Old Madam Wang’s eyes widened, her face was full of disbelief, she frowned and looked at her carefully for a while, but eventually held Gu Wuyou’s hand and sighed: “Wuyou, are you overly sad? Grandma knows about this, you aren’t happy, you have grievances in your heart, there is no excuse.”

“So whatever you want to do, grandmother will do as you wish.”

She wasn’t one of those dumb old women who became dumber when they got older, how could she not see through Wang Zhao’s thoughts and tricks? But because of the girl’s face and the Wang family’s reputation, she didn’t mention it.

“If you don’t want to see her, grandmother will have her sent to the family temple, and then send her back when you and Zhao Chengyu are married, okay?”

Old Madam Wang really loved Gu Wuyou to her bones, as she said this, she was completely disregarding whether her son and daughter-in-law would be sad, or whether her granddaughter would hate her later, she only wanted to make her happy, after finishing these words, she gathered Gu Wuyou into her arms, just like when she was a child, she stroked her head, and said softly: “Wuyou, marriage is not a child’s play,  you can’t say such words, because of a moment of anger.”

Gu Wuyou knew that her words would definitely be blocked.

In her previous life, she was too much in love with Zhao Chengyou, and everyone knew that the Wang family’s cousin who came from the capital loved Zhao’s son to the point of insanity, and she spent all her efforts to repel one potential love rival after another, disregarding decency to take Zhao Chengyou for herself.

No matter what banquet Zhao Chengyou attended, she had to attend.

But any girl who got closer to Zhao Chengyou, she had to confront.

Because of Zhao Chengyou, she turned herself into a paranoid woman, and she thought that in this way, Zhao Chengyou would be hers alone.

But it turned out –

If there was no you in a man’s heart, even if you became humble, became as low as dust, he wouldn’t change his mind, but he would become more disgusted with you.

  She thought of how mean Zhao Chengyu was to her in the past and suddenly wanted to laugh.

These things, when she remembered when she was separated from Zhao Chengyou at the beginning, she was deeply grieved and she had trouble sleeping. But time was really a good thing. The resentment and sadness that she thought she would never forget in my life had long been forgotten by her after years.


Her heart was filled with one person, and she couldn’t remember the slightest thing about others anymore.

Gu Wuyou nestled in Old Madam Wang’s arms, the same as when she was a child, her two fingers gently squeezed the corner of her coat, “Grandmother, I’m not trying to withdraw from the marriage because I’m angry.” She tilted her head in her arms, and her face, which had become thinner due to illness, it didn’t reduce her beauty, but rather gave her a softness that she didn’t normally have, so that people couldn’t help but feel pity when they looked at her.

“You didn’t agree with me to marry Zhao Chengyou before.” Before Old Madam Wang spoke, Gu Wuyou suddenly said, “Grandma, can you tell me why?”

Old Madam Wang was stunned.

After a while, she looked at Gu Wuyou and sighed, “Zhao family’s child has good character, his talent is also good, but his family is complicated, his father is also a widower, although he is the first son, his mother died early, his stepmother and brother are capable.”

“If you marry there, you will inevitably have to suffer under their hands.”

Gu Wuyou looked into Old Madam Wang’s eyes and said, “That’s not the main thing.” Seeing Old Madam Wang’s expression change slightly, she continued, “Although the Zhao family is complicated, as long as the Wang and Gu families have not fallen, they cannot do anything to me.”

“Grandmother, am I right?”

Old Madam Wang didn’t expect Gu Wuyou to suddenly become so perceptive.

She frowned, and for the first time in her life, she carefully examined this granddaughter of hers, but in the end, she was defeated by her clear eyes. She raised her hand again and stroked her hair, “Yes.”

“As long as the Wang and Gu families don’t fall, no one can do anything to you.”

“I didn’t approve of you marrying Zhao Chengyou at first, only because -” she paused slightly, her eyes looked directly into Gu Wuyou’s eyes before continuing, “The child of the Zhao family has made you become more and more unlike yourself. ”

Her Wuyou, once upon a time, although she was proud, she wasn’t domineering.

But since she fell in love with that child of the Zhao family, she seemed to have changed, paranoid to the point of being crazy, she completely ignored the gaze of others, and ignored what they said, as if there was only one Zhao Chengyu, she had no friends and no regard for relatives.

