C1—- Forced Resurrection

In the cold and damp basement, the smell of bl-ood mixed with ghostly wails floated in the air.


The place was deadly silent, like hell on earth.




The sharp blade slid to the ground, and the hideous whimpers and howls gradually subsided, sinking into the black silence.


The man’s knuckles were well-defined and white as jade, but they were stained with b-lood, a symbol of sin.


“Ta, ta, ta.”


Blo-od dripped on the floor and a disgusting stench spread out, several disfigured bodies laid there, revealing the gruesome white bones, viscera dripped all over the floor, and the eyes fell off and mixed in the blo-od pool.


One of the corpses was cut directly by a sharp knife. The tool was divided into two halves, and the knife edge was smooth and perfect.


Those flawless white hands were carefully skinning the body, which was sawed in half.


The cold blade reflected the beautiful jaw line of the man. His movements were elegant and meticulous, as if he were dealing with a delicate and perfect work of art.


Countless subtle shadows lurked in the dark silence, waiting impatiently for the man to peel off the raw flesh and then feast on it.


“What’s the hurry, stupid?”


Qin Zhu said scornfully, and the things in the shadows immediately became depressed. They hid in the corner of the basement, and didn’t dare to be too close to the man.



Qin Zhu took the knife off and elegantly peeled off a vertebra, then smoothed the sharp part of the vertebra with the blade.


The room was intertwined with fuzzy and distorted light and shadow, reflecting on the ferocious flesh and bl-ood on the ground, which made the man’s figure more strange.


He picked up the white bone and put it under the light.


The long, strong knuckles rubbed the edges of the white bones, the light reflected the increasingly pronounced curvature of his mouth, the man’s features were handsome, and he couldn’t hide a deep smile under his eyes.


“That’s all you’re good for, Jiang Lin.”



He leisurely wrapped the vertebrae and stood up, leaving a pile of raw meat and organs, he said to something in the shadows, “Eat, eat it clean.”


Just as his words fell.

The things in the dark silence finally began to stir, and they chewed the raw meat clean in large chunks, and then went on to gnaw on the scattered white bones.


The silence of the basement began to emit a click-click-click sound, mixed with the whimpering sound of an animal swallowing.


The stone table on the left side of the basement was the ground they dared not pass.



There was an intact corpse lying on it. The teenager was handsome, with ambiguous red marks all over his neck.


The man cleaned the bl-ood and flesh stained on his hands and examined it meticulously before coming to the stone table and bending down to kiss the sleeping teenager lightly.


“Darling, are you asleep again?”


The man’s fingertips brushed over the teenager’s cold, pale cheek and he whispered intimately to the teenager.



“Look,” the man took credit and placed the vertebrae he had just peeled off beside the teenager, smiling: “I made this especially for you, it’s from Jiang Lin.”



The man was silent for a long time: “What’s wrong, baby? You don’t want it?”


A chill seeped into his smile and he said slyly, “Don’t you like Jiang Lin the most? So much so that you wanted to die for him? Why don’t you want it? Why don’t you want it?”



The veins at the man’s neck rose, and his palms tightened around the vertebrae, letting the blo-od flow down.



A drop of bl-ood dripped on the teenager’s eyebrow, which calmed the man’s out-of-control emotions, and a flash of panic passed through his eyes.


He trembled and wiped the drop of bl-ood off with his other hand, and said in a gentle voice in the teenager’s ear, “I’m sorry, baby, I’m sorry …… I didn’t want to dirty your face, I was just too angry, forgive me, okay …… I love you too much so I got jealous of him ……”


“Why is he the only one in your eyes?”


He picked the teen up carefully and kissed his cold forehead, murmuring, “What’s so good about him, he’s just a loser who just wanted you to die for him! What’s so great about him! Can’t you just look at me?”


“But it’s better now ……”


A tear dropped between the teenager’s eyebrows, but the man still smiled gently, “Now you’ll have only me in your eyes, I’m happy, and so are you, right?”


“We can be together forever now.”


The man’s laughing voice echoed in the dark interior, and he used his fingertips to gather his own bl-ood, gently smearing it on the teenager’s pale lips.



