C12 —– Gentle Neighbor

He only locked eyes with Xu Moshu’s deep, dark hawk eyes for two seconds, but the oppressive, scrutinizing gaze left him breathless, he lowered his eyes and squinted to the side of the doorway.



“You, you think too much.” Chu Chen’an said softly, nervously pinching the corner of his shirt.


Xu Moshu raised his eyebrows delicately and didn’t speak again.



Zhang Liang and Li Yaya shrunk towards the corner, scared by the child’s voice.


Chu Chen’an kept up with the team, he was secretly relieved to see that he and Xu Moshu had finally pulled away from each other.



Su Yu fell to the ground, suddenly imprisoned by the unknown force gripping her throat, she was suspended in the air, a suffocating feeling filled her body, her forehead veins bulged as her face turned red with fear.


Chu Chen’an looked at Su Yu, who was strung up in the air, in dismay.


Was Jiaojiao really going to k-ill her ……


“Uh save …… save me ……”



Her expression was twisted and filled with pain, her arms moved to her neck but unfortunately it was all to no avail, she helplessly reached towards them.



She was suspended above the main light in the living room, and the strong sense of suffocation made her lose consciousness.


Suddenly, as she closed her eyes and lost her last breath of oxygen.


She was slammed down on the floor.



Su Yu’s limbs were weak, as if she had broken a bone somewhere, she crawled twistedly on the floor, blood slowly spilling out in streams from the corners of her mouth, staining the collar of her floral dress.


She crawled on the floor, her mouth still whispering hoarsely, “Save me …… me …… not ho ho …… not I die ……”



Li Yaya was busy covering her mouth, trembling and hiding behind Zhang Liang.



After Su Yu fell, the door of 601 opened abruptly.



The faint red light from the long corridor shone into this dark and ghastly room, Zhang Liang and Li Yaya thought nothing of it, they directly ran out of the door with quick steps.



Chu Chen’an glanced back at Su Yu on the ground, breathing stagnant.


When he raised his eyes, he met Xu Moshu’s sharp eyes and dark smile, and quickly followed the others.


After they left, Xu Moshu leaned against the wall, his eyes suddenly condensed, and he looked up at the colored stone lamp above his head.

He coldly said to the shadowy light, “You do like him.”


After saying that, he left 601.


After Chu Chen’an followed Zhang Liang and they ran back to 702, he saw Li Yaya shrinking on the corner of the sofa, her eyes were dull like a lifeless stagnant water.


Zhang Liang sat on the other side, clearly stunned.



Chu Chen’an sat down in the center of the sofa, picked up the cup on the table and tilted his head and drank a few mouthfuls of water.



He put down the glass of water, only to see that Xu Moshu had been sitting at his side without saying a word.


Chu Chen’an’s hand paused and he put the water cup back on the table.



Because he drank too quickly, a few drops of water spilled out of the corner of his mouth, making those thin red lips look more moist and attractive.



A drop of water flowed down from the corner of his mouth, wetting his collar and revealing the delicate collarbone and white porcelain-like skin ……


Xu Moshu surreptitiously surveyed him, his gaze wandered downstream.


Chu Chen’an stared at the burning gaze at his side, pursed his lips and lowered his eyes without saying a word.



The four people in this room had different thoughts, all lowering their heads in silence, no one broke the oppressive atmosphere.




They sat in silence until 12:00 a.m., when the bell on the radio rang for a dozen long seconds.


“Knock knock.”


The crowd raised their eyes at the sound, stunned eyes wandering around the room.


After a minute, calm returned to the surroundings.


Suddenly, the radio sounded again.


[Looks like your little neighbor on the sixth floor is in a good mood tonight.
[The pretty lady who stayed on the sixth floor wasn’t her dinner.]





Chu Chen’an raised his eyes at the sound of the voice and listened carefully to the landlord.



[Your two neighbors on the fifth and fourth floors would love to eat ……]



The male landlord laughed weirdly for a few seconds, the amused mechanical voice echoed quietly.


[Or, let’s play another game.]