A good love was something that would make people grow.

And not like this, loving someone so much that she didn’t look like herself.


She disagreed.

“I originally wanted to tell you, but your eyes and heart were all on that child of the Zhao family, and I thought that perhaps you would be better off if you got married later, so I didn’t stop it.” The old Madam Wang said all the words in her heart before she sighed again.

She was done.

As she looked at her, she became doubtful, “Wuyou, have you …… figured it out?”

Gu Wuyou nodded, with old Madam Wang’s questioning gaze on her, she held her hand and said softly: “Grandmother, this time I can also be considered to have gone to the gate of the underworld, before I never thought of these things, but now I’ve figured it out.”

  ”The marriage between me and Zhao Chengyou was forced by me.”

“Did we force them?” Old Madam Wang had been listening, but now she was a little upset, “We did not hold a knife to their necks, his father knew we were interested, the next day he sent an invitation, afraid that we would disagree.”

The children of her family were always the best.

Especially for someone as eccentric as Old Madam Wang, how could she hear her baby granddaughter say this?

The smile in Gu Wuyou’s eyes became stronger, she liked her grandmother, no matter what she did, her grandmother would protect her, it was like she had stripped away the decades of experience from her previous life, she was really like a child, relying on this long-lost embrace, laughing and talking: “Yes, Zhao Chengyu doesn’t like me, it’s his loss. ”

When she became happy, she continued: “Anyway, since Zhao Chengyou has no intention to me, I no longer have other thoughts about him, instead of going on like this, it is better to end it before it is too late.”


Old Madam Wang looked at her with her eyes, and seemed hesitant, “Have you really thought about it?”

She felt that it was impossible for Wuyou to simply let go.

But Gu Wuyou acted too openly, she didn’t hide or avoid, she just looked at Old Lady Wang and nodded, “Grandma, I really have figured it out.” It took her so many years to figure this out.

  Now to Zhao Chengyou.

She had neither resentment nor love, she would treat him as a stranger in this life.

She didn’t want to get involved with him anymore.

There was no need.


Old Madam Wang followed Gu Wuyou’s wishes and didn’t immediately go to the Zhao family to bring back her family’s token, but this matter was no longer a secret in the Wang family, no one expected that their cousin would intend to withdraw from the Zhao family’s famous Langgya grand duke.

It was unbelievable.

The most stunned of them all was Wang Zhao.

Today’s weather was good even though it was winter. She was still young, after resting for a few days, she got better. She also planned to leave for the capital, a few carriages were full of things to be used during the journey, and things that the Wangs had prepared for her family.

Although Old Madam Wang didn’t like the Gu family, but the decent thing to do still had to be done.

Six carriages.

On both sides there were more than twenty guards, along with maids, there were more than thirty people, which showed the status of Gu Wuyou in the Wang family.

This time, leaving was different from the past.

Gu Wuyou already decided to withdraw from the marriage with Zhao Chengyou, but in Langya, it was impossible to find another person with good family, character and talent like Zhao Chengyou, so Old Madam Wang could only let her go back to the capital even if she was reluctant.

But this was what she said.

When it was time to part, she still held Gu Wuyou’s hand and said with difficulty, “When you get to the capital, the mountains are long and far away, grandma can’t take care of you even if she wants to.”

Gu Wuyou’s heart was also a little uncomfortable.

In her previous life, before the death of her grandmother, she had always stayed in Langya, she only went to the capital once a year, each time, she stayed for seven to eight days and then went back, for her, Langya was her home her, grandmother was her closest person.

But now –

Although she was reluctant, she had to go. Besides meeting her general earlier, she also wanted to see her relatives.

In her previous life, she was taken back to the capital by her father after she and Zhao Chengyu had reconciled.

She still remembered her father taking the holy decree and rushing to Langya with a fast horse, when he saw her, two lines of tears suddenly fell from his firm face, he knelt in front of her on one knee, his broad hand was trembling slightly, as he caressed her face, and said to her, ” …… Father came late.”

Later he took her away from Langya, despite Zhao Chengyou’s obstruction, and beat Zhao Chengyou up for her good.

