C16 —- Gentle Neighbor

Bonus Chap

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When the three people inside the room made a restless noise, the old man’s hoarse, tiny voice stopped.


Chu Chen’an stood still in the darkness, so nervous that he stopped moving.


This old man actually knew him ……


But he had never seen this person before.




Li Yaya screamed in the darkness, making the atmosphere even more bizarre.


Chu Chen’an’s body trembled again.


“What’s wrong?! Why did the lights go out?!”


Zhang Liang, flashlight in hand, ran out of the room in fear and pointed it at the old man.


The old man smiled, almost burying his tiny eyes, he showed yellow teeth, blocking his eyes with a withered hand.


The old man’s hands were folded on his cane and met Xu Moshu’s gaze.


He saw that Xu Moshu was leaning against the edge of the door, looking at him with a cold, sullen gaze.


The old man’s smile suddenly faded down, his hand gripped the cane, he slowly and leisurely said, “It’s nothing, I’ve been using this light for almost twenty years, it has ……”


Then he walked pass Chu Chen’an, towards the old color wall, and slowly pulled the gate back.




The dark and spooky interior regained a little bit of light.


Xu Moshu didn’t move, quietly looking around.


The sudden darkness made him gasp, he quickly returned to the side of Zhang Liang and the three of them, the end of his eyes were slightly red.


Xu Moshu saw his watery moist pink lips mouth slightly open, exhaling some dense mist, the corners of his eyes were slightly red, as if he would cry.


So pitiful.


He was afraid of the dark.


His Chen An was also very afraid of the dark.


Xu Moshu thought.


Perhaps because everything was so similar, so much so that even when it was completely ruled out, it didn’t seem like a coincidence that he always habitually associated his Chen An when he saw Chu Chen’an.

But reality told him that his Chen An was still lying in the ice cellar at the moment.


Coldly unwilling to see him again ……


Looking at Chu Chen’an, who was shrinking behind people and shivering slightly, Xu Moshu’s eyes became more and more gloomy, he looked coldly at the old man in the Taoist robe, casually picked up the mahogany sword that had accumulated dust on the table, and swung down to cut on the wooden door at his side.


The wood chips fell little by little on the floor, and a corner of the wooden door was cut off.



The sound wasn’t loud, but the robed old man’s face changed slightly.



He sat back on the wooden couch with his cane, his face pale, eyes downcast and no longer made a sound.


Xu Moshu flung the peach wood sword back onto the table, his obscure eagle eyes flushed with a faint smile, glancing around at the crowd, his gaze rested on Chu Chen’an, “Time is running out, let’s hurry up and find it.”


The old man raised his eyes to secretly glance at Chu Chen’an, and suddenly lowered his eyes, occasionally emitting a hoarse coughing sound.



He was so thin that he was skin and bones, and his cloudy eyes always carried an unkind and creepy light.



Chu Chenan was so frightened that he dared only to hide behind Zhang Liang and Li Yaya.


Zhang Liang raised his hand to look at the watch in his hand, the watch was a limited model of a world famous brand.



He glanced at it from the side of his eyes and thought the watch looked familiar, but he didn’t think any more about it and got closer to see the minute hand in the watch.


There were still 10 minutes left to five o’clock.


If they couldn’t find Su Yu, they all had to die.


Where would Su Yu be ……



Chu Chen’an frowned.


When he just passed near the sofa, he smelled an unpleasant stench, which was very similar to the dark brown liquid at the entrance of the stairs, but it was very light. Only when he was close could he smell it.



He covered his mouth, recalling the puddle of dark brown unknown liquid, he was disgusted to the point that he shed two tears.


Zhang Liang took a few steps closer, looked at the eccentric old man in the Taoist robe, and cautiously asked, “Isn’t this where she is? Where did you hide her?”



“Didn’t I just say,” the old man raised his cloudy eyes, cold and eerie, “Young man, it’s up to you to find it.”


They returned to the three rooms to look, and even lifted the wooden cabinets stacked with talisman paper to look for it, there was still no sign of Su Yu.


Zhang Liang lifted his watch and looked at it.


Five minutes left.



Life and death would be determined by the only five minutes left.


Zhang Liang anxiously spinned in place, he irritably kicked away the layers of paper on the ground, to get rid of the dog-like Li Yaya behind him.


Li Yaya was afraid to die.



She whimpered and cried, her nose and eyes mixed with tears.


“Shut up, bi-tch, don’t cry!”



Zhang Liang finished cursing, scratched his hair in annoyance, and took another big step towards the living room, walking into the toilet at the right rear of the living room.


The door to the toilet was wide open, and they had searched for it once before.


Chu Chen’an followed behind, carefully passing by the wooden sofa again.


