[Congratulations! The new scene has been updated! Please player enter the game!] Zhu Qing’an: “……” He was looking forward to the update of the new scene, but after he learned that Qin Hengyi in the new scene would be in heat 24 hours a day. He didn’t have a sense of anticipation, but instead wanted […]

C45– Day 45

   Caesar: “……”         Shen Hua: “……”         The two cats stiffened and their dislike almost overflowed.         Shen Tong said good night to the butler, and went back to the room with them.         When the door closed, there was another silent smoke.         The snow lion stepped in gracefully and took over the […]


“If he shows up at the entrance of Qing Garden next time, give me a call.” Li Zheng picked out Zhong Peng’s resume from a thick pile of applications. But to his surprise, he actually saw the names of Wen Feng and Ma Wenmin in this thick pile of resumes. Yes, it was the two […]


Ye Tianyi’s cooperation meeting place with Chief Jiang and others wasn’t within the city of Radiance Base, it was within the First Guard City. This he understood, after all, not everyone had the courage to bring a zombie king and dozens of high level zombies into their base. But the humans were also very sincere, […]


The Golden Dragon Award was the most authoritative film awards ceremony in China, the red carpet alone would be laid thousands of meters away, the journalists and guests were surrounded by the red carpet outside, looking at the scale, it was no less than an international awards banquet.   Such an event, was naturally star-studded. […]


  “Why isn’t Miss awake yet?” “It’s all Miss’s Cousin’s fault, if it wasn’t for her and Mr. Zhao …… Miss wouldn’t have been so angry that she fell into the lake.” “Stop it, we are in the Wang family after all, if the lady hears, I’m afraid she will be upset again.” “She doesn’t […]


After all, Shi Fei was young, Wang Pingyang and Tang Xiangyang catching up to him was unlikely. But in the end, Shi Fei was caught, mainly because this was their territory, they had so many students around, Shi Fei couldn’t fight them all ah. In a painting room, Shi Fei was sitting properly, like a […]