Her family was expecting her to arrive soon, she was afraid that they would have to wait longer, so Gu Wuyou asked some maids and guards to escort the rest of the carriage back first, and explain to her family that when the wind and snow stopped, she would return home.

As for the others, they went with her to the temple for a short rest.

Perhaps because of the wind and snow today, the temple, which was usually full of incense had no incense-bearers, only a few monks wearing straw coats and hats were sweeping the snow in front of the door, after seeing them they froze for a moment.

Bai Lu, holding an umbrella, took the lead and explained the reason for their visit.

One of the monks put down the broom in his hand and walked up to Gu Wuyou and made a salute, “Benefactor, please come with me.”

Gu Wuyou nodded, and when she went in, she tilted her head to look at the plaque with the words “Jintai Temple” dotted with gold lacquer, the corners of her mouth showed a shallow curve.

Bai Lu was confused and when she helped her in, she asked, “Miss has never been here before, why does Miss look so ……” She recalled Gu Wuyou’s earlier gaze and smile, “nostalgic?”


Gu Wuyou smiled, “came in a dream.”

Bai Lu giggled, “Miss is getting more and more funny nowadays.”

Although Hong Shuang didn’t say much, she felt that the young miss wasn’t the same, after she woke up, she became more open-minded …… With such a change, although she was a little surprised, but she was even happier.

Before, the only thing Miss did was to follow Gentleman Zhao around, making her reputation even worse.

Now that she was willing to let go, it was the best thing, with a glance at the young Miss, her bright eyes without resentment made her hanging heart relax.


The monk guided Gu Wuyou and the others to the meditation room, served hot tea and cakes and then withdrew.

Hong Shuang went to the side to hang Gu Wuyou’s fox fur that was soaked by the wind and snow, and Bai Lu went to help her set up the bed for her to take a nap.

In addition to the bedding, sometimes even tea, their own hand washing objects had to be used.


Gu Wuyou didn’t object.

  She grew up with no worries about food and clothing, and in her last life, she lived for more than 30 years, only after the divorce with Zhao Chengyu was she disillusioned for a period of time, and then she married Li Qinyuan, her great general, although he had to discipline her in every way, he never treated her harshly.

At most, when seeing her grumble, he said helplessly, “Why are you so petulant?”

Then he continued to indulge her.

When she thought of Li Qinyuan, Gu Wuyou, who was on the couch, couldn’t help but smile again, she was looking forward to it, she wondered what the General would be like now. She cocked her head to the side as she looked at the blanket of snow outside the wooden window pane in thought.

With the general’s nature, even as a young man, he should be serious and steady, right?

The wind and snow outside the window was so strong.

 She didn’t feel the cold at all. Her eyes were bent like crescent moon, and there was a hidden brilliance inside. She could even imagine what Li Qinyuan was like now, sitting in the study, looking at the books she felt were obscure.

If he came across a difficult part, he would squeeze his eyebrows and continue to think about it, and if he figured it out, his eyebrows would relax …… As she thought about it, she seemed to be able to see the young Li Qinyuan appear in front of her.

The corners of her mouth turned curved a little.

Her great general must be a gentleman who was stable and knew manners, gentle and righteous, that was why so many people admired him!

The more Gu Wuyou thought, the more she wanted to see Li Qinyuan soon, she liked the great general, so she wanted to see him sooner, wanted to nestle in his arms and pamper him, wanted to kiss him, hug him and see his helpless and doting gaze.

  ”Miss?” Bai Lu shouted to get her attention several times before she heaes Gu Wuyou answer, she somewhat helplessly handed her a hot paddle to wipe her hands, “What is Miss thinking about, I called for your attention several times.”


Gu Wuyou shook her head, although she didn’t say much, she was clearly happy.

Bai Lu also didn’t ask again. She removed her hair accessories and changed into plain clothes and tried to fall asleep. It was probably because of the long journey of over half a month, Gu Wuyou slept very comfortably, and when she woke up, the wind and snow had stopped.