The youth’s red lips seemed more beautiful.


This scene was very bizarre.




Chu Chen’an shivered, his soul hid in the invisible space of the system, watching the scene in front of him.


He was the teenager who was being hugged.


And the man who seemed bewitched was the BOSS NPC in the last copy, and his name was Qin Zhu.


A few hours ago, Chu Chen’an experienced death.


But Qin Zhu didn’t want him to die.



If Jiang Lin hadn’t saved him from the bedroom, he might have remained in that dark and ambiguous bedroom, greedily claimed by Qin Zhu ……


He was pulled up by Jiang Lin to block the knife for him when the protagonist Jiang Lin and Qin Zhu confronted each other.


The cold, biting blade stabbed through his heart, the sharp pain of death swarmed over him, and almost instantly, Chu Chen’an was held in Qin Zhu’s arms and died with blo-od gushing from the corners of his mouth.


What Chu Chen’an didn’t expect was that despite blocking Jiang Lin from the fatal blow, Jiang Lin didn’t manage to dissipate his protagonist’s light and escape from the basement.


Jiang Lin was consciously cut into two perfect halves by Qin Zhu, and then was boned and chipped alive, and was still struggling weakly, constantly emitting painful whimpers ……


Chu Chen’an was a bit glad at this moment that his corpse was the most intact in the whole basement.


As for why the game NPC liked him so much?


He sighed helplessly.


That’s right.


He was the idiot who mistook the NPCs for his teammates and got himself involved in the spirit of “team solidarity”!


A grumbling mechanical voice rang out.




[This is the last NPC behind the scenes that you have successfully raided.]


[The main character is dead again.]


[The plot motive of the NPC is disordered again.]


[The rules of the game were broken again by the crazy NPC.]


[The world of all game replicas collapsed together.]


Chu Chen’an lowered his head apologetically and his voice became lower and lower: “But… but… I died for the main character… My cannon fodder task has been completed…”



[Yes, you have completed your task.]


[But after that?]


[NPC behind the scenes killed the main characters!!]

[He’s so crazy that he doesn’t even follow the rules of the game!!!]



Chu Chen’an was sweating as he listened.


System 001 had very strong emotional control.


Usually it wouldn’t lose control of its emotions unless it couldn’t help it.



In this horror game, each game copy had an unspoken rule that NPCs couldn’t use their supernatural power to k-ill all the game players at once.


If a certain number of people died in a round of sessions, then NPCs could no longer ki-ll, otherwise they would lose the meaning of the game.


Players and NPC strength was already disparate, if the NPC behind the scenes wanted, then he could completely let the players directly reunite, he didn’t need to let them go through numerous game sessions like now, and slowly -kill them.



At that time, the game NPC had already brutally k-illed most of their team. Only the protagonist Jiang Lin and Chu Chen’an survived, at which time Jiang Lin also happened to find the key to escape the basement and soon escaped from it.



But after Jiang Lin rightfully pulled Chu Chen’an to block the knife for him and he died, Qin Zhu, as the NPC behind the scenes, actually lost control of his emotions and directly brutally kil-led Jiang Lin ……



[Do you want me to play the highlights of his painful k-illing of the protagonist for love?]


Chu Chen’an: “No …… no need.”


He looked at the many copies of the game that had turned gray on the control panel and dry swallowed.



Without exception ……


All the copies he experienced above had turned a miserable gray!!!


It’s over.


He was in big trouble.


Chu Chen’an’s amber eyes trembled with light, he looked disheveled and lost as he hugged his legs and sat nicely, quietly listening to system 001.



The system 001 couldn’t help but soften its tone.


[You don’t have to blame yourself too much. In fact, there were problems in the selection of proyagonists.]



[The system headquarters had a failure in screening, and randomly selected the protagonists without checking the layer by layer selection, so you met these wonderful partners.]


[The point of your existence as a cannon fodder character is to take some external damage for the lead player when necessary, you don’t need to die for the lead player].


[….. their psychological quality and ability may not be as good as yours.]



