a sleepy daze, so he didn’t remember.

He put on his shoes and busied himself towards the door.

The screaming outside hadn’t yet stopped, it seems to be Li Yaya’s voice.

Chu Chen’an was alarmed, he hurriedly raised his head through the cat’s eye to look outside the building.

“Aaaaaah! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!” Li Yaya ran towards the entrance of the building, her hair was dirty and disheveled, and her left hand was bitten off with three fingers.

It was dripping blood all the way.

702 was located in the middle of the hallway, just opposite the building entrance.

Chu Chen’an stood inside the door and saw clearly.

Her mouth opened, tears and snot mixed together, “Ahhhhh don’t kill me, it wasn’t me, it was Zhang Liang! I didn’t kill you …… ah! I was wrong ooooooooo, don’t kill me Su Yu, you …… you go to Zhang Liang ah, it’s him who killed you aaaahhh! It’s him! It was he who cut off your hands and feet, it was he who invited the ghost ……”

She shouted at the empty hallway in front of her, looking already mad.

She knelt on the ground and kept kowtowing to the shadowy air, which quickly bloodied her forehead.

Suddenly, in the dark hallway, a black shadow blocked in front of Li Yaya’s body.

Li Yaya was roughly yanked by her hair and dragged on the wall.

Chu Chen’an narrowed his eyes and looked at that back, it was very familiar ……

Suddenly, his pupils crinkled and his eyes trembled with fear.

That wasn’t Su Yu.

It was Zhang Liang!

Zhang Liang stood in the dark hallway, holding a fruit knife in one hand and covering Li Yaya’s mouth with the other, so that she no longer let out a shriek.

A stab, then another ……

Li Yaya no longer had the strength to make a sound, her abdomen was bloody, like the puddle of mud that was at the entrance of the building.

Zhang Liang wiped the fruit knife on Li Yaya’s clothes a few times, his back was still to the door of 702.

Chu Chen’an only vaguely heard Zhang Liang speaking to Li Yaya’s corpse.

“Finally stopped, b-itch, you’ve been making a lot of noise these past few days.”

“I actually didn’t bother to kill you, but unfortunately the landlord said that …… only one of the people who moved in could live.”

And then, Zhang Liang bent down and grabbed Li Yaya”s corpse. He yanked up the body and indifferently dragged it downstairs ……

Chu Chen’an stood in the doorway and covered his mouth.

He couldn’t help but shiver and squatted on the ground in a daze.

This person Zhang Liang was too scary.

He shrank back to his room in fear and no longer dared to sleep.

He huddled in the corner of the bed covered with the quilt and leaned against the wall behind him until dawn.


The system reminded him for the eighth time.

[Please complete mission point two as soon as possible]

Your mission game time limit is: 12 hours.

The system wasn’t urging him to complete the game mission.

It was urging him to die.

Chu Chen’an was in a trance at the moment, and he looked at the slightly bright window with faint dark circles under his eyes.

The pale sunlight poured on the floor, climbing inside little by little.

He took a deep breath, fiercely lifted the covers and resolved to wash up.

Just die.

It only hurt a little.

He took a sip of water and chewed dry bread.

Suddenly he missed the bowl of chrysanthemum noodles last night.

He wondered if the chrysanthemum in Xu Moshu’s refrigerator had rotted ……

What a pity.

He sighed and didn’t notice the little red marks on his collar.

Soon after, he bravely walked towards the stairway.

The moment Chu Chen’an walked into the stairwell on the seventh floor.

Xu Mosju’s figure then quietly appeared in the hallway, and he stared grimly at Chu Chen’an’s thin back.

He clenched his fist, his long and slender knuckles whitened, and he followed behind Chu Chen’an.




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