C13 —- Gentle Neighbors


“Don’t! Don’t go yet!” Chu Chen’an eagerly looked at the dark wall.


Jiao Jiao was simple and obstinate, so Chu Chen’an was really afraid that she would think one thing and go directly to tell Xu Moshu his true identity ……



He slowed his tone and said, “Jiao Jiao, look at it this way, okay, note that brother Xu was fierce to you today, when you win our game later, we will find brother Xu together to settle accounts, okay?”



Jiao Jiao squeezed the doll’s small hands, aggrieved: “But, but ……”


She really wanted to let brother Xu know that brother Chen An was back.


Brother Xu had become too fierce these days.


Too sad.


She had never seen brother Xu so fierce before.


“In that case,” Chu Chen’an picked up again and coaxed her in a warm voice, “won’t you get the reward of ten doll dolls and get back at Brother Xu at the same time?”


Chu Chen’an said with a smile, he was handsome and his voice was gentle and convincing to listen to.



“Then, that’s fine, then brother you have to remember our agreement.”



Jiao Jiao pouted slightly and whispered, “When our game is over, we have to go to brother Xu and scold him properly! Be even better than when Brother Xu used to beat you in the room!”


“Brother,” Jiao Jiao’s thoughts suddenly deflected, thinking of something to say, “You used to be so pitiful.”


Chu Chen’an was stunned, “Hmm?”



Jiao Jiao continued, “I used to sneak to the door of brother Xu’s house at night to look for you several times, each time I could hear you crying outside the door. Brother Xu heard you crying and he didn’t stop, he kept hitting you ……”


Chu Chen’an pursed his lips, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly.


“I was later found by brother Xu, I dare not hide outside brother Xu’s house again.” Jiao Jiao complained discontentedly, “Hmph, Brother Xu is really stingy. Fierce and bad, no wonder you don’t want him to know you’re back.”



Chu Chen’an: “……”



Shouldn’t he still be thankful for that?


Jiao Jiao just heard the movement.


She didn’t see ……


“Yeah.” Chu Chen’an agreed with a dry smile.


Jiao Jiao saw that Chu Chen’an agreed with her, and got anxious.


She was afraid that Chu Chen’an would sneak away again because he hated the odious Xu Moshu, and she busily began to switch her words again.


“But …… but brother Xu is not particularly bad.” Jiao Jiao hugged the doll, trying to find the merits of Xu Moshu, but she found nothing, “He …… he …… is a little mean, but he really likes you especially!”


“Brother Chen An, you don’t know, after you secretly left, brother Xu stayed up many times all night long, he guarded your sleeping body everyday.”


“Brother Chen An, he really misses you.”




Chu Chen’an’s emotions were suddenly controlled by Jiao Jiao’s words for a long time, and he inexplicably felt some guilt.



Xu Moshu was like this mostly because of him.



If he didn’t mistake Xu Moshu for his teammate, disrupting Xu Moshu’s originally solitary life, not bothering him and provoking him ……


The plot development of all this was originally wrong.


But how could Xu Moshu be willing to let this mistake return to its original form?



He was paranoid, he was morbid, he was obstinate and he wanted to take Chu Chen’an for himself.


Chu Chen’an knew.


That madman was in love with him.


Always madly and obsessively in love with him ……


The more Chu Chen’an thought about it, the more he felt suffocated.


Jiao Jiao saw Chu Chen’an’s silence and wwhispered: “Brother, you must not hate brother Xu, he really likes you.”



Chu Chen’an raised his eyes and suppressed the unrest inside.


He turned to Jiaojiao and said in a warm voice: “Okay, I won’t.”



Only then did Jiao Jiao relax, “Right, brother, was I great tonight?”


Chu Chen’an: “Hmm?”


Jiao Jiao smiled again and said playfully, “I listened to brother and didn’t kill again.”



When Jiao Jiao mentioned this, it made Chu Chen’an remember.



Yesterday, two people had died.


Wu Longyang died at the entrance of the building, and Lu Cheng died during his descent.



Wu Longyang’s eyes were plucked out, his arm was broken, and his neck was broken, which didn’t look like Jiao Jiao’s work.


Lu Cheng’s eyes were also plucked out, and his body was covered with fine wounds, and there were traces of strangulation at his neck, but the way he died was exactly the same as Jiao Jiao’s previous practice.



But Jiao Jiao said no?


Chu Chen’an felt something was wrong and asked her, “Jiao Jiao, did you not …… have one yesterday either?”



“No.” Jiao Jiao answered truthfully, “I haven’t gouged anyone’s eyes since my brother made the doll for me.”