He then smelled the faint stench again.


Chu Chen’an stopped and stopped at the entrance by the wooden sofa, and secretly glanced at the old man.



That old man also slowly turned his head sideways and met Chu Chen’an with a cold and frightening gaze, slightly curved the corners of his mouth, and the dense wrinkles tugged up ……


Chu Chen’an was so frightened that he was slightly stunned and withdrew his gaze, not daring to look at the scary eyes of the hunched old man not far away.



When he was trembling slightly with fear, Xu Moshu walked behind him with big steps.


Chu Chenan glanced back at Xu Moshu.


He also saw the hunched old man across the room suddenly withdraw his gaze and lower his eyes.


This old man seemed very afraid of Xu Moshu.



He quickly stepped behind Zhang Liang and glanced at the watch Zhang Liang held up in his hand.


There were still four minutes left.


Chu Chen’an hesitated for two seconds and decided to take a chance.


“Su Yu,” he raised his finger to the old man with a slight tremor, “Su Yu should be under him.”



The old man suddenly raised his eyes and looked at Chu Chen’an, his gaze was cold and unkind, but he narrowed his eyes and smiled.


Zhang Liang looked at Chu Chen’an, and Li Yaya stopped crying.



They went to the old man’s side, their eyes were measuring the wooden sofa underneath the old man.



The wooden sofa was carved with a classical hundred-flower pattern, and was surrounded by wooden boards tightly.


“Old, old man, get up.” Zhang Liang held up a flashlight and shone it straight on the old man’s face.



The old man was stung by the blinding light and closed his eyes, which he blocked with his pale hand.



His tone showed a trace of impatience and killing intent, murmuring low, “This new group of kids is so rude …… had I known this, I shouldn’t have let the nine kids blindly toss …… directly eat, how good ……”



He glanced at Xu Moshu, who was standing at the end, and closed his mouth again, and got up with his walking stick.


Zhang Liang held up a flashlight meticulously shining on the wooden sofa, nervous and careful.


Chu Chen’an saw that time was running out, he quickly walked towards the table dedicated to the venerated statue, took the largest wooden sword and handed it to Zhang Liang.


Zhang Liang took it and hurriedly raised the wooden sword and knocked it with brute force.


“Peng Peng Peng”


Chu Chen’an looked at the wall clock, there were still two minutes left.


His gaze became anxious.


Zhang Liang was even more so, the surface of the wooden sofa had been pitted by the splintering, and a number of cracks of various sizes had appeared.


He was so anxious that he used his maximum strength and slammed a heavy chop on the largest cracks.


Finally, a plank of wood was violently split.


A piece of purple clothing was revealed.


It was Su Yu’s clothes!

Chu Chen’an and Li Yaya squatted down and reached out to wrench the plank open.


The board was completely wrenched open, revealing the upper half of Su Yu.



The upper half of her clothes were torn and tattered, surrounded by clothes scraps, as if she had suffered inhuman abuse.


At this time, the clock on the wall “ding”.


It was five o’clock.



Zhang Liang and Li Yaya both breathed a sigh of relief, Zhang Liang was exhausted, he sat on the ground, panting sharply.



Chu Chenan looked at Su Yu’s bruised and purple face and breathed a sigh of relief.


Su Yu’s whole body was covered with bruises.



It turned out that her body was surrounded by several layers of black transparent plastic, which prevented the body’s foul smell from emanating in large strands ……


The broadcast sounded at this time.



[You guys are pretty smart, you actually found it.
Then congratulations, you can live another night, hahaha ……]
[But your neighbors downstairs aren’t so happy either.]
[Now that you’ve found her, take her back.
I’ll say good night in advance.
Oh yeah, remember to close the door at night, hehehe ……]



The male landlord smiled and turned off the radio.



Zhang Liang held back his nausea and dragged Su Yu out of the wood panel, Li Yaya hid behind, not even wanting to touch her.


“Xu Moshu,” Zhang Liang felt some strain, his hands were still a little weak, he looked to Xu Mosh, “come help.”


Xu Moxu indifferently glanced at Su Yu, “OK.”



They worked together to move Su Yu out of the door of 501, Li Yaya squeezed Chu Chen’an back, went to the front and followed behind Zhang Liang.


Chu Chen’an staggered a little, and he stood at the end.



He also didn’t want to stay in this bizarre room for one more second, he quickly followed the group



The old man in the daoist robe behind him suddenly spoke, his hoarse laugh creeped Chu Chen’an out, “Do you want me to go tell him?”


“He will probably be very angry when he finds out, after all, you are still hiding from him.” The dao-robed old man spoke slyly.



Chu Chen’an was stunned and stared back in astonishment, “You …… how did you know?”



