C14 —–Gentle Neighbor

Bonus Chap

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Xu Moshu’s smiling eyes were shining. His tall and slender figure stood in front of Chu Chen’an and the atmosphere gradually became anxious and depressing.


Xu Moshu said it again, that he was very similar to Chen An.


This was another warning for Chu Chen’an.


Xu Moshu’s inquisitive eyes seemed to penetrate him bit by bit. Chu Chen’an was slightly stunned for two seconds, avoiding Xu Moshu’s eyes.



He busily took the spoon behind him back to the sink.


“Accidentally applied too much, I …… don’t like it much.”


He turned around and carried his plate, his palm trembled slightly, and there were tiny scratches on the top of the old-colored plate, on which a few slices of bread were placed.


When Xu Moshu saw that Chu Chenan didn’t say anything, he sidled up to him and let him out.



Chu Chen’an sat down at the table and painfully wiped away all the sweet jam with a spoon, quietly picked up a piece of dry hard bread and started biting into it.


His cheeks puffed out, he chewed carefully, while still glancing warily at Xu Moshu.


Zhang Liang went into the kitchen and made a few more plates of breakfast, which he diligently brought in front of Chu Chen’an.



“Chen’an.” Zhang Liang glanced at Chu Chen’an’s pretty little face, the pair of crimson lips were stained with a few points of rose-colored jam, the color was bright and attractive, his throat knot rolled a few times and his ears were slightly red, “I specially added more of the jam you like to eat.”


“You remembered wrong, I don’t like it.”


Chu Chen’an didn’t raise his head, he bit into the dry bread nonchalantly.


The system prompted in his mind.


[Please confirm your mission for today.
One, complete the cannon fodder daily tasks.
Two, as soon as possible to complete the drama task point one, task deadline: 3 days.]


【If the task is not completed within 3 days, it will automatically be considered a failed resurrection mission.]


Chu Chen’an thought carefully and stopped chewing nervously as he sighed.



These 3 days would be the critical period for the mission.


He felt vaguely uneasy.


As if he was immune to Chu Chen’an’s cold words, Zhang Liang sat down opposite Chu Chen-an and watched attentively as Chu Chen’an ate.


Chu Chen’an’s face was soft and white, and those eyes were bright and soulful, cool and charming, arousing Zhang Liang’s desire to conquer.


Zhang Liang wanted to break the high pride of this white, luscious and seductive flower and trample it in the mud so that Chu Chen’an would never again dare to look at him as if he were a dirty, lowly rat.



He wanted to destroy Chu Chen’an’s pride.


Get him, trample him ……


Zhang Liang’s eyes were dim. He stared at Chu Chen’an’s face, then slightly curved his lips.


They had breakfast.


They sat on the sofa and looked at each other without saying anything.


They sat in silence until two o’clock in the afternoon .


Li Yaya clenched her palms and marked her hands with a lot of blood marks, her face was pale and fine sweat was dense on her tightly knitted brows.



She was staring at the clock on the wall moment by moment, afraid of missing a second.


“Su Yu is dead, why do we still have to go to her?!” She looked up at Zhang Liang and glared hideously, “Even if …… even if we go looking for her, can she live?! Ah! Why is it like this! I …… why do I keep being so unlucky aaaaaah”


“Can those things just leave us alone?!”


Li Yaya in the past and Su Yu were very good, so good that they even knew their payment passwords, and now in less than three days, Li Yaya put the former sisterly love to the back of the mind, exposing her selfishness and indifference.


“Be quiet.” Zhang Liang frowned, “Is shouting useful?”


Chu Chen’an was so annoyed that he got a headache, he found his Bluetooth headset and started listening to music, and turned up the volume to try to cover up the sharp and harsh sound.


He wrapped his arms around himself and leaned back on the sofa to close his eyes and fake sleep.


Xu Moshu wasn’t idle either, he sat beside Chu Chen’an, meticulously carving a piece of wood with his wooden knife, his knuckles were distinct and slender as his fingertips rubbed the surface of the sandalwood.




Li Yaya cried for ten minutes and then subsided, clutching Zhang Liang’s arm at his side and not letting go.


Li Yaya trembled and carefully glanced around the three, “That person also didn’t say when we can start, we can now …… can go down, right?”


Chu Chen’an took off his headphones and stretched lazily as he looked at Zhang Liang.



Zhang Liang pondered for a long time, frowning, he was also hesitant.


He saw Xu Moshu’s relaxed expression and frowned, “Xu Moshu, what do you think?”


“It does seem to work.” Xu Moshu placed the sandalwood, which hadn’t yet been carved out of shape, on the tabletop and elegantly patted the wood chips clean from his hands.



“Can’t we think about it again ……,” Zhang Liang looked at Xu Moshu and felt an indescribable sense of oppression.



“You guys can wait as long as you like, I don’t want to wait.” Chu Chen’an stood up, moved his shoulders twice, walked straight to the door, then he pretended to sneer coldly, “You’ve waited for so long, yet done nothing.”


In fact, it was his cannon fodder daily task for today that had not been completed.


He was determined to be a full time cannon fodder, cannon fodders always did stupid things to show their ability.



Chu Chen’an today wore a light blue short-sleeved shirt, making his skin look more white and soft.


“Eh, wait for us, Chen’an ……” Zhang Liang stood up, while being dragged by Li Yaya, keeping up with Chu Chen’an’s pace.



