I Am The Villain On Infinite Studios


Chinese Name: 我在无限片场当反派[无限]

Chapters: 109

Author: 绛月星



To cure his legs, Zhuo Yu willingly participated in a murder-ous RPG with hidden dangers.


However, unlike other ordinary players, who were being chased and hacked down by the BOSS, there seemed to be something wrong with his settings.


In the American plasma film, he was the lover that the masked butcher wanted to protect.



In the Japanese supernatural film, he was a lovesick man who wanted to resurrect his ghost boyfriend.



In the Chinese Tantric film, he was the black-handed arch-priest who was in love with an evil god.



Zhuo Yu found that no matter what role he was assigned to, he seemed to be on the same team as the copy’s BOSS ……



Players: Is there a possibility that we have a traitor among us?



Zhuo Yu: It’s bad, I’ve become a villain



In this trial, everyone was guilty.



No. 1’s sins were the heaviest. He repeated the endless cycle of reincarnation and his sanity would be eroded by the day-after-day hunt till his soul was destroyed.



But then he met Zhuo Yu.



The only salvation on his lonely road.


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  1. I love this novel!!
    I was waiting for someone to translate it!
    Camping here (⁠◍⁠•⁠ᴗ⁠•⁠◍⁠)⁠❤

  2. I’m so happy! I’d almost given up reading this novel, so so happy you picked it up!

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