Her father was actually very nice.

It was just that in the past, her prejudice against him was too deep, she resented him, hated him, and refused to call him father.

Sometimes, she would also think, her father, obviously as the emperor’s trusted minister, should live longer than anyone, but in her previous life, he died at  50 from depression.

Was it …… because of her?

He lost his lover when he was at his most vigorous age, and the daughter he cherished most in his life was like a stranger to him. He had everything and nothing, which was why before he died, he stroked her hair and said to her with red eyes, “If only I hadn’t married your mother, she wouldn’t have died so early.”

“But I …… still can’t let go ah.”

Gu Wuyou thought of this, her eyes reddened some more, since God gave her the opportunity to start over, not only would she find the great general earlier, she also wanted to treat those relatives of hers well. Inhaling through her nose, she swallowed back all her tears, and barely showed a smile, “Even if it’s far away, I will come to see you from time to time.”

With her great general.

In her previous life, when she and Li Qingyuan were married, her grandmother had long since passed away.

In this life, she wanted to bring him to see her grandmother earlier, her great general was so good, if grandmother saw him, she would definitely like him.

Old Madam Wang ran out of words, she wiped a handful of tears as she asked her questions.

Gu Wuyou answered all of them, and after bidding farewell to her uncle and aunt, and bidding farewell to several cousins, it took a while before she was helped to walk to the carriage.

When the carriage was about to depart, someone suddenly called out, “Gu Wuyou!”

It was Wang Zhao’s voice.

She saw Wang Zhao being supported by two maids, limping towards her, pushing away the support of the maids when she saw her, she gritted her teeth and walked over to stand by the carriage, before asking her, “Are you leaving like this?”

Gu Wuyou nodded: “Mm.”

“You!” Wang Zhao bit her lips, her small face full of doubt, “Are you really willing to give up?”

This was the first time she had seen Wang Zhao since she woke up, not the one in her memory who always had to put up a graceful and luxurious appearance.

The current her was still too young.

“Do you like Zhao Chengyu?” Gu Wuyou asked her, her voice very flat and soft, just enough for the two of them to hear.

Wang Zhao’s face changed, she seemed a little nervous, afraid that the bystanders heard, but under Gu Wuyou’s gaze, she couldn’t help but straighten her back, as if she was afraid of being belittled by her, she gritted her teeth, strained her neck and said, “I like him, so what?”

“If it weren’t for you, he would have been mine!”

If it weren’t for her grandmother’s affection for Gu Wuyou, Zhao Chengyou would have been hers, and she would have been the one most worthy of him!

The wind brushed her face, she raised her hand to place the hair behind her ear before looking at Wang Zhao, and smiling lightly, “Then, I wish you what you want.”

“It’s windy, I should go, you should also go back.”

She had finished speaking.

She also didn’t pay attention to Wang Zhao again and dropped the curtain of the carriage.

The carriage slowly went forward, Wang Zhao dumbly watched Gu Wuyou leave, before wrinkling her eyebrows …… This woman, what kind of trick was she playing? She didn’t believe she would leave so easily.

She must have left something behind!

The woman wouldn’t be able to leave so easily.

Half a month later.

During the winter, the wind and snow was getting heavier.

The two of them took the quilts to cover up the seams in the carriage tightly, and took out all the good fox fur and piled it all on Gu Wuyou’s body.

“Why haven’t we arrived yet?” Hong Shuang rubbed Gu Wuyou’s hand while complaining.

“It’s estimated to be another half day’s journey.”

Bai Lu also took a look at the freezing Gu Wuyou, bit her lip and proposed, “Why don’t we rest around for a while? The wind is so strong, if Miss goes back like this, Miss would probably freeze, when the wind and snow is less, we can go.”

Gu Wuyou’s entire body was shrunken in her fox fur, and her teeth were chattering from the cold.

She shook her head and was about to refuse when she heard Hong Shuang say, “I remember there’s a temple nearby, why don’t we go there and rest for a while?”


Gu Wuyou startled.

If she remembered correctly, that temple was the Golden Terrace Temple, which was also the place she first met Li Qingyuan …… Although that was a few years ago, she couldn’t resist the urge to go and see it.

“Then let’s go and rest for a while.”

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