 She called for someone to come in and serve her.

Bai Lu dressed her while telling her, “A letter came from home, the old lady is afraid that you are alone, so she specially called the third young master to come and pick you up, I guess in another half an hour, he will arrive.”

Gu Wuyou nodded, she glanced out the window, she couldn’t hear the wind or see the falling snow, so she asked, “The snow has stopped?”

  ”Yes, it stopped not long after Miss fell asleep.” Bai Lu smiled and said.

“I’ll go outside and take a look.” Gu Wuyou hadn’t been here for some years, and the plum garden here was considered a masterpiece, so she wanted to go and have a look. If she could, she also wanted to pick some plum blossoms and make a scented bag so that she could give it to the great general one day.

She was now much more exquisite than before, and would definitely not make that crooked expression anymore that always made him laugh.

“I’ll go with Miss!” Hong Shuang volunteered.

Bai Lu didn’t stop them, but when she was putting on Gu Wuyou’s fox fur, she softly admonished: “Although the snow has stopped, but the day is still cold, Miss shouldn’t play in the snow.”

After that, she told Hong Shuang like an old lady who stop her worrying heart. “You should take good care of the young Miss, don’t bother the young Miss.”

Hong Shuang smiled, “Bai Lu, you nag too much, see who will be willing to marry you.” After that, she directly pulled the well-dressed Gu Wuyou outside, and said “Slow down, don’t fall”, ignoring Bai Lu.

After the snow stopped, the sky was still hazy, and everywhere was covered in white.

The trees were white, the ground was white, the eaves were also white, only the towering pagoda not far away showed a little golden light.

“Miss, where are we going?” Hong Shuang asked her.

“Go -” Gu Wuyou looked at a place and smiled, “Let’s see the plum blossoms.”



At this moment.

In another place in temple.

He was the abbot of the Jintai Temple, and his legal name was Da Wu. He didn’t open his eyes when he heard someone pushing the door in, and only opened his eyes when he smelled a fragrance of wine, and scolded: “Xiao Qinyuan, you went to drink again?

The visitor was dressed in white, he had phoenix eyes, and his hair was combed into a high ponytail, it was the young Li Qinyuan.

  Hearing the words.

Li Qinyuan’s footsteps paused.

  He looked at the old man with an angry expression, and a smile appeared on his handsome face, “Old man, you weren’t sleep, huh? I was afraid of disturbing you, so I lightened my footsteps.” After he finished speaking, he lazily went directly to the ground, his right foot on his left knee, his hands was behind his head as he lightly tapped his foot on the ground.

He looked extremely unrestrained.

This boy never listened to him, and it was useless to scold him. He helplessly replied, “Your school has been in session for so long. How many times have you been there? You won’t go home, yet you stay with me all day, do you want to be a monk? ”

“It’s not bad to be a monk?” Li Qinyuan closed his eyes and laughed, “When I can’t continue playing one day, I will come to you to beg for food.”

“Xiao Qi–”

As soon as Li Qinyuan heard this name, he knew that the old man was going to start preaching again, he opened his eyes somewhat helplessly and looked towards the old man on the couch, “Old man, why are you so annoying even now?” He finished and stood up directly and headed out, “I’d better go and play with Ru Hui and the others.”

“Xiao Qi!”

“Even if you hate your father, don’t you even care about your grandmother?” Da Wu sighed behind him.

Li Qinyuan was almost at the door when he heard this, his steps stopped, his hand was on the door, but he didn’t say anything before he walked out.

Da Wu looked at his retreating back, shook his head, and sighed.

Li Qinyuan had lived in this Jintai Temple for most of his life after he was ten years old, and his familiarity with this temple was so great that even the monks in the temple couldn’t compare.

He didn’t know where he was going, so he just wandered around like a mindless ghost.

