Interstellar Spell Carder


Chinese Name: 星际符卡师






[Pretentious version]



He Yishu, the god of learning, transmigrated to the interstellar era where rune card masters and mecha warriors were respected. Everyone thought he was a loser because of his weak mental power and physique.



Until one day, he inadvertently saw the famous work of a senior rune card master.






That thing that seemed like a ghostly charm seemed to be …… Chinese characters?!



[Abusive version]



His mother remarried, and his father married his stepmother in a high-profile way, and brought along two older siblings.



His best friend betrayed him, his lover cheated on him with his best friend, and flaunted his power in public.



He Yishu looked at the mess in front of him, although transmigrating into this situation wasn’t really wonderful, he actually really liked abusing scums.



So scum, are you ready?



[Love version]



Adrian Elwes: Be my exclusive rune card reader.



He Yishu: No time.



Adrian Elwes: Be my boyfriend.



He Yishu: …… Not available.



Adrian Elwes: Be my lover.



He Yishu: No time!



Adrian Elwes: Be my pillowman.



He Yishu: …… is not available!



Adrian Elwes: Be the one beneath me.



He Yishu: Shut up!



[Cute Version]


Song font: Please use me, I can increase the stability of the rune card Oh!




Regular script: Look at me, I’m a little helper in increasing the time of using the rune card! *ð�����



Cursive Script: Want to increase your rune card’s attack effect by ten times?

= ̄ω ̄=



Imitation Song: I I I I …… I can’t reach the stability of Song, but I add confusion effect! (*/ω\*)


Seal Script: Don’t ever use me because I don’t know what strange things I’ll summon up! _(:з」∠)_



Official Script: I might be a little bad because I can imprison the enemy for time. o(∩_∩)O

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