[Guess whether she is on the fourth or fifth floor.]


[She seems to be angry. As her partner, you should go to find her tomorrow, right?]


[Choose a floor between the fourth and fifth floors, and then knock at the door.]


[If someone chooses the wrong one, stay on that floor.]




[Good luck to you.]


[My new tenants.]

The broadcast ended.


Zhang Liang listened in silence.


Li Yaya stared straight at Zhang Liang with a pale face.


She became highly tense and sensitive, and got up violently, staring at Zhang Liang’s arm: “How did it turn out like this! Didn’t you say before you came that it would be fine, didn’t you say that as long as he died ……”



“You’re mentally abnormal, I can’t understand what you’re babbling about.” Zhang Liang coldly knocked Li Yaya’s hand away and sat down on the other side of the sofa.


Chu Chen’an raised his eyes to look at those two people, and secretly pondered in his heart.


Zhang Liang’s expression didn’t look right ……


He spent 500 gold coins in his mind and bought a system prompt.



[In this [Death Cell] copy, the number of real players participating in the game is: Loading ……]


[Loading successful.]


[2 people.]


Chu Chen’an was stunned.


That means that among these people, he had a teammate.


If Li Yaya wasn’t a game player.


Then, who could it be?


Zhang Liang?



Su Yu?


Or the dead Lu Cheng and Wu Longyang?


Chu Chen’an wasn’t quite sure.


Zhang Liang sensed the gaze from him, he looked at Chu Chen’an for a few seconds, his cold expression gradually faded away.



He turned to him and said gently: “Chen’an, you are tired, rest early. At night if you are afraid, I can sleep with you.”


“No need.”


Chu Chen’an moved his gaze as he stood up with his arms wrapped around his chest, he glanced warily at Xu Moshu who had been watching him, and walked towards his bedroom in a slight panic.



He accelerated his steps to get away from Xu Moshu’s burning eyes as soon as possible.



Finally, he arrived at the bedroom.


Suddenly, a wide, strong palm blocked the closed doorway!


That hand had a lot of strength.



Without any effort, the door was peeled open little by little.


Such a scene was déjà vu for Chu Chen’an.



He remembered that last time in the game, Xu Moshu pulled him out of the house like this and shut him into 701 with a hug and a kiss.


Xu Moshu’s house was very dark.


The bed was so soft that one could sink deep into it, but Xu Moshu, who was pressed against him, was heavy ……



When he remembered the dark and ambiguous moment, his eyes were suddenly covered with a gray mist. He stepped back with fear and his weak eyes were flustered.



The doorway got bigger and bigger, and Xu Moshu’s handsome face appeared in Chu Chen’an’s line of sight.


Chu Chen’an asked with a trembling voice: “What are you doing?”



“It’s not an illusion, you’re really afraid of me.”


Xu Moshu’s finger belly tapped on the edge of the door, smiling lightly, he handed the Bluetooth headset in his hand to Chu Chen’an, “You dropped your stuff on the sofa.”


Chu Chen’an froze, it did seem to have fallen out of his pocket, his eyes were clouded with watery mist as he stared at Xu Moshu warily.



He hesitated for two seconds and lifted his small hand to take his headphones.


In Xu Moshu’s eyes, Chu Chenan’s deer-like eyes were flooded with hazy weak watery light, his face was red, his lips were jelly-like and his white porcelain-like soft fingers were soft to the touch, he looked like he was begging to be bullied.


“Thanks.” Chu Chen’an looked at Xu Moshu obliquely, like a wary little beast.


Xu Moshu slowly withdrew his hand, amused by Chu Chen’an’s expression.



He stared slyly into Chu Chen’an’s shaky eyes and teased, “Don’t worry, I’m not going to eat you.”


Chu Chen’an’s face became even redder as he tensed up, he didn’t look at Xu Moshu again and raised his hand and closed the door heavily.



He sat on the soft chair and leaned his head back, easing his nervous breathing.



He raised his eyes and glanced at the system control panel on his left side, which was reflecting himself in the ultra-clear screen.