Perhaps he felt a little bored.

Li Qinyuan went to the kitchen to get a pot of sake, and then he picked a high tower, after a day of snow, the glazed tiles were full of snow, he casually swept it away and sat down directly against the sharp eaves.

Although the snow had stopped, but the wind was still a bit strong.

But it was as if he couldn’t feel the wind blowing his face, he only squinted, as he tilted his head to drink.

“The old man’s wine is really hard to drink as always.”

Li Qinyuan smiled, but still tilted his head and continued to drink wine, and when he finished drinking the pot of wine, he closed his eyes. He curled one foot and stretched one foot forward, lightly tapping the brickwork, and only when there was a sound of laughter from below did he open his eyes drunkenly.

“Miss, why do we have to pick so many plum blossoms? It’s not like there aren’t any at home.” Hong Shuang asked.

“It’s not the same.” Gu Wuyou smiled and shook her head, still tiptoeing to pick the plum blossoms overhead, afraid that the snow on the tree branches would hit her, she wore a hood, only revealing her pointed chin, but when she tilted her head to pick the plum blossoms, her eyes looked as if they were many starbursts in it.

She was naturally afraid of cold.

But because she wanted to make a scented bag for her general, she endured the cold to pick the buds on the branches of the tree.

“Why is it different? Aren’t they all plum blossoms?” Hong Shuang still didn’t understand, and whispered softly, but her greatest advantage was that she wouldn’t think deeply, and she would accompany her Miss to do what she wanted to do, so she also helped to pick up plum blossoms without waiting for an answer.

Gu Wuyou looked at her and smiled, of course it was different.

The first place she met with the general was the Jintai Temple, and then they got married, and Li Qinyuan took her hand and revisited the place, asking her to make a scented bag for him, she was not good at sewing since she was young, and was afraid he would laugh at her, so she blushed and refused.

But her general, who was usually such a majestic person, was like a child that day, as he pampered her.

  She tilted her head to look at the plum blossoms above her head, her eyebrows arched, and the corners of her mouth couldn’t help but curl upward.

“Miss, the third young master is here, we should go now.”

Not far away came Bai Lu’s voice.

Gu Wuyou took a look at the plum blossoms on the handkerchief, weighing that it was enough, so she also smiled and answered.

Li Qinyuan’s head was propped against his hand, his narrow phoenix eyes looked at Gu Wuyou’s distant figure, he watched her bright cloak in the vast world of white, watched her face hidden under the hood, yet full of pure laughter.

  He smiled, as if it didn’t matter, and closed his eyes to sleep.

It was only when Ru Hui’s voice came from underneath that he opened his eyes, peeked down, and smiled, “What’s wrong?”

  ”Little Uncle, you’re stealing wine again!” The little monk at the bottom puffed out his face unhappily.

Li Qinyuan smiled and rolled down to stand in front of Ru Hui, bent down and took his hand and flicked his head, “Wrong, I’m borrowing, the old man’s wine is too bad, I’ll send some good ones to Buddha in a few days.”

Ru Hui covered his forehead and huffed, “Didn’t it end up in your stomach?”


Li Qinyuan thought about it, it seemed so, so he didn’t say more, he threw the wine jug in his hand to Ru Hui, and placed his hands behind his head as he walked forward, but he suddenly stopped and asked Ru Hui, “Which family does that girl come from?”

“I heard that it was the lady of the Gu family, that lady is so rich, she donated a large sum of silver to our temple, and she is also good looking!” Ru Hui followed behind Li Qinyuan, as he rambled.

The Gu family?

Li Qinyuan had seen Gu Long and Gu Yu, but he had never seen  that person.

The first young Miss of the Gu family, who was raised in Langya, as he listened to Ru Hui talk about how she was “beautiful with a good heart”, the beauty was true, but a good heart ……Thinking of the things that Fu Xianhe complained about, he smiled somewhat nonchalantly.

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