C46— Day 46

  Shen Hua was at the top of Starnet’s hot search list, and his every move attracted people’s attention. In these two days, his behavior was even more eye-catching. -Fans Sad Day, Anti-Fans Carnival.         The internet was full of articles about this incident.         The most uninterested people in the entertainment industry were compelled […]


  In the endless space, there were dozens of topsy-turvy large bookcases with all kinds of books and scrolls on them, and on the other side of the bookcases, were piles of all kinds of cherished materials and expensive weapons shelves. Qiao Nan sat cross-legged on the floor, looking at the familiar respawn point with boredom. […]


“What?!” Old Madam Wang’s eyes widened, her face was full of disbelief, she frowned and looked at her carefully for a while, but eventually held Gu Wuyou’s hand and sighed: “Wuyou, are you overly sad? Grandma knows about this, you aren’t happy, you have grievances in your heart, there is no excuse.” “So whatever you […]


  Xie Yupan rushed towards Wen Run rushed, the cameraman panted as he  carried the camera behind her.         “Don’t move.” Wen Run was alert and pointed his gun at her.         Xie Yupan reluctantly stopped in her tracks, her eyes fell over him to the grilled fish, and then looked at him with an […]


TN: WARRRRNNNNNNINNNNNG Homophobic language in this chapter, I censored it buh if it bothers you, prepare a sweeter novel to wash your brain? Say nooo to homophobia!!!!! [forgive my slightly hyper mood] I feel like there should be more warnings but I forgot most of them, so just prepare. Jiang Chengyi looked back out and […]