“This old man is talented, I learned the art of soul devouring and soul recruiting for more than forty years,” the old man in the Taoist robe’s face was covered with gray and black spots, “Although the academics are not refined, but it is also possible to identify the human soul. The first time I saw you, I knew that you were the soul that ran out of the house of that madman Xu ……”


Chu Chen’an went back a few steps, he couldn’t panic now.


If this old man wanted to, he could have told Xu Moshu, he wouldn’t have waited until only the two of them were here.


Chu Chen’an cautiously asked him, “You, what do you want?”


“Don’t be too nervous, you’re hiding it from him so much,” the dao-robed old man laughed twice, his voice hoarse and muffled, echoed in the dark room, “I guess …… you hate that madman too, right? ”



Chu Chen’an took two steps back, this old man was really scary.

He furrowed his eyebrows and staggered a few steps back to the door.


From the doorway came Li Yaya’s careful shout, “Chu Chen’an, come quickly, do you want to be eaten?! ”



Chu Chen’an eagerly pushed open the hidden door, no longer wanting to see the creepy old man, he jogged to the fifth floor of the building entrance.



Everyone else had already gone up the stairs.


Xu Moshu was still waiting for him quietly at the entrance of the building, his sleeves were stained with a few drops of blood, his deep dark eyes seemed to be following Chu Chen’an’s body.



Chu Chen’an jogged and paused for a while, he suddenly felt that the fear of the past had faded away, and a little sense of security had risen inexplicably.


He remembered the last time he entered this copy, because it was the first novice copy. The newcomer didn’t understand anything and was so stupid that even team members could admit it.



He was so scared that his eyes turned red and he wasn’t welcome by the group of people who shared the rent at that time. He would always be forgotten. He could only hide in the corner of the crowd and struggle to keep up with the team.



The people in the team were indifferent, plus he was originally a cannon fodder character, so no one would wait for him.


Except for Xu Moshu.


At that time, Xu Moshu was very gentle, elegant like a cold blue rose.


The blue rose always said to him.


“Slow down.”


“There is no hurry.”


“Chen An you have worked very hard.”


“I will wait for you, don’t be afraid.”




Unfortunately, later, the blue rose grew into a morbid black thorn, paranoid and crazy, imprisoning Chu Chen’an in his domain ……


His tenderness and love wasn’t disguised, what was disguised was his sickly gloomy heart.




Chu Chen’an slowed down his steps and walked, step by step, closer to Xu Moshu, he was slightly stunned, forcing himself not to remember the past.


He quickened his pace and came to Xu Moshu’s side.



Zhang Liang and Li Yaya worked together first to carry Su Yu up, perhaps they also didn’t want to stay here more.


Xu Moshu’s eyes at this time no longer had the camouflage of tenderness, which made Chu Chen’an puzzled.


What was wrong with this pervert today?


His eyes were obscure, and his low eyes looked askance at Chu Chen’an, “What did he say to you just now?”


“He didn’t say anything, it’s just that I was walking slowly.” Chu Chen’an passed by Xu Moshu’s side and walked ahead sheepishly.


Xu Moshu didn’t speak again and followed behind Chu Chen’an.




After they settled Su Yu, who was covered in injuries, they returned to the sofa in the living room together.


Zhang Liang was so tired that he was panting, he looked at Chu Chen’an, “Right Chen’an, how did you know Su Yu was on the fifth floor?”


Chu Chen’an lowered his eyebrows, wringing his white hands in thought.


He raised his eyes at the sound of his voice and blinked a few times in a daze, “It was a guess.”



The blood at the door of 402 was mostly dark black, the blood deliberately dragged from the stairs and the blood near the door weren’t at all the same color.


This meant that the blood at the door was stale and not Su Yu’s blood.


There was also the middle-aged woman who was lying in the doorway muttering words that were also suspicious.


Listening to her words, as soon as they went and knocked on the door of 402, their eyes would be plucked out and turned into food for that thing.


Chu Chen’an casually explained a few more words, and then couldn’t sit down.


He was shivering like a little hamster at the moment, sitting on pins and needles.


Because the pervert beside him was in a bad mood.


That gloomy eyes made his heart palpitate, Xu Moshu used to be like this when he was in a bad mood.



Most of the time it was because he was locked up at that time and he refused to eat, even if Xu Moshu fed him one bite at a time.


Xu Moshu would look at him grimly like this, tie him up with a belt, and then frantically, morbidly, tirelessly demand ……



When he cried without strength and finally knew that he was hungry, Xu Moshu put on the mask of gentleness again, held him affectionately in his lap, kissed the back of his neck, and began to act as the good man with a sweet tongue, “That’s how to be obedient, I’ll be heartbroken if you’re hungry, baby.”



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