“Why isn’t Miss awake yet?”

“It’s all Miss’s Cousin’s fault, if it wasn’t for her and Mr. Zhao …… Miss wouldn’t have been so angry that she fell into the lake.”

“Stop it, we are in the Wang family after all, if the lady hears, I’m afraid she will be upset again.”

“She doesn’t know how to raise her daughter, yet she is happy to let her daughter steal her cousin’s fiancé? It’s only because our young lady is living alone in their house that she has no fear!”

“Hong Shang!”

The woman who spoke earlier raised her voice, she usually had a lot of authority, now as she spoke louder, the room suddenly stilled, after a while, she reduced her voice again and continued: “Your words are biased, Miss’s Cousin is Miss’s Cousin, Old Madam is Old Madam.”

“Miss has lived in the Wang family for so many years, Old Madam has always treated Miss very well.”

“Even if we don’t talk about Miss, her uncle and the old lady spoil the young lady. If your words were to get out, wouldn’t you be poking them in the heart?”
Hong Shang knew that she had lost her temper and didn’t dare to say it again. She just looked at the girl still lying inside, she couldn’t help but whisper angrily: “I am angry.”

Bai Lu also followed with a sigh.

Gu Wuyou listened to the voices outside.

Her consciousness was still a little unclear, the words spoken outside, she actually couldn’t hear too clearly, she only vaguely heard the voice of Bai Lu.

Could ……

She was saved?

Gu Wuyou gently squeezed her eyebrows, her heart was a bit annoyed, even if she was saved, what was the use? Li Qinyuan was dead, her only remaining thoughts in this world were gone, dying was better than living.

But the voice that sounded like Hong Shang made her startled.

Hong Shang had married a few years ago, how could she be in her house? It wasn’t like she took a poison to scare her back from Suzhou, right?

No matter what the reason was, Gu Wuyou wrinkled her eyebrows and finally opened her eyes.

After marrying Li Qinyuan, she didn’t like these flowery things anymore. At this moment, she looked at this familiar and unfamiliar place and was slightly stunned, she felt that something wasn’t quite right.

And then she turned his gaze to the side.
There was Luohan bed with red sandalwood paint and flowers embedded in it, it was covered with Chinese flowering crabapple embroidered with folded branches and chrysanthemum brocade, and there were several mink velvet pillows behind it. Behind the Luohan bed was a screen made of white jade, which was one person high and two people wide, and only a few drops of ink were painted on it, which was the purest thing in the house.

And in the middle of the Luohan bed was a coffee table, in addition to fruits and other things on it, there was a blue sea sky blue high mouth vase standing there, the head was filled with a few branches of snow plum.

Looking to the side, near the small window of the well lattice was a antique shelf, on which there were a lot of rare things, there were corals, there were baby fist-sized pearls, and the Western sent telescope …… In front of the shelf was also a long table, which held a guqin.

On the other side was a hollow lacquer lotus incense burner, at this time the fragrance flowed out freely.

But the more Gu Wuyou looked, the more frightened she was, this house didn’t resemble the one she lived in now, but it was exactly the same as the house she lived in when she was young!


What the hell was going on?

She stared at this with her eyes open, not noticing that someone came in from outside.

The person who came was Bai Lu, she was holding medicine in her hand, and when she saw Gu Wuyou with her eyes open, she didn’t react for a moment, before she took a quick step and said with surprise: “Miss, you’re awake?

When the people outside heard this, they were suddenly excited and hurried in, immediately a number of people came in, and called out “Miss” in unison, Gu Wuyou raised here eyes to look over, and saw some familiar figures.

But her small face was stunned, she couldn’t react.

Bai Lu just thought she had woken up and didn’t think much of it, she hurriedly instructed someone: “Go get the doctor, and go tell the Old Madam and lady’s uncle that Miss has woken up, so they can be rest assured.”

The maids were ordered to go.


There weren’t many people left in the house.

Bai Lu sat on the stool in front of the bed with her eyes wide, her voice sounded a little hoarse. “Miss has been sleeping for several days, and now Miss are finally awake. If you didn’t wake up, who would deal with those people?”

Gu Wuyou just looked at her in a daze, it was Bai Lu, but not the Bai Lu she remembered, the Bai Lu in front of her didn’t wear a woman’s bun, her face also looked very young, not like a 30-year-old woman, but 15 or 16.

She was really confused.

She didn’t understand why she woke up in this state.

“I …… What’s wrong?” When she spoke, she heard her hoarse voice.

Seeing this, Bai Lu poured warm water and handed it to her, before saying in a surprised voice: “Miss forgot all about it?” She didn’t wait for her to speak, she answered herself, “Miss saw Mr. Zhao and Miss Wang…… a few days ago.”