[At least …… well …… at least you won’t be on the verge of death and let others die for you.]


Chu Chen’an was rarely complimented by system 001, his mood quickly got better.


His peach blossom eyes blinked a few times, looking expectantly at the screen, then he asked in a small voice: “So …… my mission is all done, can I go back now?”




[You were seriously ill and on the verge of death in the real world, but ended up dying an unnatural death, which is why you got a chance to pass the horror game to get a chance to live.]


[In this game, it was because you interacted too much with the NPCs behind the scenes that the NPCs’ plot motives were disturbed.]


【This is the main factor that caused the world to collapse.]



Chu Chen’an rubbed the tip of his nose once and for all, his eyelashes fluttered like butterfly wings, and his eyelids drooped.


When he heard the word “interaction”, mosaic images instantly emerged in his mind ……


That, that, it wasn’t voluntary ah!


It was that p-ervert Qin that decided to tie him up QAQ!


[ So, the system headquarters decided to give you a game resurrection card, please click here to execute the resurrection procedure.]


Chu Chen’an protested in a low voice: “Can I refuse?”



System 001’s mechanical voice became emotionless as it enforced the resurrection procedure:.


[Thirty seconds later you will enter the game again, please get ready, player Chu Chen’an.]


When Chu Chen’an stood up in a panic, the control panel in front of him started popping up the subtitle bar.


This wasn’t a resurrection card?


This was clearly a death experience card!




[20s] …


[Please confirm your mission.
One. Main task: Complete the plot task that the main player failed to complete.
Two. Side quests: player points reach 100.
Three. Daily tasks: do something that all cannon fodder do.]





[ Your game character will use your real name and real body this time.
Note that since the main player has died, you will have to complete all of the main character’s main quests while playing the cannon fodder.]








[Program opens, good luck ~]


[Copy 1: Death Cell]


【Difficulty: Easy】

[Task reward points: X100]


“Hey, Chu Chen’an, are you done resting or not!? We still have to go see the landlord to get the key!”


It was a gruff male voice, and the words revealed impatience.


The hot sunlight poured on Chu Chen’an’s body, and the heat made his white porcelain face flush with thin red.



He stretched out his long white palms to shield his eyes, squinting his eyes to adapt to the chaotic surroundings.


A weng sound passed through his ears, a sharp noise that gradually brought his consciousness back.


A hand was placed on Chu Chen’an’s shoulder, the man’s arm was a healthy wheat color: “Chen-an, are you all right?”


Chu Chen’an let down the hands that blocked his vision and looked at the few people in front of him.


There were six people in their party.


Four men and two women.


The system’s mechanical voice rang in Chu Chen-an’s ears.



[There have been several strange disappearances in the 6 buildings of the happiness district, and all the previous tenants disappeared shortly after renting in the district, their lives and deaths unknown.]



[It was reported that this vicious cycle of events, it had occurred many supernatural phenomena, even the police had no way to verify.]

[These people are co renting partners organized spontaneously on the Internet. Because they cannot afford the urban rent, they have to choose to rent in the old city.]


[But it is unknown that this will be a hell of a shared trip.]




[Player Chu Che’an, you are a face anchor within 10,000 fan vase that gasped after three steps and him being delicate and weak.]


[The purpose of your visit here, one is to share a house, and the other is to travel to the m-urderous house and go live in order to increase your fans.]


[ Now, please complete your cannon fodder daily task. Go! Go and do what all cannon fodder should do!]


This was the second time Chu Chen’an heard the system introduce this copy, but he still couldn’t help but grin in his heart.



He had to say, the setting of this game was really inhumane!



Both to let him complete the main character’s tasks as a cannon fodder, but also to let him complete the cannon fodder’s daily tasks.


Wasn’t this to make him hang at the edge of danger?!


His mood at the moment was as sad as that cat’s head crying emoji ≥﹏≤!



He just fainted because of low blo-od sugar in the middle of the road outside the neighborhood, delaying everyone’s trip.


The six people went in two waves. Two girls and one boy had gone first, and the three people were now estimated to have arrived at the community.