The comments kept floating by.


[Hey hey hey hey he’s out]


[My wife has baby fat, so cute]



[His face is soft and soft, he must smell good!]


[ He really looks like my wife Chen An ……]


[Get out upstairs, please.]



Chu Chen’an hurriedly sat up.



How did this live stream open itself?


The system beep sounded belatedly.


[Automatically opened system 001 platform live for you.]


[Start time: five minutes ago.]



Chu Chen’an’s eyes widened.





He took another close look at the screen.


[ The person just now really has a face of a top ah]

[Wife is so small in front of him.]


[Ah ah ah ah perfect body type, I love it !!!!]



[Buy him! Buy him!]




Chu Chen’an silently held his forehead.


The comments in the back became more and more uncontrollable.



He tried not to look at the comment area that was moving extremely fast.



After chatting casually for five or six minutes, he said good night and closed the live broadcast.



After a live broadcast in less than ten minutes, he was rewarded with 3000+gold coins.



[Because the network in the Community is cut off tonight, you can not live in the game reality.]


[Please complete plot task point one: find out the cause of the little girl’s death as soon as possible.]



Chu Chen’an rubbed his tired eyelids and let out a long sigh.


He felt that every day he stayed with Xu Moshu more, he would expose himself a little more ……


This copy mission wasn’t the most difficult.


What was difficult was Xu Moshu.



Chu Chen’an rubbed his head and collapsed on the bed with his messy hair.



He closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep for an hour.



In his sleep, he seemed to hear a faint movement in the bedroom, but soon fell into a deep sleep.




Chu Chen’an woke up leisurely, he rubbed his eyes and squinted his eyes open to look around the empty bedroom.



He whispered softly, “Jiaojiao, are you there?”


The air was quiet for a few seconds, then Jiao Jiao’s voice rang out quietly, “Brother Chen An, um, did I wake you up?”


“No,” Chu Chen’an said to the empty air, “Jiao Jiao, will you come out and talk to brother?”


Jiaojiao: “I don’t want to! I don’t look good, brother Chen An will look at me and run away again!”


Chu Chen’an felt a prick in his heart, he knew Jiao Jiao had a very sensitive mind.


“Don’t worry, brother won’t leave.” Chu Chen’an sat up on the bed and said gently, “If you don’t want to come out, it’s okay, let’s talk like this, okay?”



“Okay~” Jiao Jiao smiled, she hugged the doll and squatted in the corner good-naturedly, and said playfully, “Brother what are we going to talk about?”


Chu Chen’an hesitated for a moment and asked the question he didn’t even dare to ask before.



“Jiaojiao, how did you die …… die?”


“Brother what did you say?” Jiao Jiao was silent for a few seconds, and then replied with her usual smile, “I don’t remember.”



Chu Chen’an slightly gripped the hem of his shirt, if not for the task, he really didn’t want to reveal Jiao Jiao’s scars.



“So, do you remember your mom and dad?”



“What are you talking about, brother?” Jiao Jiao smiled and hugged the doll tighter, “I don’t have a mom and dad, I only have you and brother Xu.”


Jiao Jiao’s reaction was too ordinary, which in turn made Chu Chen’an worried.


“Brother Chen’an you must always be with brother Xu, no more sneaking away, Jiao Jiao only has you.”


Chu Chen’an could no longer ask, he gently responded: “Okay, I will not.”


“That’s good, hehehe.”



Jiao Jiao patted her new doll, and then suddenly cried to Chu Chen’an with aggravation: “Oooh brother you don’t know, today brother Xu was mean to me. Before when you were around, he didn’t dare to be mean to me ……”



“I did not recognize you today brother, so did I win ah?” “Jiao Jiao was aggrieved, “Brother quickly go and help me scare brother Xu.”



Chu Che’an said with difficulty, “Jiao Jiao, we only lasted one day.”



“Oooh whatever,” Jiao Jiao said sulkily, “Brother you must scold him back, I’ll take you there now, OK.”




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