She continued gloomily, “Brother, today I strangled that aunt because she was too noisy. She kept scolding brother and dared to push you! It’s so annoying, I really want to gouge out her eyes ……”


Chu Chen’an’s heart thumped.


It seemed that neither Wu Longyang nor Lu Cheng’s lost eyes yesterday were gouged by Jiao Jiao.



Then, who could it be?



Chu Chen’an asked, “Jiao Jiao, then do you know who killed the person yesterday?”


“I don’t know,” Jiao Jiao said, “Yesterday that aunt kept shouting in the hallway, it was too noisy, so I hid inside the cupboard at home.”


Jiao Jiao was probably talking about Su Yu.



Chu Chen’an: “You didn’t see other people?”


Jiao Jiao: “No. These years, except for the landlord uncle, I have only seen you and brother Xu.”



Chu Chen’an suddenly thought of the male landlord, he was stunned.



That’s right.



The occupants of the fourth and fifth floors!


There must be something hidden in these two floors that even Jiao Jiao had never seen.


It seemed that the plot point he didn’t unveil wasn’t only Jiao Jiao.


“Okay, brother knows.”



They talked until two in the morning, Chu Chen’an couldn’t resist the tiredness and fell asleep.



Jiao Jiao knew when to leave, afraid that Chu Chen’an would be cold, she quietly closed the window in his room before leaving.



On the other hand, 701.


The light in the master bedroom was still on.


Xu Moshu meticulously picked the petals of the wilted blue roses in front of the table and turned sideways to speak to the silent ice coffin.



“Baby, the roses are blooming nicely today too.” Xu Moshu smiled tenderly, “Do you like it?”



The person lying in the ice coffin had his eyes closed and was lifeless.


The anticipation in Xu Moshu’s eyes gradually faded, he arranged the blue roses and came to sit by the ice coffin, rubbing the ice with his fingertips, gently and carefully tracing the teenager’s face.



“Why are you ignoring me again, baby ……” Xu Moxu muttered pitifully, leaning his side face on the ice, “but I still think the bunch of blue roses you gave me before looks best. ”


“When will you be back? You have been away from home for how long, if you don’t come back, I will really get angry ……”


Xu Moshu’s eyes shined, his eyes were full of burning love, he lightly kissed the cold and piercing ice, “You can’t be so selfish, honey, don’t leave me all alone here ……”



“Come back soon, good boy.” He coaxed ingratiatingly.


Although the teenager in the ice coffin had not responded to him since the beginning.




He stroked the teenager’s face across the ice surface in fascination for a long time, before getting up fondly and leaving the ice cellar.


After he locked the door of the master bedroom, his face turned steeply cold, his eagle eyes were gloomy and indifferent, he leaned on the sofa in the living room and sat down.



All the furnishings in 701 were redecorated according to the previous likes of Chen An, in a simple yet warm style.



Except for the red threads and charms hanging on the wall at the entrance, every single thing in the house was incomparably cherished by Xu Moshu.


Because, this place had their most beautiful and sweet memories.


Suddenly, at around 3:00 am, the bell on the wall threaded on the red thread rang.



Xu Moshu looked up surreptitiously and glanced at the corner of the table in the basement: “Where did you go just now?”


“No, I didn’t go anywhere, brother Xu ……” Jiaojiao hugged her two doll dolls and whispered.



“Where did the things in your hand come from, from Chu Chen’an?” Xu Moshu’s hand gently played with the small table lamp on the left, left by Chen An before.



Jiao Jiao squeezed the hand of the mannequin tightly and said busily, “No…… no, this is what I picked up at the new aunt.”


These words were what brother Chen An gave her.



When brother Xu got angry, brother Chen An should bear the punishment, right?



Besides, brother Xu liked brother Chen An so much.


How would he “hit” brother “too hard”?


She secretly thought and was relieved.


“Yes.” Xu Moshu put the cartoon lamp in his hand back in place and looked at her slyly: “Lin Jiaojiao, think clearly before you answer.”?



When Jiaojiao heard her full name, she instantly shrank into the corner of the table in fear, she hugged her doll tightly and shivered in fear.



“Brother Xu, it’s …… true, I’m not lying.” Jiao Jiao shrank back and said carefully.



Xu Moxu glanced away gloomily, “You better not have.”



“Why didn’t you kill him just now?”


“Because I really don’t like dolls, I only like the dolls …… that my brother made for me,” Jiao Jiao trembled and replied carefully, “And, and brother Chen An said that I should stop killing people. ”


These words were all what Brother Chen An just taught her.