Xu Moshu placed the wooden sculpture before getting up leisurely and walking at the end of the crowd.





They went down to the sixth floor, the red light at the entrance of the building was dark and creepy, Chu Chen’an got goose bumps just looking at it.



Blood stains began to appear on the sixth floor stairway, spreading all the way to the fifth floor stairway, like traces of being dragged.


Li Yaya tugged Zhang Liang’s hem, shivering and walking down the winding trail of blood.



They stopped at the stairway of the fifth floor.


A dark brown unidentified liquid appeared next to the trash corner, and Chu Chen’an recoiled as he watched.



The dark brown liquid gave off a strong sour and fishy smell, spreading over the entire floor of the stairway, and if he wanted to pass the stairway and turn towards the corridor, he had to step over the puddle of liquid.


He took a few steps back, grabbed the handrail and turned around, walking back 10 steps past the crowd, the corners of his eyes were slightly red, almost forcing out two tears.


He sat down directly on the step surface, his small white hands clutched the iron railing of the handrail.


Too ……


Too disgusting.


Zhang Liang lightly went up and patted Chu Chen’an’s shoulder: “Chen’an, what’s wrong with you?”


Chu Chen’an turned sideways, eyelids drooping, he replied softly, “I’m not going over, it’s disgusting, you guys go, I’m going to sit here.”


His arms again tightly hugged the iron railing.


His eyelashes curled, he looked like a weak and soft kitten.


Chu Chen’an also couldn’t care about the cannon fodder task. He had already lost his dignity and coldness, so he held on to the iron railings, and didn’t let go as Zhang Liang pulled him.



“Chen’an, stop making trouble. It’s dangerous for you to sit here alone.”


Zhang Liang tried to drag Chu Chen’an up again, but Chu Chen’an still refused to listen.


Chu Chen’an didn’t want to step on the disgusting liquid.


He once smelled the disgusting smell in the real morgue.


His body was put in the morgue.


The room was dark and terrible.




The more he thought about it, the more he refused to go.


Zhang Liang persuaded a few times and gradually also lost his patience, “Chen’an, at times like this can you stop being unreasonable ……”


“That’s right, Chu Chen’an,” Li Yaya grabbed Zhang Liang’s arm and said discontentedly, “Is this the time for you to be petulant? The one who wanted to go downstairs is you, and now the one who says no is also you, what do you want instead?”


Li Yaya was suppressed for a long time, she finally found the opportunity to scold Chu Chen’an, “Don’t think you look good, so we’ll all spoil you, if not that Zhang Liang likes ……”



“All right,” Zhang Liang interrupted Li Yaya, “shut up.”


Xu Moshu’s elbow leaned on the armrest, not annoyed by Chu Chen’an’s petulance, he found it amusing instead.



“It doesn’t count if you don’t knock,” Xu Moshu looked at Zhang Liang, “How about this, you guys go to the corridor first, don’t knock on the door yet, I’ll stay here with Chen’an, wait until we go down to the fourth floor together and then consider which door to look for.”



Zhang Liang nodded and dragged Li Yaya towards the stairway on the fifth floor.


After the two of them turned into the stairway, Xu Moshu leisurely squatted down in front of Chu Chen’an, curiously measuring up Chu Chen’an’s scared, pitiful little face.


Chu Chen’an was wearing a pair of white shorts that just reached his knees, and his slender calves were currently resting on the steps.


Xu Moshu squatted in front of Chu Chen’an, only to see that white porcelain-like skin close at hand.



“Little anchor An changed faces really fast ah.” Xu Moshu lowered his eyes, his gaze wandered over Chu Chen’an’s slender ankles, “Didn’t you just take the lead?”


Chu Chen’an hugged the iron railing, he was too lazy to dislike Xu Moshu, he turned his face to look at the other side.


He indifferently remained silent, but he still weakly retracted his feet.


“Did we know each other before?” Xu Moshu suddenly asked.


Chu Chen’an heard his heart thump, his palms tightened and he forced himself to play it cool, “Of course we don’t know each other.”


“Then can you tell me why you hate me?”


Suddenly, Xu Moshu raised his hand and easily grabbed Chu Chen’an’s ankle that wanted to retract.


Chu Chen’an’s ankle was slim, and soft to the touch.


“What are you doing?” Chu Chen’an’s eyes widened in anxiety, his weak eyes flooded with panic, “Let go, let go ……”



Xu Moshu was very strong, Chu Chenan couldn’t avoid it in the slightest.



“Say the reason and I will let you go.”


Xu Moshu slowly picked off the cotton wool on his calf, his deep eagle eyes were slightly narrowed.



“Because ……” Chu Chen’an was busy breaking away from Xu Moshu, and without thinking much, he said in an exasperated whisper, “Because the first time I saw you I thought you weren’t a good person.”


Xu Moshu was stunned.



Releasing Chu Chen’an’s ankle, he began to smile, revealing his white and neat teeth, a mellow laugh echoed in the silent stairwell, appearing gradually bizarre.


“Haha ……”


Xu Moshu stared straight at Chu Chen’an and laughed.



His Chen An was also like a simple kitten.


The kitten always looked at him with weak eyes and simply said to him, “Don’t listen to them, I think you are a good person ah.”


Later he selfishly took the kitten for himself, and the kitten cried every night with regret, calling him a bad man.




“Ha …… I like this reason.”


Xu Moshu’s emotions were unknown, his laughter slowly stopped, “Then do you think I’m a bad guy?”



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