She pursed her lips, “Then Miss accidentally tripped over a stone and fell into the lake when she went up.”

Mr. Zhao and Miss Wang?

Gu Wuyou was dumbfounded for a while, before she reacted to what Bai Lu said.

That was a long, long time ago, probably when she was fifteen years old, one day she was passing through the garden, she saw Wang Zhao and Zhao Chengyou hugging, Wang Zhao was crying in Zhao Chengyou’s arms.

Although afterwards Wang Zhao said she accidentally fell down and Zhao Chengyu caught her.

But she was still furious.

Zhao Chengyou was her fiancé, how could she allow him to hug another woman? She also ignored the fact that Wang Zhao was her cousin and tried to go forward to pull her away, but her luck was so bad that she tripped over a stone and fell straight into the lake before she could go forward.

She had a delicate nature when she was young, and couldn’t stand to be aggrieved, so she woke up and made a scene.

If she remembered correctly.

Wang Zhao was sent to the family temple that time, and didn’t return until she was married to Zhao Chengyu.


Gu Wuyou’s fingers placed in the brocade quilt moved, she looked at this familiar environment, looking at this familiar person in front of her, her pupils slightly shrunk, but her heart pounded, thump thump thump thump, like exploding fireworks.

Her fingernails fiercely pinched the palm of the hand.

Until that pain came through, she opened her eyes that were flooded with tears because of the pain.

Really ……

Not a dream.

So she had gone back in time, back to the 20th year of the Qingxi era, back to when she was 15 years old?

The sound of footsteps suddenly came from outside, followed by a slightly older voice, “My heart!” The curtain was pulled open and an old woman in a sandalwood-colored dress was came in, wearing a red jewel on her forehead and her slightly tired face was full of anxiety.

She was relieved to see that the girl who had been sleeping for days was really awake.

Old Madam Wang looked at the pale Gu Wuyou and her eyes turned red, she sat on the chair and held her hand, her voice cracked as she spoke, “If you didn’t wake up, how do you want me to answer to your dead mother?”

She had many grandchildren, but she loved her granddaughter the most, because she had lost her mother at birth.

She took pity on her and brought her to her side when she was young and raised her personally.

Seeing the proud and bright little girl from childhood, now lying pale on the bed, Old Madam Wang’s heart seized up, the tears in her eyes also fell more intensely.

“…… Grandmother?”

Gu Wuyou looked dumbly at the elderly woman with a graceful physique in front of her, although she had already guessed, but when she really saw her grandmother’s figure, her tone still became a little strange because of the shock.

Without waiting for others to react, she suddenly jumped into Old Madam Wang’s arms.

Tears fell in bunches, and her voice was mixed with sobs, giving vent to her longing for so many years without reservation.

The people in the room froze when they saw her like this.

Who didn’t know that their Miss was usually the most proud? The kind of nature that would rather bleed than shed tears, but now she was crying, as if she suffered a great grievance.

When they thought about what happened a few days ago, everyone’s eyes also turned a little red.

Old lady Wang was startled by her and noticed that her shoulders were wet with tears.

The bastard that caused this was naturally Wang Zhao.

Several maids and sisters were hesitant, the third young lady had been kneeling in the ancestral hall for three days, her knees were swollen, and she was only taken back by the madam today, if she was punished again, there was no telling how she would look.
Old Madam Wang was startled by her. When she sensed that her shoulders were all wet with tears, she was both angry and filled with love. The anger that had been suppressed earlier came up again. She pointed at the people behind her and should, “Go and get me that girl!”

Gu Wuyou wiped away her tears, “Grandma, don’t go shouting, I have something I want to say to you.”

Old Madam Wang naturally still took her opinion as the main one, seeing this, she stoppy shouting, and at Gu Wuyou’s words, she drove everyone out, before she asked, “Wuyou, tell me, what do you want? No matter what you want, grandmother will satisfy you.”

She had been solemn and majestic all her life, but she had lost her daughter in middle age, and now she had given all her love and affection to Gu Wuyou.

Naturally, whatever she wanted, she would be satisfied.

Gu Wuyou remembered the past, grandmother also asked her and she said she didn’t want to see Wang Zhao.

Grandmother sent Wang Zhao to the temple, but it also hurt her heart.


Grandmother died, she wasn’t happy in the Zhao family, her mother’s family wasn’t really her family, the only one she could rely on was her uncle’s family but because of previous events …… Thinking about it, for the sake of a Zhao Chengyou, hurting her relatives’ hearts wasn’t really necessary.

She actually stopped hating Wang Zhao a long time ago.

Even for Zhao Chengyu, she also had no extra thoughts.

She only wanted to get to her great general quickly.


Gu Wuyou looked at her with a firm and subdued expression, “I want to withdraw from the marriage.”



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