Now only Chu Chen’an and two other men were left.



The three men stayed on the stone pier beside the road.


The impatient man standing in front of the curb was Lu Cheng. He looked very young and was the head of the gym where business failed.


The man who put his hand on Chu Chen’an’s shoulder was called Zhang Liang, a newly graduated web novel author, he was looking at Chu Chen’an gently and eagerly.



Chu Chen’an’s weak and soft peach blossom eyes looked around once at the four people in front of him and began a conscientious cannon fodder type performance.


“I know I delayed everyone,” Chu Chen’an rubbed his eyes, “but I didn’t mean it. I can’t control my hypoglycemia. Forget it. I know you have had a problem with me for a long time time, and I don’t expect you to understand me. If you want to go, go first. I can go by myself.”



His voice was very small, with a slight nasal sound, just like a wronged white cat.


In fact, he had cursed himself 10000 times in his heart:



How could there be a person who deserved to be beaten so much?



He was really hateful!


He was so damned!!!


As expected, his words had a remarkable effect.


He saw Lu Cheng exhale in annoyance, he frowned unkindly, carrying his own bag and walked quickly towards him, “Are you fu-cking going or not ……”


His brow bones shrugged up, his neck was hot and red, and he lifted his rough palm that was almost bigger than his face.


Chu Chen’an subconsciously closed his eyes tightly.




His first slap as the resurrected cannon fodder was about to come.



Lu Cheng bent over and violently pulled the suitcase at Chu Chen’an’s hand. His dark eyes glanced at Chu Chen’an.


Chu Chenan’s eyes were soulful, and his handsome white porcelain face was so devoid of offense that he couldn’t get get angry.

Lu Cheng was no exception, he only said, “I’ll take it up for you first!”


Chu Chen’an: “?”


He froze, he dumbfounded blinked his eyes a few times.





Not even his hateful cannon fodder title.


What went wrong?


He saw that Lu Cheng had dragged up his suitcase and was ready to go, and his heart began to secretly poke at him again.



It was impossible for a professional cannon fodder to say thank you casually.



But he had helped with a 50kg suitcase.


And carried it to the seventh floor.


How could he do without saying thank you?


But he was a cannon fodder.


Before he could see the result, he subconsciously grabbed Lu Cheng’s arm, “Thank you, Lu Cheng.”


Lu Cheng’s neck was red. He couldn’t stand Chu Chen’an’s appearance. He turned around and said in a rough voice, “If you can… leave, follow me!”


After that, the strong man dragged Chu Chen’an’s suitcase and left first.



“What are you yelling at?” Zhang Liang frowned and shouted at the back of Lu Cheng: “I can help Chen’an. I don’t need you!”


Zhang Liang’s gentle eyes showed flaws. Looking at Lu Cheng’s back, he saw faint disgust in his eyes.


Zhang Liang was an alumni from Chu Chen’an University. He usually took good care of Chu Chen’an.


Chu Chen’an had a peerless face. Besides, he had always liked men. He didn’t believe Chu Chen’an when he said he didn’t like him.



Zhang Liang turned to help Chu Chen’an, who quickly evaded him.



Chu Chen’an looked impassive and pretended to be estranged: “No, I can walk by myself.”



I’m cold, I hate you, hate me quickly!



Zhang Liang was so stunned by Chu Chenan’s expressionless face that his ears turned red.


Unexpectedly, Chu Chen’an couldn’t remain noble for two seconds. When he stood up, he stumbled and fell out of the curb.


“Be careful.”


Two male voices rang out at the same time.


Before Zhang Liang could reach Chu Chen’an’s hand, someone grabbed Chu Chen’an’s arm with a powerful grip.


“Be careful.” The man’s voice was mellow and charming.


Chu Chen’an looked up and saw the handsome face of the man. The “thank you” on his lips immediately stuck in his throat.


It… Is….


He was so frightened that his face turned white, and his soft and weak eyes were trembling uncontrollably.



“What’s wrong?” The man said with a smile, his dark eyes so deep that they seemed to swallow him up, “Are you new tenants?”




A nice bl-oody start

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