Xu Moshu heard Chen An’s name and suddenly lowered his eyes.


Last night he had checked all the specific information of Chu Chen’an, all the education, family including address were true.



But if Chu Chen’an was really a first-timer, why was he afraid of him, like a little mouse?



His weak and soft eyes definitely couldn’t fool him.


He wasn’t willing.


And wouldn’t be willing.


He wanted to slowly dig out all his secrets.



Xu Moshu spread his wide palm, “Bring it over.”


Jiao Jiao reluctantly hugged her new doll for a while longer, then carefully put it into Xu Moshu’s hand.


She stared straight at the new doll and whispered, “Brother Xu, can you, can you return it to me when you’re done with it?”






The new doll looked small in Xu Moshu’s large palm, his palm tightened and slowly squeezed the doll.


Early the next morning.


Chu Chen’an woke up listening to the mumbling outside the door.


When he came to the living room, he only saw Li Yaya with Zhang Liang.



After Su Yu’s accident, Li Yaya’s spirit also crumbled, she was nervous, always tugging at Zhang Liang and not letting go.



“Didn’t you say it would be okay, ah? Didn’t you say it would be resolved soon …… oooh …… they are dead …… how could you lie to me …… I just knew it would be like this, why did I follow you guys here! Liars! It’s all liars ……”


Li Yaya kept repeating these words, her hair was messily draped, her face was pale, like an old woman who had gone mad.



Zhang Liang shrugged off Li Yaya’s hand, and sat far away.



“You’ve gone crazy, right?” Bored, Zhang Liang frowned and looked at Li Yaya.



Yesterday it was Su Yu who held on to him for dear life, and today there was Li Yaya.


Even if Zhang Liang was good at pretending, he would be annoyed.


Chu Chen’an wiped his slightly wet hair, quietly glanced at the two, then sat down in the center of the sofa.



When Zhang Liang saw Chu Chen’an coming, he said to him in a crocodile warm voice, “Chen’an, did you sleep well last night?”



Chu Chen’an glanced at Zhang Liang coldly, gently rubbing his hair, “Are you very idle? You still have time to care about how others slept.”



He had changed into a short yellow outfit, which made him look cute, with his trouser legs just reaching his knees and exposing his calves.


His calves were white and slender, his skin looked delicate, Zhang Liang froze for two seconds, the obscurity under his eyes was unknown as he greedily watched him.


“Good morning.” Xu Moshu also came and casually sat down on the side of the sofa.


When Chu Chen’an saw Xu Moshu, he immediately got up, flung the towel for wiping his hair on the sofa, and like a proud kitten, walked quickly towards the kitchen, “I’ll get something to eat.”



Zhang Liang followed Chu Chen’an, “Let me help you, Chen’an.”


Chu Chen’an didn’t even turn his head back as he coldly retorted, “No, don’t follow me.”



Unfortunately, Chu Chen’an’s voice was very soft and not at all fierce.


Xu Moshu stared straight at Chu Chen’an’s thin waist that swayed as he walked and …… His eyes darkened.


Their walk was so similar.


Every part of the body was alike.




After Zhang Liang was repeatedly rejected by Chu Chen’an, he resentfully returned to the sofa.



Xu Moshu didn’t say a word and walked into the kitchen.


Chu Chen’an wore a short outfit, which made him look especially petite, with the top of his head only reaching Xu Moshu’s chest.



He quietly leaned on the edge of the door and watched Chu Chen’an spread the jam on the bread. After Chu Chen’an finished smearing, he found that the spoon was still covered with a lot of it. The rosy pink jam had a sweet and creamy fragrance that made Chu Chen’an gulp down his saliva.


He looked around and hesitantly stretched out his pink tongue and gently licked the residual jam on the spoon.



The jam melted in his mouth, sweet but not greasy.


He had always had a sweet tooth since he was a child.


His eyes squinted in enjoyment, and his thin pink lips were slightly pursed.


He also didn’t forget to smack his mouth a few times.


Xu Moshu smiled lightly, looking at Chu Chen’an’s silly appearance, it was as if he saw his Chen An.



He tilted his head and laughed lightly.


Chu Chen’an shuddered in fear at the sound and turned around, looking at Xu Moshu defensively.


“What?” Chu Chen’an stared at him warily with round eyes and hid the jam-soaked spoon behind his back.



Xu Moshu smiled with hawk eyes slightly narrowed, “My lover also loves to eat sweet, he loves everything that’s sweet and greasy ……”



He said it was very delicious.




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